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It is that time of the week once again as we here at NextPit wade through hell and high water to bring you a selection of apps that normally cost something (some more than others!), but happen to be free just for a limited time only right now. Needless to say, we left no stone unturned, catering to both Android and iOS users by scouring through tons of apps in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. Tick tock, time to rock! Do look through this list and take advantage of it as soon as you can. 

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The reason for doing so with such utmost urgency is simple - we do not know for how long these listed apps will remain free, so time is of the essence. On the Android platform, keeping track of the price is still possible because there is a time window for each promotion. Apple however, is (unsurprisingly) less transparent in this aspect, and we would like to apologize in advance should one of these listed apps end up being a paid one. In any case, do inform us in the comments section and we will make the necessary updates. 

Of course, it was not all just our hard work in curating this nifty list. We actually combed through a bunch of tips from our friends at MyDealz, in addition to checking out content from the "AppsFree" Android app, and heed the tips from our NextPit community. Do you have a tip for us as well? It would be helpful if you can share your gems in the forum's two threads:

Another tip: Do you find any interesting apps that you would like to use in the future but do not need to at the moment? Just download and install it before uninstalling it. Android would detect this as you having ownership of said app, allowing you to re-install it at a later period for free even when its price has risen. 

Free apps and mobile games for Android

Free Android apps for now

  • Dark screen filter - Blue light - Night mode (€0.69): With this app, you can automatically 'upgrade' your smartphone to having a dark mode as well as configure your smartphone's display settings according to your liking. Apart from the brightness levels, you are even able to set the colors or automatic (de)activation!
  • GPS Speed Pro (0.89): An app that claims to measure your precise speed via GPS. Pretty handy when you are out cycling or would like to keep tabs on your driving speed
  • Memorize: Learn Italian Words with Flashcards (4.99): A language learning app that unfortunately, is limited to only Italian. You will learn through memorization with an electronic version of flashcards. Hopefully there will be other languages in the future!
  • Best U (0.89): This is somewhat fun for an app. Best U is nothing more than an app that elevates you to a whole new level by positively reinforcing you with superlatives. Do not be surprised that the app itself looks terribly kitschy.

Free games on Android at the moment

  • World Silent (0.59): A word game requiring you to form the right words from a bunch of letters. It is great for those who would like to sharpen their English language vocabulary, and unfortunately, it is only available in English.
  • Space Hobo (4.49): Things start to get absurd now with "Space Hobo". You play the role of the protagonist who is a homeless man in space, where your cardboard box has been stolen. This is an arcade strategy game.
  • Simple App Locker - Protect Apps - App Protector (€0.69): Want to keep nosy people out from mucking around your phone? This app helps to lock other apps using a password. You can either rely on a PIN code or your fingerprint to use the app.
  • Riange Constantinople (0.59): In this jump-and-run genre, you will have to escape the mazy cellars of Constantinople. This title carries a rating of 4.3 stars, which is rather notable.
  • Timing Hero VIP: Retro Fighting (3.59): A retro-looking title that rolls back the years with pixelized graphics. This is a multi-player game. 

Free apps and games for the iPhone and iPad

These iOS apps are currently available for free

  • Pocket Yoga Teacher (5.49): With this app, you can customize your own yoga sessions pick from a variety of poses.
  • Watch Chat (3.49): Spruce up your Apple Watch with a slew of WhatsApp features.
  • Rest: Sleep Sounds & Goodnight (€3.99): Finding it hard to sleep? Use this relaxation app that functions as a sleep aid.
  • Usage: System Widget (2.29): Enjoy up to 17 new widgets that let you keep track of what's going on in your iOS device.
  • The 60 best back exercises (€4.49): Do you have a poor posture and often had your parents poke your back so that you sit up straight when you were young? Perhaps these 60 back exercises would be able to help you out. Why not get this for free while it is still available?
  • Scan Thing: Scan Anything (6.99): With this powerful scanning app, you are able to scan texts and different objects with your iPhone.

These games on iOS are currently free

  • Crisis of the Middle Ages (2.29): This is an RPG title that draws many elements from a comic book. In this game, you are in control of a character who makes his way across a map in order to complete quests and collect different items.
  • Tiny Tanks (1.09): An arcade-style game that requires you to eliminate other players (or AI bots) while in a tank, where all of the action happens in an arena.
  • Fuchstreff Doppelkopf HD (3.49): A Doppelkopf game that offers an online multiplayer option so that you can play with other humans. 

If you have any additional tips to share or if you are certain that one of the above-listed apps are no longer free, just let us know in the comments. We will perform regular checks and make the relevant updates. 

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