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Why I'd give up my iPhone for the Galaxy S7 Edge

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2088
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Large smartphones are my favorite. That's why I bought an iPhone 6 Plus around 18 months ago. I was totally satisfied with it until a few days ago when something big happened: I fell for another smartphone – the Galaxy S7 Edge. What was I going to do?

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2082
Despite being 5.5 inches, the display of the Galaxy S7 Edge is easy to operate with one hand. / © ANDROIDPIT

Before I suggest how to deal with smartphone temptation, I'd like to explain why I bought an iPhone 6 Plus in the first place. First, my long-term use of iOS was a decisive factor; as was the larger Full HD display.

The love for my iPhone 6 Plus began to show cracks during Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. The cause of an approaching break, a bond shattering, spurred by an old love. The cause also had a name: the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The dual-edge version of the Galaxy S7 infatuated me first by its looks, but also the way it feels. The ugly camera bump had shrunk to a level that I can live with. The design of the 5.5-inch smartphone is on a level that I expect from a smartphone within this price range.

With the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung has managed to incorporate a 5.5-inch display in a sleeker body, even sleeker than the smaller Galaxy S7, so that I can use it easily with one hand. After becoming a father quite recently, I consider this a big plus. My son in one arm while the smartphone is in the free hand. It must be like this, otherwise a disaster could happen.

Another feature the Galaxy S7 Edge has that my iPhone 6 Plus doesn't is IP68 certification for water resistance. As a father, this is quite important to me. My little son is at an age where almost anything can be food, or anything can swim. But the Galaxy S7 Edge could survive the meanest slobber attacks, as well as accidental drowning in the bathtub.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2104
If the Galaxy S7 Edge takes a swim, you're OK. / © ANDROIDPIT

Now onto hardware performance. The great display and exquisite camera don't need extra discussion – my colleague Camila has discussed these in depth already – and I can only nod in agreement.

There are also features that literally make me squeal with joy. The Samsung Game Launcher is one of them. Seriously – why has no other manufacturer thought that you could enjoy the Gamer Heart via relatively simple means. It has never been so easy to take a screenshot or record video of a game action as with the Galaxy S7 Edge. Or the option that all alerts are deactivated during gameplay. It's simply awesome.

Despite praise being heaped on the Galaxy S7 Edge, there are a few things I'd criticize. The built-in speaker placement means that sound is not optimal. The glass back is slippery and a fingerprint magnet. But these small issues don't sour the overall positive experience of using the Galaxy S7 Edge.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Opinion 2073
The S7 Edge comes with a built-in fingerprint magnet. / © ANDROIDPIT

There is just one final point, but an incredibly important one, that I'd like to make. It totally sucks that I can't transfer all my already-purchased iOS apps to the S7 Edge. I've literally spent years building up my collection. But it's not in the hands of Samsung, but rather Google.

It would be desirable if Google could make it possible to share apps between both platforms. That would speed up my switch from the iPhone 6 Plus to a Galaxy S7 Edge. Such a transfer is actually possible, as seen with Google Play Music. Here I could transfer my existing music collection easily, without having to buy everything again.

As long as I can't do this, it doesn't really make sense for me to drop the iPhone 6 Plus for an S7 Edge. But, as I wave goodbye to the S7 Edge, I'm winking at it with one eye.

Have you fallen in love with the Galaxy S7 Edge? Let me know in the comments. 

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  • Paula Osborne 1
    Paula Osborne Jan 30, 2017 Link to comment

    By the way, you can download iTunes onto a Samsung phone. You could keep all of your songs!

  • 11
    chayusiro Dec 2, 2016 Link to comment

    I like using iPhone than Samsung. But thanks for your opinion. And if you want to switch your iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you may need transfer data between them, such as contacts, text messages, photos, music, etc. With Phone to Phone Transfer tool, you can do that easily.

  • Lyle Kominsky 2
    Lyle Kominsky Apr 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I have both of those phones that solved my problem

  • Aron 1
    Aron Apr 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I *did* give up my iPhone 6s for the s7 Edge. And that was *after* trying the 6s Plus (too big). It's a great handset. It would be perfect if it ran IOS :).

  • 1
    Elie Fabs Apr 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Useful ideas , I am thankful for the specifics ! Does anyone know if my assistant would be able to get ahold of a sample a form document to work with ?

  • Kari Yozamp 1
    Kari Yozamp Apr 5, 2016 Link to comment

    You can transfer your music from iphone/itunes to your android phone. There's a google app called iSyncr. Easy to use and I now have every song in my itunes collection on my Galaxy S7. I know there are other apps for copying music over as well, but iSyncr is easy and smooth. But Apple apps aren't transferable, at least not that I know of.

  • 24
    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Imagine... apple is suing Samsung over so-called copyright infringement(s) now what do you think will happen if Google was to assist apple clients transferring apps etc. to Android devices? apple will never allow this imho. I would blame apple for this not Google to be honest.

  • 2
    Dale Richard Apr 4, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm in the EXACT same boat... I've been on a 6plus since they released (literally a pre-order) and have always been in love with it. I never even flinched when the 6S came out (I'm sorry, 3D Touch is nothing but a long press). I've subscribed to the Apple ecosystem for years now complete with MacBook Pro and all family phones. All that came to a screeching halt when they announced the S7 edge. I remember the S6 edge when they released that, but it seemed (at the time) a tech that wasn't fully flushed. Anyways, the S7 has courted me for a few weeks now, and I finally pulled the trigger today. What finally changed my mind, was the reports that the IPhone 7 will be more of an incremental update, and Apple won't have a full refresh until 2018 (possible AMOLED). I'm NOT willing to wait another 2 years - sorry Apple...I'll be holding on to my 6 plus for now (VZW Gives you 14 days) but sure am hoping that this is as exciting as everyone says it is.. Fingers crossed.

    GT OhhOmar Hamwi

  • 3
    don t. Apr 4, 2016 Link to comment

    I've never been a fan of the ever so boring iPhone. Since my note 2, I've only bought samsung phones. Only time I was disappointed was the small battery in the S6 edge. But they listened to their customers and made all the correct fixes in this S7. Remember, an iPhone is a 3 year old android.

    Deactivated Account

  • Paolo 17
    Paolo Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    I use a Galaxy Note 3 and intend to upgrade to the Note 6, or maybe the S6 Active. My mom just got a preowned 5S, a friend has a 6, and let me tell you I am actually ENVIOUS of them. I know Android can do more, but what it can do with that "more" matters more than anything.
    ALL the photo centric apps (worst offenders are VSCO, Snapchat, and Vine) look like I have a POTATO CAMERA, and even those with an S6/Edge are not spared!
    (Almost) ALL BIG GAMES ON ANDROID are in- app- ocalypses, at least Cupertino has STRICT standards and oversight about them, Google has ZERO control.
    Apps perform better, crash less, and don't try to fleece you at almost every opportunity unlike Android's apps in comparison.

    I will NEVER leave Android powering a primary device but stuff like this makes me contemplate even a bit about jumping ship, and other folks surely feel that way.

  • 4
    Ste Vae Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    Your comments blaming Google for not allowing you to take all your crApple apps with you, are spoken like a true "isheep, who never blames crapple for anything. IT IS CRAPPLE WHO IS THE CLOSED System HERE , SO DON'T BLAME GOOGLE. ANDROID IS OPEN SOURCE! and if you weren't ignorant enough to allow crApple to lure you to spend so much money on Their crap, then you wouldn't be in this situation. I'm a former iPhone user, although I hate admitting it, and they're is NOTHING I used in ios that I couldn't replace with Android. Best thing was escaping the prison of iTunes. It has been just like quitting smoking, afterwards, I have a hatred for smoking and smokers. In the same vein, I hate all things about ios, and crApple users. Not only do I feel so much freer on Android, but I am a hundred times more capable of customizing the environment I'm in, and making my experience truly MINE.
    So you go ahead and wink at the better device, while you head back to ios prison. Just remember, you have allowed crApple to put you there, and it was their intention to do so all along. This is so typical of an "i"idiot, choosing to stay with a lesser device and system, rather than making the better choice. So glad I got out! And I have no sympathy for those who ignorantly stay.

    • Paolo 17
      Paolo Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

      You're a blimbering idiot. What you've said is like calling out a Honda Accord driver complaining about not being serviced by a Toyota dealer!

      Also, what you've bought on Google CAN'T transfer over to Apple, only SUBSCRIPTIONS, you've completely ignored it. And it's as much a fault of Google's and the services as Apple's.

      Warren JB

    • GT Ohh 14
      GT Ohh Apr 4, 2016 Link to comment

      Hey Ste Vae you sound like you need a Cigarette...

    • Sandhi Yudhaprahara 1
      Sandhi Yudhaprahara May 3, 2016 Link to comment

      hi steve, it's interesting how you said that you are a hundred times more capable of customizing the environment you're in. I just switched from iphone 6s to S7 Edge, and i want to know more, could you please give me a quick guide of what to do to customize my newly android environment so i won't have to regret my decision and going back to the iOS environment. Thanks before

  • 6
    Jack Smith Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    I have had every version of the iPhone and recently switched to a Samsung S7 Edge and extremely happy with my decision. The biggest difference was the display. I had not really thought much about it until using the S7 Edge. All I can say is WOW! the display is simply incredible. I was curious and was surprised what I found out. Looking at specs the iPhone 4 screen was 330 ppi. Then looked up my wife's iPhone 6S and it is 326 ppi. So the display on the iPhone has actually gotten worse through the years.

    What is super cool is to look at a high res picture on the screen. It does NOT look like a computer display. It looks like a picture in a magazine.

    Deactivated Account

  • 3
    michael wilson Apr 3, 2016 Link to comment

    Good article. I was in the same boat as you. I had the iPhone 6plus for 18 months, then upgraded to the iPhone 6s plus. It's a great phone, but looks the same as every other iPhone since 2011. I could not resist the temptation of the s7 edge, so I switched carriers to make it happen. I'm so glad I did. Android has improved so much in the last 4 years since I last owned one. And this latest Samsung handset couldn't be much better. It's amazing how comfortable it is to use compared to the iPhone, which I never thought was uncomfortable, until Sammy came to town. I
    would never want to go back.

    Jens Christian G. JensenMoni MihailovDwarfer66

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