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The top 7 things to take away from the Apple WWDC19 conference

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The WWDC 2019 keynote held today lasted a good two hours. Two hours to present many new features for Apple fans. There are a lot of changes, big and small, for Apple's operating systems (macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS). In short, without further ado, here are the 7 biggest things to take away from the Apple conference!

The end of iTunes

It is certainly the information that will make the most headlines. Rumors were suggesting it and Tim Cook confirmed it on stage. Its download software, which was not suitable for streaming content, no longer really met users' needs. After 18 years of good and loyal services, iTunes is now closing its doors in favor of the Cupertino firm's other content distribution services, including Apple Music (56 million users), Apple Podcasts and Apple TV+ announced recently.

One page of history is being turned for Apple and another is being opened. Launched to support the development of the iPod and fight against the decline in CD sales (and the craze for MP3s), iTunes had long been a great success for Apple before gradually starting to decline in the face of the explosion in the consumption of streaming content, and the rise of services like Spotify and other services.

androidpit wwdc 2019 335
iTunes is leaving. Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV are replacing it. / © Apple

iOS 13: finally a dark mode!

Like every year, Apple's mobile system, iOS, has received its new version, which is currently only available as a beta version for developers. The new features are quite interesting on this new OS with a dark mode long awaited by fans. It works the same way as on MacOS and can be activated in the system settings.

Other new features include the arrival of quick gestures, a redesign of the Mail app (you can mute a conversation, better manage folders...), a new version of the Health application, a new version of the Reminders application, new maps for Apple Maps...and much more!

With iOS 13, you can install new fonts more easily and configure it directly from the Settings screen. It is also possible to swipe your finger over the keyboard to type. We also saw new features for iMessage, which can now display names and profile photos, as we have seen on WhatsApp.

androidpit wwdc 2019 97
The dark mode is certainly the most interesting new feature of iOS 13. Apple © Apple

iPadOS: Apple's surprise announcement

To everyone's surprise, Apple introduced a new operating system. Its name? iPadOS! The number of application icons is now greater on the home screen and it is possible to display widgets too. Multitasking has also made easier with a new Slide Over feature. Interestingly, iPadOS allows you to use the same app twice on the screen. This is especially useful when you need to have two Word documents open next to each other, and more importantly, it will be possible to connect a USB stick to an iPad, allowing you to read and write content.

You should also know that Safari, Apple's web browser, is now more powerful with the same experience as the desktop version. So there goes the mobile version from the iPad. A download manager is also now available.

androidpit wwdc 2019 223
While some imagined a merger between OS and macOS, Apple unveiled a new OS: iPadOS. Apple © Apple

tvOS gets a new look

tvOS, the Apple TV operating system, has also been given a makeover with a brand new home screen. Users will also be pleased to know that it is finally possible to register several user accounts with suggestions adapted to each profile. New wallpapers have also been added.

However, it was mainly the ability to display lyrics at the same time that songs are playing from Apple Music on tvOS, and compatibility with Xbox and PS4 console controllers that excited the crowd at the WWDC19 the most.

androidpit wwdc 2019 24
tvOS is evolving slowly but surely. Apple © Apple

watchOS 6 becomes autonomous

Like WearOS, the Apple Watch now has its own App Store. Users of Apple smartwatches can now download applications directly from their watches without using their iPhone, but also benefit from automatic updates for the watch.

Apple also took advantage of this new version to offer new dials and new applications. There's a dictaphone to record voice memos, a Books app to listen to audiobooks, and a calculator... Also announced was compatibility with Animoji. Finally, new functionalities dedicated to well-being and health have been announced with "Cycles" to follow menstrual cycles and "Dose" to remember your pills.

androidpit wwdc 2019 43
New applications are available on watchOS. / © Apple

More privacy with "Sign in with Apple"

After Google and Facebook, it is Apple's turn to offer its own centralized login system. Called "Sign in with Apple", it will offer users the possibility to create an account without transmitting any personal data. At least that's the idea.

Behind this new tool, Apple wants to offer more privacy by allowing certain information to be shared only once, leaving the choice to hide your real email address. If you choose this option, Apple generates a unique and random email address that forwards to your real account. This way, these "disposable" email addresses can be activated for one app only and deactivated as soon as you want to get out.

androidpit wwdc 2019 144
Applications using Sign in with Apple may request information and you may choose to hide your email. Apple will create a random address that will be sent to your email. / © Apple

A new Mac Pro

Last year, Apple unveiled its HomePod, its big smart speaker. In 2019, the technology giant took the opportunity to unveil a new Mac Pro, the last update was in 2013.... so we've been waiting for this for a while.

Intended for the professionals among us, this new desktop computer simply offers monster technical specs such as a Xeon processor that displays up to 28 cores, up to 1.5 TB of RAM, eight PC slots, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, two 10G Ethernet ports, 1,400 W power supply. There's no more circular design, the most powerful Mac ever created by Apple takes the form of a small tower - although many joked that it looks like a cheese grater! All components are accessible and all have been optimized for performance. A new display, Pro Display XDR, (6K retina definition, Mini LED technology and 32-inch diagonal) was also specially announced. Of course, this comes at a price. Count $6,000 to get the entry-level Mac Pro and $4,999 for the display, which is scheduled for release in the fall. In a move that will horrify some, the stand for the display costs an extra $1,000!

androidpit wwdc 2019 263
The new Mac Pro is powerful but it comes at a price! / © Apple

Which announcement interests you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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  • CJ Brown 29
    CJ Brown Jun 5, 2019 Link to comment

    iPadOS = sounds like Apple trying to do Chromebook for their Tablets (that's not criticism, that sounds like Apple watching its competitors I'm listening to what its consumers want).

    iTunes - like Microsoft's Zune? I never bought into it (I hated the fact your MP3 files got turned into a iTunes files, so wah wah wah wah to everyone that wasted their money at iTunes!)

    Mark G.

  • Mark G. 28
    Mark G. Jun 4, 2019 Link to comment

    Reading through this is like reading Android history - every single "upgrade" presented by Apple 💩 is something that Android has had for ages.
    It's weird that supposedly intelligent people have been conned for the last few years into thinking their inferior device was the vanguard of cutting edge technology. It wasn't, it wasn't even close.

    Imagine if last year, Samsung or HTC/Sony presented their flagship devices with the same specs as the latest IPhone..

    Peace 🖖

    CJ Brown

  • 49
    storm Jun 3, 2019 Link to comment

    It sure read slike they're 12-18 months too late on all of this if not more.

    CJ Brown

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