Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro comparison

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As MWC 2016 fades into the distance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro stand out as two headline performers, but which smartphone comes out on top when it comes to specs and design? Read on for our comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro.

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androidpit samsung galaxy s7 edge 2
Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge was worth the wait. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: design and build quality

The world knew what Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge would look like quite a while before its eventual unveiling in Barcelona this year, but even so the wait to see the smartphone up close was worth it.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge is bigger than the S6 Edge but feels nice and compact still, boasting a gorgeous aluminum body protected by Gorilla Glass 4. We were impressed with the handset's curves during our full hands-on review, and Samsung has certainly crafted a premium piece of kit here.

The camera on the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge now protrudes less than it did on previous models, which means there's less of a rocking motion when the smartphone is placed down on a flat surface. The Galaxy S7 Edge's outline looks elegant in metal and the smartphone is a joy to hold as a result.

Water resistance has been added to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's list of tricks, much to the relief of clumsy phone owners the world over.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 112
Above: Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge in all its glory. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is the most expensive version of Xiaomi's new handset, and the price hike is justified by a slightly different design instead offering up a 3D ceramic back with rounded edges.

Whilst the ceramic finish is guilty of attracting plenty of fingerprints as you're playing with it, the material gives the smartphone a particularly unique look and feel. Despite the minor fingerprint issue, the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is very comfortable to hold.

Xiaomi fans will be pleased to hear that the material is scratch-resistant, which ultimately means it's easier to keep the ceramic build of the Mi 5 Pro looking fresh.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's iconic AMOLED display is a 5.5-inch treat, and colors pop beautifully on the smartphone's screen.

Arriving with a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution and density of 510 dpi, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge appears to have hit the sweet spot when it comes to screen size. Whilst we'll admit the screen isn't the smallest, Samsung hasn't stepped into phablet territory with its new release either.

Brightness levels are top-notch and viewing angles have proved impressive throughout our time with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but we're looking forward to getting detailed in our full review of the smartphone.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi MI 5 PRO 1
Meet the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro. / © ANDROIDPIT

Xiaomi's premium-looking Mi 5 Pro stars a 5.15-inch IPS display, which you'll notice from the pictures comes rather close to the edges of the front of the smartphone. Whilst it's a stylish look, grabbing the phone tightly can sometimes see a user's palm obscuring the edges of the display.

A pixel resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 is on offer at 427 ppi, and the Mi 5 Pro's backlighting configurations copes well with different lighting situations.

As we found at MWC, Xiaomi's latest release has an excellent body-to-screen ratio, making pictures and videos a treat for the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: processor and storage

Samsung's latest gadget is powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset, also equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Our hands-on session saw us treated to a particularly nippy experience exploring the smartphone's menus. Samsung has really impressed when it comes to performance, we're pleased to report.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers up either 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage for owners to fill up, expandable via microSD all the way up to 200 GB.

On the other side of the fence, the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is also powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipset, again starring 4 GB of RAM. The base storage figure knocks the Galaxy S7 Edge out of the park though, including a whopping 128 GB of internal space.

androidpit samsung galaxy s7 edge 9
Make the most of the S7 Edge's curves. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: camera

We want to play around with the Galaxy S7 Edge's cameras even more than we already have, but so far things are looking good. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's main 12 MP camera has an f/1.7 aperture and dual-pixel technology, whilst the front facing shooter rocks a 5 MP sensor.

We're told than the focus speed of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is four times faster in low-light conditions than on the S6, and the result is a delightfully fast shooting experience.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi MI 5 PRO 5
The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is a beauty. / © ANDROIDPIT

Selfie fanatics may be left slightly disappointed by the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro's 4 MP front camera, although the smartphone's main snapper really impresses.

The rear camera of the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro is a 16 MP offering working alongside a 4-axis OIS system that guarantees clearer pictures for experienced photographers and newbies alike. On top of that, the main camera comes with a Sony IMX 298 sensor and an aperture of f/2.0.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: software

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 come with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow pre-installed, with the OS complimented by Samsung's own TouchWiz UI.

Whilst there's no major improvements to this latest build of TouchWiz compared to previous entries, the system still runs smoothly and offers a solid experience. Admittedly, TouchWiz hasn't undergone much of a transformation since its time on the S6 Edge+, but this isn't a deal breaker.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro runs MIUI built upon Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and a key feature of the OS is the freedom it brings in terms of customization. Menus are quick to navigate, performance is impressive and updates to the OS itself are substantial and released on a regular basis. All in all, there's not too much to complain about.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: battery

A mighty 3,600 mAh battery keeps the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge chugging along, which is better than the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro's 3,000 mAh equivalent.

According to the folk over at Xiaomi, the Mi 5 Pro can be juiced up to 80-90 percent within an hour thanks to Quick Charge 3.0. We're looking forward to putting this claim to the test.

A Samsung spokesperson told us that the company has managed to tuck a hefty battery into the Galaxy S7 Edge without adding much bulk, thanks to self-made, malleable components. Apparently, this allows Samsung to take advantage of gaps inside the phone. Clever.

AndroidPIT Xiaomi MI 5 PRO 9
Xiaomi's Mi 5 Pro is highly customizable. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: specs

Still on the fence when it comes to picking a winner? Take a look at the table below for a more detailed comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Xiaomi Mi 5.

  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro
SCREEN 5.5-inch 5.15-inch
RESOLUTION 2,560 x 1,440 pixels 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
PROCESSOR Exynos 8890 Snapdragon 820
BATTERY 3,600 mAh 3,000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro: verdict

Whilst it's fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has turned more heads upon its arrival, the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro still puts up a great fight.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro offer up some solid specs in stylish, premium shells. Whilst the Galaxy S7 Edge may be lagging behind when it comes to its main camera, the smartphone brings an improved screen resolution to the table. On the other side of the fence, The Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro's ceramic finish and 128 GB of internal storage are both hard to ignore.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge take the gold medal in your opinion, or has Xiaomi come up with a worthy competitor in the Mi 5 Pro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Calvin Lee Sep 22, 2016 Link to comment

    Which phone is better , I don't know but I do know that S7 Edge glass break easily and cost almost half the cost of the phone from a careless mistake.

  • Andrii Gritsevskyi Jul 26, 2016 Link to comment

    It is very STUPID to compare phones based on paper specs. It is even more stupid to give suggestion to the reader and yet apparently never touch a really thing. Well, that is probably very much inline with modern journalism standards.
    BTW, few day ago I tested S7, S7 Edge and MI5 64 GB White. Based on my very personal opinion, I simply do not like over saturated screens of S7s. And camera of MI5 delivers by far more naturally looking photos vs. S7 under normal light conditions with less noise and artifacts. So taking price out of equation, if I would be given a chance to keep one out of these 3 model (no chance to sell) I would take MI5. Just my 2CC. And, yes, Samsung needs to walk long road to approach something that comparable to MIUI 8.

  • Sandeep Mech Mar 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Hey Jason Chang... You might better research about 4 axis OIS then speak up ok? If you are psychotic about Samsung then keep it to yourself dumbhole. By performance Snapdragon 820 is the most powerful chipset in market now. Even in GPU it's on par with the mighty Nvidia Tegra X1. Exynos is clearly defeated by SD820. Mali T880 is no slouch but still Adreno 530 turned to be the winner. I guess you don't know anything about GPU. And it has the Sony IMX 298 seasor with deep trench isolation which gives superior image quality. This reduces the light leak in the sensor resulting to better noise reduction. And in GSM arena review they have posted that it's protected with gorilla glass 4. Also what the f*** are you going to do with 200gb storage? You wanna shoot live porn videos with that? 128gb storage is more than enough for a smartphone. You are not going to use even 50gb of data daily then why would anyone need 200gb...unless you might need for the above reason I said lol. If you want a heavy phone then why don't you tie a rock with your phone. It will surely feel heck heavy. Even I like some what moderate weight phones. But light weight phones are a breeze to handle. You are using the phone in your hands not on your body. Our fingers are more sensitive to even slightest increase in weight by grams. The 3D curved back was first brought by Xiaomi only. See xiaomi note pro. Seeing that only Samsung employed it in S6. And finally who would want to pay for a phone which is underperforming to phone which is twice cheaper but at the same time quality at the best. In display department Samsung has the upper hand. But for a human eye it will be difficult to differentiate between FHD and QHD display. Still Samsung has better display no doubt. But if I can get a phone which is performing very well than the other pricier ones and with a good bold quality with half the price.. Well clearly Xiaomi Mi 5 has the upper hand against S7 edge

  • Binesh Nair Mar 10, 2016 Link to comment

    Mi5 Pro is the beast in price segment and also in terms of premium quality (dont forget )in features too samsung trying to fool people

    • Jason chang Mar 10, 2016 Link to comment

      also in terms of premium quality? Are you saying Mi5 fragile glass is better than Corning Gorilla Glass 4? Have you tried using iphone 6s 12MP camera? Although they have only 12mp but takes better quality pictures than 16mp. 1 of the reason is coz of their image sensor. Now s7 edge have better sensor than iphone. So in what way is mi5 having better features? Their non-expandable memory? or was it their non-waterproof device?

      • John Mar 12, 2016 Link to comment

        Dude, did you not check the specs of mi5? You are laughable :D
        Mi5 has gorilla glass 4
        Mi5 has sony exmor sensor 298 which is better than those in iphone´s and samsungs and will produce better pics aswell if you read up on the sensor specs.


        You are right on the last two things you mentioned however, it doesnt have expandable storage and it aint waterproof either which I personally dont care about...

      • Jason chang Mar 14, 2016 Link to comment

        There are many page and suggested that its "possible" that they will use gorilla glass 4 (Rumors). I personally use gsmarena to check on phone spec. Anyway i tried to search in the official website and they failed to mention about them using it. Who's not doing their homework?

        You said you personally doesn't care about the waterproof but I'm sure many of us do. Durability matters!.

        Expendable memory doesn't matters to you but maybe other people doesn't have as much free time to transfer their media to their pc or upload their files.

        Btw, if you happen to have a link to a website which compare picture of s7 edge with mi5, I hope you don't mind sharing coz no matter how I search i could only find Mi5 comparing pic with iphone 6s and S7 edge vs 6s. Non comparing mi5 vs s7 edge. And on paper both are in a way claiming to have the best camera. s7 selling their dual pixel sensor (perform superb in taking pic in low light) and instant focus better than laser focus and mi5 298 sensor with dual tone flash (still good in low light and will not effect the color but shooting further distance will not give the same effect) and when you travel often you will notice alot of place forbade camera and some allow but not flash. When you cant use flash, the camera dual tone flash meant nothing. My personal experience, I traveled to UK like 3 yrs ago, 1 of my fav place is the st paul cathedral, took pic with my pathetic S3 without flash, picture qualitywas just as pathetic. In the end, camera that performs well without flash + in low light is the best. Again, thats my "Personal" opinion.


        Almost forgot to answer your question, I did check on Mi5 spec. If you see older comments, I even check the benchmark test on processor performance and blogs of phone critiques (well they are the 1 that have their hands on the device b4 the launch, they mentioned the pros and cons of the device).

      • Jason chang Mar 14, 2016 Link to comment

        no Xiaomi product listed.

        Googled for dragontrail glass device (dragontrail is similar to gorilla glass). Mi5 not mentioned in list.

      • Shekar P Mar 15, 2016 Link to comment

        Dude, stop arguing just for the sake of ! You seem to be blindly commenting stuffs on favour of the S7 Edge device as if you work for Samsung, LOL !!
        Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a better display(Quad-HD), is waterproof/dustproof, has a bigger screen-Agreed ! AND FYI, "I got both the phones and have been using em for the past 3 days".. I have personally experienced that the camera(front & rear - both videos(1080p with OIS on both) & still photos) on the Mi5 Pro is better than that on the S7 Edge. The audio quality on the S7 Edge has an upper hand though.
        S7 Edge has an expandable slot which is a way cool feature but SAMSUNG HAS NOT PUT IT TO GOOD USE...YOU CANNOT INSTALL APPS IN THE SD CARD AS IT IS IN OTHER PHONES. YOU GET ONLY 24 GB FOR INSTALLING APPS- WTF ?! Whereas in Xiaomi Mi5 Pro..We get 120 GB for installing apps and if you do not find the 120 GB useful for transferring always have the option of USB OTG by which you can use any pendrive or connect an SD-card reader for SD CARD SUPPORT. LOLZ xD
        Talking about benchmarks, the scores you have mentioned is the one compared btw Xiaomi Mi5 (3GB & 32 GB ) version with 1.8Ghz SD820. I have personally compared the Mi5 Pro and S7 Edge and the single-core is high on the Mi5 Pro and the Multi-Core scores were "almost !!!" the same with the S7 Edge leading by just 22 points on the GeekBench 3 test.

        Now coming to the price, I guess i don't have the necessity to explain !! :D RIP Samsung !! xD

        Please get BOTH phones in hand..test and play with them before you get into an arguement. HOPE YOU FIND THIS REPLY EXCITING :-)

      • Jason chang Mar 16, 2016 Link to comment

        damn! you got me LOL. I'm bored. will you be friends with me?

        btw what you comment is already on the net. Like how samsung disable the option making the SD card part of the memory. Can be altered by doing some settings but no guarantee that next samsung update will not revert the settings you did. And the benchmark test, check the pro version vs s7 edge Exynos version. (although i know Mi5 is good in many ways, but as a samsung fan i don't want to feel like I'm paying just for the design T.T )

        Are we friends yet?

      • Bengie Cornejo May 3, 2016 Link to comment

        dude may i ask is mi5 pro smoother in gaming performance than iphone 6s plus. coz im thnking of getting one of the two but im still undecided on which one to get but i prefer the one whose better when it comes to gaming performance.

  • Puneet Bhoria Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Mi5 is better for sure got heck of a better camera , processor and design .

    And price difference makes it worse for Samsung

    • Jason chang Mar 10, 2016 Link to comment

      yes, In a SINGLE CORE test Mi5 is SLIGHTLY better than s7 edge by 212 points. HOWEVER, in a MULTICORE test, s7 Edge score 6395 and Mi5 only scored 5422. Depending on what you use it for, if during Gaming, definitely s7 Edge can perform wayyyyyyyy BETTER. But when using only for websurfing or whatever apps that requires low calculation from the processor, Mi5 is more stable in that....but who cares about those unimpressive apps.

      Camera each have their selling point. Mi5 according to phone critiques, have impressive image quality. S7 Edge on the other hand have good performance during lowlight. You wont feel frustrated when taking pictures at night or in dark areas and get nothing out of it anymore. Only downside is when taking pictures in very bright area, some complain of picture being too sharp.

      Mi5 Design? The front design was also stolen from Apple.Back are a total rip off from s6 edge design. They couldn't bend the screen due to production cost and now they bend the back cover. What a joke >.<. They should have come out with something more original since this is their first high spec phone that comes into attention of many ppl. S7 design, they use THEIR OWN s6 edge design, just minor changes in size thats all.

      Lets not forget s7 edge is water resistant and dust proof. Screen is certified Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Not just gorilla glass 4 but they made it curve. Higher quality item used contribute to high production cost.

      Higher price for s7 edge doesn't make them worse, it makes them better. I'd pay a few extra bucks for better quality item.

      Just forget about low quality Mi5 and opt for Better quality S7 Edge that fits perfectly in your hands. The Curve on the side of the screen feel perfect like butt cheeks. Not to mention the pixel density for s7 edge is higher, allows you to watch better quality P*** on the go. Color comes in Onyx Black (that's right not the usual boring black), Platinum Gold, Silver and pearl white.

      • SLK May 21, 2016 Link to comment

        Funny to hear about "total rip-off from s6 edge" and Apple.
        Looks like you never heard of Xiaomi Mi Note.
        There are some similarities but as much as in every modern smartphone.

  • Biga 173rd (Biga173rd) Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

    This is a no contest clearly Sammy is the winner even if everyone does not like touch wiz. To me the price is the factor if you want the best pay the price if you want a phone that comes close to a Sam phone and if you can stomach their skin over Android then this Xiaomi is the phone for you.

  • [email protected] Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment


  • Abhyuday Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Mi5 definitely

  • Patel Vinay Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Mi5 is the best main thing is it's gonna cost only about 25-26k and S-6 will cost you 50+k

  • rick Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

    dose the mi5 have a sd card, it seems like it as good as good as the s7. especially if its half the price, ill buy 2 of them please. how dos Samsung justify the price of their flagship phones, when we have a a phone that has almost the same specs. at half the price. i have to be fair and give the mi5 a look over, it may be the one for me.

    • Jason chang Mar 7, 2016 Link to comment

      mi5 have no card slot. s7 supports micro sd up to 200gb. - s7 win
      screen protection: mi5 fragile glass vs s7 using corning gorilla glass 4 - s7 wins
      Drop both phone into toilet bowl or drain: picks up s7 wash it and is good to use, mi5 just flush it down the drain - s7 win
      (s7 water and dust resistant)
      screen resolution - s7 provides sharper and better quality image 534 vs 428 pixel density- s7 wins hands down
      Primary cam: both has optical image stabilizer but mi5 uses OIS 4 axis which idk what that means - I've decided s7 win since i like s7
      Design: S7 edge definitely more elegant - s7 wins
      I suggest you reconsider your decision.

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