Audiomanager - Turn it down

Audiomanager - Turn it down

Tones and phones go together like a horse and carriage. Keypad tones, tones for the volume button, tones for the alarm clock and messaging, and last but not least tones for incoming calls. If you’re looking to adjust the volume of all of these different functions, you’ll have to search the four corners of your operating system in order to regulate them manually.

Wouldn’t it be grand if there was just one, easy to access place where you could control all of these different tones?
I was browsing through the Market and came across an app which promises just that. The app had gotten a good rating, as well as lots of comments, and that was reason enough for me to give it a go, too.

You’ll find out what this app can do, and what I personally think about it in this test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.9 Varies with device

Features & Use

As previously mentioned, this app basically provides you with a quick and easy shortcut when it comes to sound settings of any kind. It is divided into:

normal app
and Widget

However, the Widget doesn’t have much of a function. Once it’s on your homescreen, it shows you what volume settings you’ve chosen for different segments. Clicking on it leads you to the app, where you can then regulate the volume settings.

These volume settings which can be adjusted:

• Alarm Volume
• Media Volume
• Alerts Volume
• Ringer Volume
• System Volume
• Voice Call Volume

By clicking on them you can switch the vibration mode for:

• Warning notifications
• Profiles
• System tones

You’ll find three buttons in the app’s lower margin, which allow you to access the following settings/functions:

Mode: the most important tones can be switched to a) Normal, b) Vibration, or c) Mute
Volume: if you click on a) Loud, all tones will be switched to 100%, whereas b) switches them to 0%
Profiles: this option allows you to set up, save, and access different profiles. You can also access the menu for settings via this button

You can also download two skins for this app from the Market. Furthermore, you can ad shortcuts to profiles, so that you can access them very quickly.

Bottom line:
At first I kept thinking that this really isn’t a bad app, but after using it a few times I have to say that I don’t really get it. Sure, I switch up my tone settings occasionally. But often enough to justify downloading a whole app, just for that? Not really. The profile option is nice, too, but there are lots of other apps out there – Locale, for instance – who can do just that and much more.

audiomanager does what it promises to do, no question about it. And it provides a few functions, too—but what are the advantages to be had by downloading this app? I’m not quite sure, because I don’t think I change the tones on my phone (especially the system tones), or even incoming call volume settings often enough to justify having this app on my phone.

However, there are a lot of positive comments in the Market, which leads me to assume that there are quite a few people out there who appreciate the advantages this app has to offer. Maybe I’m just not part of the target audience.

Screen & Controls

This app does quite well in the looks department. I had some issues whilst downloading the skins, though. But all in the, the look & feel of this app is perfectly alright. Controls are easy to get the hang of, too.

So this criteria isn’t what makes the app so unappealing in my eyes; but I do have a problem with the value for money of audiomanager.

Sorry about that!

Speed & Stability

The app runs smoothly and without crashing. If you install the Widget incorrectly (with too many updates), it will quickly use up your battery.

Price/Performance Ratio

You can buy the app for $0,99 in the Market. I find this to be too expensive for an app that doesn’t bring you any real advantages.

There’s also a version which you can get for free, but it isn’t free of advertizing. Furthermore, there are no skins, no profiles, and no shortcuts.



Audiomanager - Turn it down Audiomanager - Turn it down Audiomanager - Turn it down

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  • Sorin Oct 14, 2018 Link to comment

    There was also the case for an application to manage everything that sounds, to make a little bit of order.

  • steve Sep 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Great app for turning your volume up and down.