Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

Free apps for Android & iOS: These Pro versions are currently free

It's Tuesday and Tuesday is always the day when we introduce you to apps and games that are actually paid for! Actually, what i want to say is that we bring you premium versions for iOS and Android, which are free for a short time.

I bet you already know what you're getting here in this article. We browse deal communities like MyDealz, check apps like AppsFree and also listen to tips from the NextPit community. All with the sole purpose of finding apps and mobile games that are available for free in a slim window of time, even though they're usually paid.

In doing so, we try to find as diverse a mix as possible, meaning both productivity apps and fine games that would be worth downloading at best even if they weren't free. We make sure that they are at least rated with 3.5 stars and that no reviews directly warn us of rip-offs or similar pitfalls.

Tip: This tip is probably also known to you, but I tell it again briskly. Download interesting apps even if you currently have no use for them, or the space on your smartphone is getting tight. Afterwards, you can delete the application directly - and simply reinstall it as soon as you need it.

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Free apps and games for Android

Free apps in the Google Play Store

  • Volume Slider Like Android P Volume Control($0.99): This app gives you an easy to use vertical volume slider. Very nice for example to control the volume while gaming.
  • mAh Battery Pro($0.99) An application that provides you with information and settings about your smartphone battery. Maybe a nice alternative if you are not satisfied with your smartphone's on-board tools.
  • Travel Tracker Pro ($4.49) [only one day left!]: We have already recommended Travel Tracker Pro several times and just introduced it in a separate article. With this application you can track your travels in real time, add photos and share them with friends.
  • Smart navigation bar ($0.99) [only one day left!]: This app turns the usual Android bar into a navigation bar with slideshows, cool animations as well as an energy bar.
  • Speed View GPS Pro ($0.99): A GPS app we've also featured here before that tells you time, speed, and more - works for drivers as well as cyclists.
  • Cast Menu Widget Pro ($0.99): Straightforward app to easily send your screen to your TV or Chromecast.

Free games in Google Play Store

  • Philatelist - puzzle and stamp collecting ($2.99): New unrated stamp puzzle game. Is still a very early version that may still have bugs. But other games of the developer were always well rated. I think you can take a chance!
  • Teach Your Monster to Read ($4.99) [only one day left!]: Cute learning app for kids who want to learn English including the correct pronunciation.
  • One Line Deluxe VIP ($1.99): Simple and easy to master puzzle game where you have to trace lines.
  • Superhero Fruit Premium ($0.99) A free game where you fight the darkness with fruit-shaped robots - anyone who doesn't download this must be crazy.
  • Crazy Calculator ($1.49): I'm not qualified to judge whether this calculator is truly crazy. But at least it forces you to solve math problems in this calculator game.
  • Kamikazee Dice Score Card ($0.99): With this dice game, it's certain that someone of your friends will commit seppuku when you beat them.
  • 2048 - Puzzle Game ($3.99) [only one day left!]: And once again a 2048 game. You can never have enough of those, can you?
  • Connect: Cute monsters and food ($0.99): Memory-style game with lots of different game modes.

Free Apps and Games for iOS

Free apps in the Apple App Store

  • Ad Blocker - Remove Ads($5.99): Versatile ad blocker that has a few tricks up its sleeve and which we have already recommended to you in a separate article.
  • Diabetes Tracker ($9.99): Diabetics plague themselves with their unsightly metabolic disease. This well-rated tracker could at least help you keep a close eye on all the important data.
  • Mavenelle ($5.99): This app offers meditation exercises, quotes, and more, and is explicitly aimed at ladies.
  • PDF Max Pro ($4.99): Whatever you want to do with a PDF - sign it, fill it out, annotate it, highlight passages - PDF Max Pro does it!
  • PropFun Pro ($0.99): Once again, a photo app that modifies your pictures and claims to be the most fun photo app of them all. You tell me if it's true!
  • Pixel Widgets ($1.99): Want to give your iPhone widgets, and preferably with a retro pixel look? Then this app should do the trick.
  • Form Maker ($0.99): Who doesn't know it? You're sitting at home bored and think: "Phew, now it would be cool if I could design some own forms" - and that's exactly what you need this app for!

Free games in the Apple App Store

  • Deemo ($1.99): Aaaah, Deemo is free once again. It's still very well rated and is listed as #29 in the music category in the App Store!
  • Dream a little dream($0.99): This game takes you into the world of dreams. The trip through the clouds is wonderfully relaxing and besides chilling sound you can enjoy retro graphics in candyfloss colors. 
  • Match Attack ($1.99): The title already gives away that we're dealing with a "Match 3" game here. In this case the game principle is combined with Tetris.
  • My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR($3.99): This is an augmented reality game for children, in which you take care of a caterpillar in Tamagotchi style.
  • Teach Your Monster to Read ($4.99): We already recommended this game for kids in the Android version above. Since this is only free for one more day, it is quite possible that this also applies to the iOS version. So be quick!
  • Banana Racer - Moto Racing($0.99): There she is again, the racing banana. Put your foot down and perform stunts in this fun racer.

What did you think of our apps this week? Did you download any? Let us know in the comments!

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