Smackdown Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X

Smackdown Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X


For anyone debating making the jump from a dual core phone to a quad core device this year, the question of whether to purchase the HTC One X or the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably one that many people have asked themselves more than once. While both popular phones are running quad core chips, the devices themselves are very very different in a lot of different ways, which can make your purchase that much harder. Do you want the more premium feel of HTC, or does the lighter more plastic feel of Samsung products appeal more to you? Exynos processor Tegra 3? Sense 4.0 or Touchwiz 4.0? Which has a better user experience? All of these are factors that can influence your decision, and thankfully these 2 devices have been put head to head in a great comparison HTC One X Vs Galaxy S3 video that highlights many of their strengths and weaknesses.

The comparison video was shot by Phone Arena, and provides a very nice side by side look at features, UI, day to day functionality, speed, material, and much more. Anyone debating on buying one of these devices should definetely give it a look, as it touches on a lot of subjects that can make your buying decision a lot easier.

Before we get into the video, here is a quick spec rundown of both phones:


And here is the comparison video courtesy of Phone Arena:


What do you guys think? Which phone impresses you more? Or maybe there's another device that you're more interested in?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Picture credits: Youtube video link here.

Source: Phone Arena

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  • I wouldn't get the One X after hearing about its memory management "feature"/bug.

  • I'm a HTC user who wants to remain loyal to HTC; however, I will applaud the technological innovation coming from Samsung (I honestly feel their Galaxy Nexus line of Android Smart Phones pushed other Smart Phone manufacturers - especially HTC - to come out with better consumer products), since I was originally a Samsung user before making the switch to HTC ...

    The world's first mobile super processors; NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core and Tegra 2 dual-core processors; deliver unprecedented performance for mobile devices (during development, this processor was codenamed Kal-El) & have truly encouraged more innovation from Smart Phone manufacturers ....

  • I have a HTC one x international version and this phone is really awesome. The built quality is excellent and the screen is really great with excellent viewing angles. I think the Samsung galaxy 3 is a great phone too, but I also like tegra 3 a bit better since you get to play enchanced tegra 3 games. These are the two best android phone in the market, I guess depends on your personal taste.

  • I wouldn't call it a good comparison...this guy misses some of the phone features...I haven't got chance to try hands on s3..but as for one x..some of its main features wasn't even mentioned in the video..features like taking 99 shots in a min ...capturing photo while video recording...etc

  • The One S is a great phone. I personally like it more than the One X. I had one last week sent to my home, as I got it free for renewing my contract. I only sold it as I prefer stock android devices this year, and since I'm so happy with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Both are fantastic Android Smart Phones, it appears I will be getting the HTC ONE S from T-Mobile this November (unless Verizon Wireless wants to impress me with a new ICS ready 4g Android Smart Phone from HTC by the end of 2012) ....

    I refuse to go back to AT&T (or Sprint) & Verizon needs to do more to keep me as a customer

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