Free apps of the week for Android and iOS

Free apps of the week for Android and iOS

In the Google Play Store and Apple App Store this week, a bunch of apps that we think might interest many were reduced to zero yet again. Normally, you would have to fork out a minimal investment in order to download these apps and games, but for this week only, you will not have to pay anything for a limited time. Do take note that some of these apps may include in-app purchases.

Free apps for Android


Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival (€0.99): A zombie shooter with comical graphics that will tickle your funny bone. You have more than 30 weapons at your disposal to put a stop to the impending zombie apocalypse. Micro-transactions are available in the game for you to progress.

Space Shooter: Alien vs. Galaxy Attack (€0.59): An arcade shooter that is set within the confines of a galaxy, where you shoot your way to victory using your spaceship. It does not get any easier than this. Micro-transactions are also available in this title.

Traffic Jam Cars Puzzle (€4.39): A classic puzzler alá Candy Crush, this time with extremely cute cars for you to deal with. In-app purchases are available.

Message Quest - the amazing adventures of Feste (€2.09): The graphics in this role-playing game (RPG) appeals to me very much. Message Quest is a stained glass inspired point-and-click adventure game, harking back to the good old days of Day of the Tentacle. This game comes with in-app purchases.

Free productivity apps for Android

Calculator Locker - Hide Photos & Videos (€2.69): If you have something to hide on your Android smartphone, use this app. Behind the supposed 'calculator' lies a secret section for you to stash your sensitive or private photos, videos, and apps that nobody else should see. No in-app purchases.

Unit Converter (€7.99): An app that converts all kinds of possible units. For example: currency, the metric system, or even crypto-currency. There are no in-app purchases to deal with here.

1984 Cam - VHS Camcorder, Retro Camera Effects (€1.09): A filter app for videos. You can ensure that all of your clips will be able to display a really chic retro style alá VHS. No in-app purchases. Best of all is, these clips are digital so you do not have to worry about deterioration of the tape.

Equalizer FX Pro (€2.09): A media player that focuses on equalizer functions. You can make adjustments to the music as well as system sounds according to your preference. There are no in-app purchases to deal with.

Free iOS Apps


Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror (€0.99): I have been playing this game for a few days now. This is not something that you would want to get involved with in the evenings right before retiring for the night. It's depressing, dark, and has a terrifying soundtrack. A horror point-and-click adventure title. Thankfully, there are no in-app purchases.

Cursor: The Virus Hunter (€1.99): Windows 95 says hello! You need to eliminate computer viruses - using an old school cursor on your phone. Got to love the retro style in the way the graphics are done up. 

Zero+ (€0.99): A math puzzler where you have to swap numbers as well as shapes back and forth in order to progress. No in-app purchases.

neoDefense (€1.09): A tower defense title that is set in space, where your eyes will be assaulted by bright and crisp graphics that makes full use of the colour spectrum. Expect to enjoy killing time with this title where laser weapons are a mainstay. In-app purchases are available.

Aqueduct 101 (€2.29): A puzzle game where you have to make sure that the pipelines all run well without any broken connections. This reminds me of several other puzzle titles from Escape Games.

8bitWar: Apokalyps (€1.99): This strategy and tactical game throws you right smack in the middle of a war, albeit in adorable 8-bit graphics. You basically need to keep the peace among all conflicting sides using strategy and emerge triumphant. There are no in-app purchases available.

Life is Strange (€3.49): An exciting story-based and choice game from 2017 with powerhouse Square Enix as the developer, you know that you are in for a treat. It is available for free every now and then. The graphics and soundtrack alone are worth the price of admission.

Thanks for the comment, deltakula: "Life is Strange is really fun. But only the first six chapters is free. If you want to see out the rest of the game, you will have to pay ten euros."

Productivity apps for iOS

Slideshow Master Professional (€3.49): An app that lets you create slideshows out of your photos. You might as well make good use of your iPhone's camera and compile all of your best photo work into a slideshow. You can also include music and sound effects for added punch. There are no in-app purchases to deal with.

Reset Tinnitus (€1.99): I will give this app a try simply because I have suffered from tinnitus for a couple of years already. The app is supposed to output frequencies that soften the annoying whistling sound that tinnitus sufferers have to deal with daily. If you would like something that will help you go to sleep at night, the availability of nature sounds is also there for you to enjoy. Maybe this is the app that I need to replace the sound of the fan which I fall asleep to every night. 

These were our free finds of the week. Do you have any suggestions or a good free app that you would like the world to know about? Feel free to share your knowledge with the community.

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  • Dean L. Jul 26, 2020 Link to comment

    For me this week there's nothing of interest, but I'll wait to see what next week brings... just my two pfennig...

  • Jeffrey Blau Jul 25, 2020 Link to comment

    Unit Converter still not free.

  • Elfyn Jul 25, 2020 Link to comment

    Traffic Jam is not free at the moment.

  • Peter Crowe Jul 25, 2020 Link to comment

    The unit converter is not free at the moment

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Jul 25, 2020 Link to comment

    I found one app mildly interesting this time, the unit converter. It is a progress.Keep them coming,please

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