Top 5 News: Nexus 5 battery/bootloader, S5 vs Note 3, Play Store tips

Top 5 News: Nexus 5 battery/bootloader, S5 vs Note 3, Play Store tips

The LG G3 is cropping up more and more this week and there's now rumors of a HTC One M8 Prime to go along with the Galaxy S5 Prime rumor. The HTC One Mini 2 is approaching, as is a Galaxy S5 mini. In update news, a Samsung roadmap got leaked, which sadly leaves the international Galaxy S3 out in the KitKat cold. Google updated everything and we picked up the new Huawei Ascend P7 which is a nifty little number that introduced the dubious name ''Groufie'' to us all. So what else is interesting this week?

It's Top 5 News time baby! / © NextPit

How to get the best out of your Nexus 5 battery

It's not very often that you hear people going on about how great the Nexus 5 battery is, but if you follow our list of simple tips to maximize your juice you might be amongst the first to do so. We'd be interested to hear what you do to keep your Nexus 5 going all day too (charging it doesn't count!).

Followw these tips to get the most out of your Nexus 5 (or 4 or 7 or 10) battery. / © NextPit

Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3

Samsung's two greatest inventions, but there can only be one. So who will come out on top? The smartphone champion or the mutant phablet with its mighty S Pen? Representing two pinnacles of Android technology, the Galaxy S5 and Note 3 have a lot going for them, so which should you pick?

androidpit galaxy s5 note 3
Two of the biggest, baddest Androids out there, but which one is king? /  © NextPit

How to update Nexus 5 bootloader and radio

Updating your bootloader and radio is not something most people think about, because it comes as part of the Google package when firmware updates arrive. But for those that like to get teir hands dirty, we show you how to update them yourself and possibly fix a few problems along the way.

nexus 5 recovery fastboot start
It's actually really easy to update the bootloader on the Nexus 5 if you know how. / © NextPit

Tips and tricks for Google Play

Google Play is like the ocean: enormous, full of wonders and trash and a temperamental old beast that'll chew you up and sdpit you out if you're not lucky. But with our tips and tricks for Google Play we'll have you taming the savage beast in no time.

androidpit google play store teaser
We could all learn how to manipulate Google Play a little better. Learn how. © NextPit

Android 4.4 and microSD cards: the state of things

KitKat may be a wonderful Android version – depending on where you stand – but it isn't without the occasional controversy, and there's no KitKat controversy more sticky than the SD card issue. Some are crying foul, some understand Google's reasons, but most are in the dark. Get up to speed on how KitKat affects SD cards and what you can do about it.

microsd galaxy s4 closeup
KitKat may not be the microSD card's best friend, but they can still live together. / © NextPit

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