Call Meter 3G (beta)

Call Meter 3G (beta)

Not everyone’s got an all-around unlimited plan with their cell phone provider, so some of us still have to make sure we aren’t going our plan’s limits: How much data did I use? How many included minutes and texts do I have left? Am I going to get charged for anything extra? Call Meter 3G (beta) can help you answer all of these questions and more. Find out how in our test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.9.4 rc4 Varies with device

Features & Use

Call Meter 3G (beta) is already the third version of this app. Still in its beta-phase, this app one of the only ones out there that keeps tabs on calls, texts, MMS and data usage. Once it’s been configured, you can use the app or widget to get a complete overview of all your costs:

  • How many included minutes/texts have I used?
  • How much will it cost me?
  • How much data has been transferred? How many text messages and calls did I make and receive?

Call Meter 3G (CM3 for short) resets all its meters automatically at the beginning of every billing cycle (e.g. start of a new month). CM3 allows you to set up usage alerts and adjust the update interval (short intervals = precise statistics, long intervals = better battery life). In the advanced configurations, you can even include/exclude certain numbers from your list. This is a very useful feature for people with plans that allow for unlimited calling within a certain network or group.


Screen & Controls

As soon as you’ve configured the app, you’re basically all set. The widgets are simple and informative and the app only really has one screen with all your information. Tapping the widget simply redirects you to the app’s main screen. The app is missing an all-in-one widget that would include all your statistics (calls, SMS, MMS, data). For now, you have to content yourself with putting a separate 1x1 widget for each particular statistic on your home screen.

From the main screen, you can access additional features by pressing the menu button. You can quickly jump to any date to check out accurate information about a specific time period. You also have the option of viewing the logs. You are also more than welcome to press the Donate button, which helps support the developers and makes the pesky ads go away.

Last but not least, you can also get to your Preferences. Here you can adjust what information to your tastes and enter in your limits depending on whether you have a monthly plan or prepaid minutes.


The advanced preferences take a little getting used, which is the price you pay for flexibility. That’s why I think that a small how-to guide or Wiki article would make this a lot easier for us users. Unfortunately, the developers of Call Meter 3G (beta) haven’t put in the extra effort to make it happen.

All in all, however, the app makes a really good impression given the fact that’s still only a beta-version.



Speed & Stability

Call Meter 3G (beta) runs perfectly without any glitches. Didn't experience any problems whatsoever. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Call Meter 3G (beta) is available for free from the Android Market. Make a donation to make the ads disappear. 


Call Meter 3G (beta) Call Meter 3G (beta) Call Meter 3G (beta) Call Meter 3G (beta) Call Meter 3G (beta)

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