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AndroidPIT takes pride in its user interaction and a good way to foster this is with easy-to-answer surveys. We have had many, from ''Which kind over cover-type are you?'', ''Which music service do you prefer?'', ''What's your favorite Android device in 2013 (so far)'' and the list goes on. Here are the top surveys, their results and what they have to say about our members.

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These surveys tell us who are readers are and what they like! / © NextPit

Which tablet do you prefer?

Nexus 7 85%
Asus Fonepad 15%

1,147 votes

In our test, we had put the Nexus 7 up against the Asus Fonepad to see which one was the winner in this epic tablet battle of ten rounds. We got down to the nitty-gritty and tested the processors, displays, cameras, browsing, gaming, design, haptic and workmanship, user-friendliness, software and finally price vs. performance ratio. Though the two were quite close in the article, the Nexus 7 beat out the Asus Fonepad by a hair. But like we see with Dancing with the Stars or the Voice, it's the fan votes that make the final call and in this case the Nexus 7 with 85% was a clear winner.

Which one do you prefer? The Nexus 7 or the Fonepad? © NextPit

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already outdated?

Yes 15%
No 64%
I have no clue 20%

2,534 votes

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one the most popular smartphones used by our AndroidPIT readers, as well as many people in the USA. With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, we posed a simple question: is the Samsung Galaxy S3 already outdated? The results do not lie: 64% were assured that it still is one heck of a phone, no matter how flashy and feature-packed the Galaxy S4 might be or how stunning the HTC One may appear.

samsung galaxy s4 android 422
Is my Galaxy S3 outdated? © NextPit

After watching our video, which device would you choose?

HTC One 62%
Samsung Galaxy S4 32%
Neither 6%

1,081 Votes

We shot a video comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One and asked our viewers what they thought of the devices after our video. Surprisingly enough, HTC One got the most votes and left the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the dust. On the downside, even with the popularity that the HTC One brought, the manufacturer is really suffering and things are not looking to good: it's a damn shame!

htc one galaxy s4 teaser
And the winner is............ / © NextPit

What home screen type are you?

Messy 9%
Aesthetics 29%
Nerd 5%
Minimalist 13%
Nit-picky 33%
None of the above 10%

1,100 Votes

Our home screens say a lot about who we are, whether you have everything organized into nice little categories, or you have a beautiful wallpaper but really no apps to speak of, or else maybe you don’t really give a crap about how it looks and don’t mind digging around to find your apps. In our survey, the leading category were the nit-pickers who organize everything as if their life depended on it. Then the aesthetics who love nice background pictures, pretty noises and shiny effects. The minimalists came in third in line where the good, solid apps for every day use are in centerfold (Gmail, Twitter, Messaging, Maps). Where do you belong among this array of home screen types?

homescreen android
What does your home screen say about you? / © NextPit

Whats YOUR Favorite Android Device in 2013 (So Far)?

HTC One 29%
Galaxy S4 23%
Sony Xperia Z 12%
Nexus 4 6%
HTC Droid DNA 1%
Galaxy Note 2 20%
Galaxy S4 mini 1%
LG Optimus G Pro  2%
Oppo Find 5 1%
Other 5%

1,089 Votes

Finally, the epic question was posed: What is YOUR favorite Android device of this year so far? From what we have seen in other surveys, the results weren't too surprising with HTC One leading the pack with 29% of votes. The Galaxy S4 wasn't far behind with 23% and then the numbers were a bit scattered after that between other devices that came into the limelight this year. Which one do you prefer?

HTC One S4 Xperia Z
Which 2013 smartphone do you prefer? © NextPit

Well there you have it! Where do you fall amoung our variuos surveys? Are you part of the majority or the minority?

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