TWIDROYD for Twitter

TWIDROYD for Twitter

Twitter is an instant messenger service which allows you to send updates into the world that are less than 140 characters long. There are a lot of Twitter clients out there that allow you to use the service on your phone. I want to showcase TWIDROYD for Twitter today because a lot of things have changed since the last time we presented Twitter clients.


Reviewed version Latest version
4.1.2 Varies with device

Features & Use

Before you start the app you have to accept the licensing agreement so that you can proceed with the setup. If you don’t accept the agreement the application will close and you’ll find yourself back on your homescreen.

You can log in via Twitter,, or You can follow TWIDROYD for Twitter—that way the developers will be on your list and you’ll catch all the most recent news and updates.

Shortly after logging in you will be able to see your latest Tweets, as well as a notification that lets you know that you can switch to Landscape Mode which will allow you to see the Live View. Here you will be able to see recent updates on the left hand side and photos, videos, or links to websites posted by your followers on the right hand side.

Use the button on the top right in order to see the most recent Tweets—the most recent one will be shown in the display at the top. The button to the left allows you to create your own 140 characters-long messages. If you want to insert a web link that’s too long you can have it shortened so that you can use more characters.

There’s also the option to take and insert a photo which you can add to your message, or else insert an already existing picture. The same thing goes for videos. After you’ve finished writing your message you can send it off for your followers to read by pressing the Play button.

Once you’re back on the starting screen you can use the @ button to see messages written by others that feature your name. The navigation button in the middle lets you see your private messages (received and sent).

Furthermore, the app comes with the options to make use of the Twitter Search function which, in conjunction with a GPS service, allows you to search for users in your vicinity.

You can have the application running in the background; that way you’ll be informed immediately as soon as there are updates or new messages. Having said this I have should mention that if you decide to keep the app running you should definitely have a monthly flatrate, because it will not only suck your battery dry, it can also become very costly.

Further functions that come with Twidroid:

• Profile
• Account
• Qutbox
• Show lists
• Manage lists
• Favores
• Followers
• Twittersphere
• Suggest function
• Trends
• Settings
• End application

So, as you can tell this app has a lot to offer to make your Twitter-life a little easier.

There are also a lot of personalized settings, so, for instance, you can decide how you want to be messaged and how you want to view your messages.
There are many other personalized settings options, but it would take too long to list them all here, so have a look for yourself and decide how Twidroyd works best for you.

A final little word of warning: in order to end the application go via the Settings.

Screen & Controls

The most important functions are listed on the starting screen which makes them easy to access. TWIDROYD for Twitter’s design makes a good, clean impression; you can also adjust the design under Settings.

Speed & Stability

When I was at the stage where you can choose via which service you want to log in I got the following message: "res/layout-hdpi/simple_list_item_1.xml". I can’t really say which service this is meant to be as when I selected it the Twitter login and its API were displayed.

Sending and receiving messages worked well and I was pleased with the speed.

All in all, TWIDROYD for Twitter ran smoothly throughout the testing phase.


Price/Performance Ratio

You can download TWIDROYD for Twitter free of charge from the Market, and what’s more: there’s no advertisement!

You can also buy the Pro version for 3,30EUR.


TWIDROYD for Twitter TWIDROYD for Twitter TWIDROYD for Twitter TWIDROYD for Twitter TWIDROYD for Twitter

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  • steve Sep 29, 2016 Link to comment

    Another twit for twitter.

  • Without repeating the above review comments; I'm predominantly a business person who last touched program code more than 10 years ago...I downloaded the app today and struggled for an hour or so before the lights switched on!.

    This is a very exciting application with great business application possibilities...I'm looking forward to using Tasker and will promote it as a standard app within our firm.

    Thanks and well done!