Freaky patent: Apple's mixed reality tech may reveal invisible things

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Apple Reality Pro Headset patent technology hidden invisible
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We haven't seen the first Apple mixed reality headset yet. But Apple keeps on filing more and more patents relating to its future AR/VR technologies. The latest patent concerns a technology to reveal things not visible to the human eye, which is impressive and freaky at the same time. Read on to find out if you should be excited.


  • Apple files a new mixed reality headset patent.
  • The patent details a device capable of revealing hidden things not visible to the naked eye.
  • It's unclear when the technology will arrive on Apples actual devices.

Spotted by Patently Apple, the filing describes a futuristic mixed/extended reality headset that can detect invisible components like heat, air flow, or even WiFi signals. These captured properties are then laid on top of the physical representation of the objects. 

This technology is made possible by special sensors. In this case, devices like infrared thermometers or gas scanners are needed in addition to the multiple cameras and varying cameras already used to capture the user's surroundings.

Apple's new patent about mixed and extended reality technology revealing hidden things
Patent shows that the technology can be used in detecting an invisible ultrasonic fence. What on earth is that even? / © Patently Apple

Limitless applications of MR technology

As always, this patent does not guarantee that consumers will see the technology on an actual Apple headsets soon. However, there are several applications that this futuristic MR device could offer—and they all look promising.

Namely, it may allow deaf users to see sounds coming from ultrasonic sources. Other more advanced applications will make the MR or XR device equivalent to an X-ray scanner where obscured objects can be located and revealed which could be a powerful tool for firefighters. Moreover, heat and gas detection can be enormously useful in industrial use.

Apple's Reality headsets

It is unlikely that this feature will arrive at the first Apple MR headset which is likely going to be called Reality Pro. As reported by Gurman, the headset will rather rival Meta's upcoming Quest Pro than feature a set of ultrasonic sensors. Also it's likely going to run on Apple's yet unannounced Reality OS or rOS. Besides the Reality Pro, Apple is said to be working on a full AR smart glass and a cheaper version of the first headset.

Will you consider buying an Apple MR headset in the future? And what price are you expecting? Let us hear your answers in the comment section.

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