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There are dozens of paid apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store – and for (almost) every free app there is a paid pro version. But if you don't like to spend money on apps, you have come to the right article! Because every week, we summarize applications that are available for free for a short time as part of promotions. For the same reason, you should hurry, because the promotions in the Google Play Store and the AppStore usually don't last long.

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As you might have guessed, I do not look randomly through the relevant app directories to collect these deals. Instead, I get tips from the good folks at  MyDealz. There are also a couple of our members who help us with this on the NextPit forums.

Free apps and mobile games for Android

These Android apps are currently available for free

  • Star Launcher Prime (2,19€ ): Don't like the look of your Android phone? With this launcher you can change it fundamentally. Since the Pro version is currently free, there are no restrictions.
  • Audio Recorder (0,59€ ): An audio recorder that allows you to set the recording format, sampling rate and bitrate. Thus much more extensive than most standard recorders.
  • GPS Speed Pro (0,89€): Another GPS speedometer that you can use to measure your speed. You'll find a purpose for it, I'm sure!

These mobile games for Android are free right now

  • Trigono (0,99€ ): An arcade game based on geometric shapes. 
  • Even and Odd Premium (0,59€ ): A super simple number game where a quick reaction time is of essential! You don't have to solve equations, but you have to think about whether the result will be even or odd.

Free Apps and Mobile Games for iPhone and iPad

These iOS apps are currently available for free

  • Boximize (10,99€ ): This is a practical note-taking app for your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Piano for You(4,49€ ):  A virtual piano that you can configure in many ways.
  • Reji - Vocabulary Trainer App (8, 99€): A vocabulary app that supports a total of 48 languages. An exciting feature is that you can save your own vocabulary from movies, Netflix and the internet.
  • Hibiki2 (12,00€ ): This app is still free! It's a music player that uses up-conversion technology to improve the sound of your songs.
  • Interval Timer □ HIIT Timer(10,99€): The HIIT Timer isalso still free. High-intensity interval training requires you to persevere through strength-sapping exercises..
  • Usage: System Wid get(2,29€ ): Brings you 17 new widgets that inform you about the state of your smartphone.
  • The 60 best back exercises (4,49€): Do you always sit like a wet sack in front of your PC after 5 minutes in your home office? Then maybe these 60 back exercises will help you, which are currently free for iOS.
  • Scan Thing: Scan Anything($6.99): This powerful scanning app lets you scan text and objects with your iPhone. The app is free to try, but the number of possible scans is limited.

These mobile games for iOS are currently free

  • Cosmic Frontline AR(2,29€): It wasn't long ago that AR games like Pokémon GO were the big thing! These days, they're still cool, as Cosmic Frontline AR proves.
  • All That Remains: Part 1(2,29€ ): All That Remains is an escape game that you have to solve on your mobile screen. Can you make it out of the room?
  • Drop Attack - AppStore(0,79€ ): Puzzle game in which different stones fall down from above. You have to arrange them correctly afterwards.
  • Puzzle Tierwelt Cardinal Land(2,29€ ): A puzzle app where you have to arrange polygons correctly, which then result in animals. Looks fancy, as the straight the colors are coherent.

While I can always see well on Android how long an action is still running, this is not possible on iOS. So forgive me if any of the above apps have become chargeable again. Best let me know in the comments and I'll adjust the article.

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