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Solution for the firecracker ban: The best digital fireworks on the web!

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Each New Year's Eve, many of us would spend the night outdoors, be it at a park, on a rooftop building, or on the street with our family and friends - and with fireworks. It is a tradition for many people, and even if you don't set off your own firecrackers, the glorious display of lights and awesome soundscape have been ingrained in our psyche as being an essential part of the New Year. To get you in the mood despite the general depressing outlook, I rounded up a list of the best digital fireworks displays on the web for NextPit.

Every year there are countless accidents with fireworks around the world. In order to minimize the danger situation a little, many places instituted a firecracker ban. This should relieve not only the hospitals from accidents handling the devices but also pets that usually get scared by the loud noises.

Even though there are many people who obviously see it differently, we at NextPit prefer to focus on finding new solutions. Like last year, I've picked you out a selection of great fireworks videos on the internet. So turn up the volume and get ready for the new year!

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  2. Fireworks in 4K resolution
  3. Fireworks with a walkthrough
  4. Fireworks without music
  5. Fireworks from the point of view of ... the fireworks?

The following videos are all available for free on the internet and contain footage of actual fireworks, not computer animations. Most of the videos are recordings, which you should watch on a big TV or even a projector. For this purpose, I have listed the title of the video in addition to the link, so that you can enter it into the search field of your smart TV straight away.

YouTube's most popular firework video

What's the most popular fireworks video on YouTube? Last year, it was a minute-long symphony of rockets and the music of the Abba Revival Band. Last year's video went just under 8 minutes but was replaced by a much shorter piece. The video "Strobe Rocket, Fourth Of July Firework, Pyro" curiously shows what turnaround videos have undergone on the net in the past year.

Even though it's not particularly long, the video is kind of cool. Anyway, we will move quickly to fireworks videos that weren't just designed, filmed, and made famous for the TikTok generation.

Fireworks in 4K resolution

If the last video is too short for you, I've picked out a gem from the Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Festival, which takes place once a year in Japan. The fireworks as well as the video are much more professional than the first clip, the Samsung system cameras NX1 and NX500, each with fast fisheye lenses, were used for shooting. You can see that in the video, can't you?

Musically you can hear the song "Cassandra" by Thomas Bergesen next to the banging of the rockets. A classical piece, which accompanies the fireworks in a cinematic way. What is also exciting about the fireworks is the mixture of rockets and pyro effects that take place on the ground.

Is 4K not enough for you? Then you can also find a video in 8K via this link (external link on YouTube), but I will not go into details about it because of the low prevalence of 8K TVs at the moment.

Fireworks while walking through the city

Last year I spent New Year's Eve alone in Berlin and was surprised by how many New Year's Eve firecrackers landed in the sky despite the ban. So I already showed you a walking video from New Year's Eve, because I think it sums up the "feeling of New Year's Eve" quite well.

While last year I showed you the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020, this year we have the first New Year's Eve during the pandemic. So you can see what was going on in Germany despite restriction rules. So let's wait and see how will people behave this year!

Fireworks without music

People who smack loudly eating a cucumber in front of a microphone, 10 hours of cat memes, and ASMR videos from the chiropractor – all this is available on YouTube. But curiously, I had to search forever for fireworks shows without music.

I was able to track down one fireworks show with pure sound, though, and realized right away that I'd hit a sore spot. The "Done the fireworks way" in the title almost screams for more music-less fireworks videos.

So while the sound is all fireworks style, the resolution of the video leaves quite a bit to be desired. You have to be satisfied with 240p, but actually fireworks videos are mostly 95 percent dark anyway. I didn't even notice the super low resolution. In short:

Fireworks from the point of view ... of the fireworks?

Why do we only watch digital fireworks with the limitations of our own unimpressive bodies? A YouTuber put his expensive DJI Phantom 2 on the line and flew through a fireworks display along with a GoPro Hero 3.

The video impressively shows how three-dimensional New Year's Eve rockets actually are. At the same time, it triggers anxiety in me, possibly caused by the pyro childhood friends who always pointed rockets at others first, rather than themselves.

With the background music of Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye" in the Italian version (Con Te Partirò), the whole thing also takes on a dramatic quality that is almost touching. The drone is also doing well, by the way, writes the AlteredStates channel in its video description. Again, I have summarized the details for you:

Why don't we do this every year? The videos are surprisingly fun, and maybe you have some tips on how to compensate for the bangs in lockdown. I am looking forward to your comments!

What do you think about the ban on firecrackers and do you still have a few fireworks in the basement? Let me know in the comments. Oh yes, and of course Happy New Year!

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