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iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Is It Time to Upgrade?

iPhon 13 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro
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iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro? In September 2023, Apple unveiled its latest model, the iPhone 15 Pro. This has led many iPhone 13 Pro users to wonder if they should upgrade to the new version. Are you considering buying the iPhone 15 Pro? We'll help you decide by comparing it with the iPhone 13 Pro. We'll explore if the iPhone 13 Pro is still a good choice in 2024 and determine whether upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro is worth it.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro: Head-to-head

  The 2021 Pro model The 2023 Pro model
Price from $999 from $999
Image Apple iPhone 13 Pro Apple iPhone 15 Pro product image
Colors Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, Nature Titanium
Screen 6.1-inch OLED screen
2532 × 1170 pixels at 460 dpi
120 Hz refresh rate

6.1-inch OLED screen
2556 × 1179 pixels at 460 dpi
120 Hz refresh rate
Dynamic Island
Always on Display
SoC Apple A15 Bionic (4 nm) Apple A17 Pro (3 nm)
Memory 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB
Main lens 12 MP | Quad-pixel sensor | Pixels 2.44 µm | Aperture f1.5 | Focal length 24 mm | OIS Sensor-shift 48 MP | Quad-pixel sensor | 2.44 µm pixels | f1.78 aperture | 24 mm focal length | OIS sensor-shift
Ultra-wide-angle lens 12 MP | aperture f/1.8 | 1.4µm | 13 mm focal length | Macro 12 MP | aperture f/2.2 | 1.4µm | 13 mm focal length | Macro
Telephoto lens 12 MP | f/2.8 | 77 mm focal length | 3x optical zoom | OIS sensor shift 12 MP | f/2.8 | 77 mm focal length | 3x optical zoom | OIS sensor shift
Selfie 12 MP | f/2.2 aperture | autofocus 12 MP | f/1.9 aperture | autofocus
Audio Stereo
Battery life Video playback: 22 h
Video (streaming): 20 h Audio playback: 75 h
Video playback: 23 h
Video (streaming): 20 h Audio playback: 75 h
Fast recharging 20 W (cable)
15 W (MagSafe)
7.5 W (Qi)
20 W (cable)
15 W (MagSafe)
7.5 W (Qi)
Resistance IP68 Ceramic Shield, stainless-steel frame IP68 Ceramic Shield, titanium frame
Connectivity eSIM, 5G, Wi-Fi 6, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, UWB eSIM, 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, NFC, Bluetooth 5.3, UWB 2, satellite
Dimensions and weight 146.7 × 71.5 × 7.65 mm | 203 g 146.6 × 70.6 × 8.25 mm | 187 g
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As the iPhone 15 Pro is quite similar to the iPhone 14 Pro (review), the upgrade is not so obvious. But things are different for the iPhone 13 Pro. That's why we've compared the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro to see whether you should buy Apple's new model or not.

Table of Contents:

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Design and screen

Already outdone in terms of design by the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro differs quite visibly from Apple's new flagship. This year, the Californian manufacturer offers a revised design with less protruding edges and, above all, a new material.

While the iPhone 13 Pro is made of glass on the front and back, like the 15 Pro, the shiny stainless-steel frame has been replaced by a matte titanium frame to great effect. In addition to reducing fingerprints, the use of titanium has reduced weight.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
The iPhone 15 Pro has a striking new design. / © nextpit

Apple has replaced the notch with the Dynamic Island since last year, and the thinner screen edges give the iPhone 13 Pro a touch of age. Another notable change is that the silent mode slider has been replaced by an action button that offers far more possibilities.

On the back, the photo module is more prominent, with an island that now protrudes instead of sinking into the body. In a small detail, the photo module is now the same color as the rest of the back. And by the way, Apple has finally replaced its Lightning port with USB-C across the entire iPhone range.

As mentioned above, the main differences on the screen are the Dynamic Island and the thinner edges. The 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED panel is still available, as is the 120Hz refresh rate thanks to Pro Motion mode, but the resolution differs very slightly.

One of the significant differences is the iPhone 15 Pro's Always on Display mode. Brightness rises to 2000 Nits on the iPhone 15 Pro, compared with 1000 Nits.

Hand holding an iPhone 13 Pro
The iPhone 13 Pro is starting to show its age but remains a handsome smartphone. / © nextpit

Both models feature IP68 certification and Ceramic Shield glass protection. The iPhone 13 Pro is available in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Sierra Blue, while the iPhone 15 Pro comes in Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Nature Titanium.

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Performance

A17 Pro vs A15 Bionic, I think there's no suspense when it comes to performance. The iPhone 15 Pro will offer you much better performance than the 13 Pro, although the latter is still powerful enough in 2024 to guarantee an enjoyable experience.

iPhone 15 Pro
The iPhone 15 Pro is, as every year, a power monster. / © Apple

The A15 Bionic includes 6 CPU cores, 5 GPU cores, and 16 cores for the Neural Engine. The new 17 Pro SoC offers the same features but with an extra GPU core and Ray Tracing. The iPhone 13 Pro offers 6GB of RAM, compared with 8GB for Apple's latest flagship.

Apple announced that its new iPhone 15 Pro is powerful enough to run AAA games like on a console. To give you an idea, we were able to subject the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, which have the same SoCs as the 15 Pro and 13 Pro, to our benchmarks, and here are the results:

  iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro Max
3D Mark Wild Life Too powerful 9729
3D Mark Wild Life Extreme 3998 3840
3D Mark Wild Life Stress Test Best loop: 9991
Worst loop: 8709
Best loop: 9732
Worst loop: 8111
Geekbench 5/6 Geekbench 6:
Multi: 7453
Geekbench 5:
Multi: 4714

We can clearly see that the performance of the iPhone 15 Pro is far superior to that of the iPhone 13 Pro. Also, unsurprisingly, storage is not expandable, and you can opt for 128, 256, 512 GB, or 1 TB in both cases.

In terms of connectivity, the iPhone 15 Pro offers Wi-Fi 6E versus Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3 versus Bluetooth 5.0, UWB 2 versus UWB 1. The iPhone 15 Pro is also the only model of the two to offer emergency SOS via satellite and accident detection.

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Photo quality

Two years have passed between the launch of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. Apple has made some notable changes to its photo module, and the most important is undoubtedly the new 48 MP main lens. It replaced the 12 MP lens on the iPhone 13 Pro.

What hasn't changed, however, is the duo of sensors that accompany it. There's still a 12 MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 12 MP telephoto lens with x3 optical zoom.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
The iPhone 13 Pro photo module has evolved. / © nextpit

The iPhone 13 Pro and 15 Pro are both very good photo smartphones, but it has to be said that the iPhone 15 Pro is better equipped and should therefore logically produce better-quality images. The latter, for example, is capable of taking lossless 2x zoom photos thanks to its 48 MP Quad Pixel sensor.

The iPhone 15 Pro also sets itself apart from its predecessor with features such as Action mode, a portrait mode that can be edited in post-production, and the ability to film in Log profile. Once the iPhone 15 Pro review has been published, we'll update this section, including the galleries.

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Interface/OS

Thanks to Apple's excellent update policy, the two models are on an equal footing, both running iOS 17. So you'll be able to take advantage of the latest OS features, especially as functions like NameDrop, Contact Posters, and Live Sticker are available for all iPhones running iOS 17.

Screenshots highlighting iOS 17 features: Widgets, Permission, wi-Fi toggle and Moon phases on Weather app
Some of the best features of iOS 17 (from left to right): Widget actions, permission alert, Wi-Fi toggle in search, and moon phase display in the Weather app! / © nextpit

However, the iPhone 15 Pro has the upper hand when it comes to longevity, as it is expected to be updated until 2028, whereas Apple is set to stop updating the iPhone 13 Pro in 2026.

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Battery life and quick recharging

Apple never discloses the exact battery capacities of these smartphones. On both models, Apple claims 20 hours of video streaming and 75 hours of audio playback, but the iPhone 15 Pro lasts 1 hour longer in video playback, with 23 hours versus 22 for the iPhone 13 Pro.

The improvement in battery life for the new model isn't dramatic, at least theoretically. In our test of the iPhone 13 Pro, the device lasted 14 hours with the screen turned on. Unfortunately, the app we used to test the iPhone 13 Pro's battery is no longer available, preventing us from making a direct comparison using the same benchmark. However, in our review of the iPhone 15 Pro, we found that its battery lasts an entire day on a single charge.

iPhone 15 Pro Max's USB-C port
The iPhone 15 Pro has finally switched to USB-C. / © nextpit

As far as recharging is concerned, we know that officially, wired recharging of the iPhone 15 Pro can reach 20 W (unofficially up to 27 W). With MagSafe, you'll be able to recharge at 15 W, compared with 7.5 W with Qi charging.

The features are identical in the iPhone 13 Pro, except that the latter charges via a Lightning port, unlike the iPhone 15 Pro, which has switched to USB-C. In both cases, Apple does not supply chargers in the box.

iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro: Price and availability

Released in 2021, the iPhone 13 Pro has seen its price naturally drop. Launched at $999, its price floated around $900 right after its successor launched. It's worth noting that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find it new at retailers, and Apple no longer offers it on its website.

The iPhone 15 Pro was launched at the same price tiers as its predecessor, starting at $999. Take a look at our buying guide showing how to pre-order the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) at the best price. Below is a table comparing the launch recommended retail prices (MSRP) of the iPhone 13 Pro and 15 Pro:

  iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 15 Pro
128 GB $999 $999
256 GB $1099 $1099
512 GB $1299 $1299
1 TB $1499 $1499


In terms of design, performance, and photo quality, the iPhone 15 Pro significantly outperforms the iPhone 13 Pro. This improvement is evident in everyday use. Although the leap from the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro might not be as pronounced, the iPhone 15 Pro introduces key upgrades that are likely to entice iPhone 13 Pro users to upgrade.

For those who can afford it and are keen on playing Triple-A games, purchasing the iPhone 15 Pro is a recommended choice. However, if budget is a concern, the iPhone 14 Pro remains a viable option, offering most of the latest features while allowing for some cost savings.

For more details, refer to our comprehensive comparison of the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) and the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), as well as our in-depth review of the iPhone 15 Plus.

Do you agree with me? Do you think upgrading from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 15 Pro is worth it? Which iPhone are you currently using?

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