Swing Copters tips and tricks to avoid insanity

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OK, maybe there's nothing that's going to avoid insanity when playing Swing Copter, the new highly addictive and insanely difficult game from Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen. But we can share some tips and tricks for Swing Copter to at least give you the best chance of beating a high score of two.  

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AndroidPIT Swing Copters teaser
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Stay centered

While the swinging hammers might make you freak out, the crazy swinging of the copter is your primary concern, so focus on navigating through the gaps in the center as best as you can. Let the hammers take care of themselves to start with. Trust me, they are the least of your worries at the beginning. Once you can get through some gates in the middle, then you can move onto worrying about avoiding the hammers.

Aim for the hammers

It may seem a little counter intuitive but once you can actually get the rhythm of swing controlling, you actually want to aim (slightly) at the side where the hammer is swinging outwards as you approach the gaps. The reason for this is that by the time you get to it, it will have swung back the other way. Unless you can really get your swing groove on, heading for the out-swinging hammer is the best way to sneak past a few more gates than your mates.

Aim for the hammers to actually avoid them. / © Dong Nguyen

''Your other left!''

At the start of a new game you will veer sharply to the right, so be prepared and keep in mind that throughout the game the longer a swing is the harder it is to control. Don't tap furiously at the start, just once to start, then let the copter get airborne and then start trying to stay centered. Managing the tendency to ''let things go too far'' is one of the biggest skills to master. Also, remember that because you're in the air, it takes a little while to actually turn, so tapping a tiny bit earlier is wise.

One finger or thumbs?

You need to decide quite quickly what feels more natural to you: one finger tapping or two thumbs. Then, focus on fine tuning your skills. You know, as best as you can anyway: there's no such thing as truly ''under control'' in Swing Copters! I use two thumbs, my colleagues use their index finger. Whichever technique you prefer, using quick taps is much better than longer presses or allowing your copter to continue in a direction for long. Whenever you're not tapping to equalize the direction, you'll pull so hard to either side that you can't recover. Rapid tapping leads to no direction control, slower tapping leads to big swings - you want to get it somewhere in the middle.

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With these tips you might actually improve on that high score of 2. / © ANDROIDPIT

Forget the laws of physics

If you played Flappy Bird you should already know that Dong Nguyen has a pretty loose grip on reality as it is, especially when it comes to the laws of physics. So don't expect the normal rules to apply here either. Swing Copters is a ''feel'' thing, just as Flappy Bird was. Simply try to accept that nothing is going to work how you think it should and your phone will probably end up in pieces. Then hit Start and try again. On another phone.  

Are you playing Swing Copters yet? What is your high score?

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  • rahul bj Sep 3, 2014 Link to comment

    32 is my best

    • Kris Carlon Sep 14, 2014 Link to comment

      You sir, are a god. I never got past 3...