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Poll of the week: The NextPit Community's crystal ball for 2022

Oracle 2022

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Is the NextPit community a good tech oracle? We asked ourselves this question and wanted to know which trends and companies will shape the year 2022. Here are the results of our weekly survey!

So, the first week of the still young year is over. It's high time we take a look at our survey from last Friday. We wanted you to name the trends that will play a role in the smartphone sector. So let's dive right in and look at your answers.

Smartphone trends in 2022? Under-display cam, mid-range foldables, and sustainability

You can see from the subheading: there isn't one trend for the year based on your answers. Since the reactions from the community were quite sparse, with only a handful of votes, they are less significant than what Germany and France put on the scale.

What will be the big smartphone trends of the year
Okay, you don't believe in the rollable display as a trend for this year / © NextPit

It is striking that our readers in France firmly believe that the topic of sustainability will play a major role: 50 percent there decided that this will be the top smartphone trend of the year, followed by foldables at affordable prices. In Germany, the community believes that 2022 will be the year when we finally see good quality under-display cams in devices.

In all communities, an average of more than 40 percent think that the topics of sustainability and mid-range foldables will be the strongest trends of the year in the smartphone sector. Our French reader Jerome69Paris has even already looked ahead to 2027 and thinks that (spoiler alert!) smartphones will not really change fundamentally until then. He writes:

My bet is that the smartphone of 2027 will be very similar to the one of 2022, a classic bar. That's the format that will ultimately be most convenient to use and most reliable. Until then, manufacturers will continue to alternate models with flat or rounded edges, batteries will be a bit more efficient, etc.

Would you like to bet against it?

Samsung and Xiaomi clear the field, Huawei still on the losing side

By the way, there was more agreement on the other questions, no matter in which country you follow NextPit. If you have your way, Samsung and Xiaomi will be the companies that will decisively shape this year. The English-speaking readership even voted with 100 percent for Samsung, but as I said: With only very few votes, that was not really representative of the total community.

In France, 40 percent each believe that Samsung and Xiaomi will win, followed by Realme (22 percent), just ahead of Oppo (20 percent). In Germany, the Korean company is alone on the throne with 58%, followed by Xiaomi (46%) and Apple (43%).

Which companies will positively shape 2022
Samsung dominates! / © NextPit

Besides the listed names, by the way, only one statement appeared in the comments that points to an additional manufacturer: If ArceusBeLike has its way, Meizu should play a bigger role. Indeed, Meizu is known to very few people in Europe, and I have slight doubts that this will change this year.

With that, we now turn to the third question. There, we wanted your prediction on the companies that are most likely to disappoint us this year. Here we have a lonely, sad winner in the form of Huawei. 54 percent of the German community and 40 percent in France see the Chinese smartphone giant clearly ahead.

With just under 30 percent named for Apple across all countries, I don't know exactly whether it has to do with a general dislike of Apple or whether people actually imagine a weak iPhone 14. Maybe you guys would like to elaborate on that a bit in the comments. You also reckon that Nokia and Sony could disappoint us in 2022. Let's wait and see if these big names can surprise us positively.

Which companies will disappoint in 2022
If the NextPit community has its way, Huawei, Nokia and Sony will disappoint this year / © NextPit

As always, we would like to thank you for taking part in our survey and telling us what you expect for 2022. At the end of the year, we'll take another look at these figures and I'm already looking forward to seeing how right or wrong we've all been. Finally, I would like to echo the wishes of Olaf from the German readership. He hopes that the sustainability card will be played more clearly and that the update policy will improve further:

Basically, I hope that the topic of "sustainability" will have a higher priority than before in the still very young year with regard to smartphones. Long-term updates make a good contribution to this.

I agree, and I'm curious to see whether you'll go along with me. There will be a new survey on Friday - until then, have a good week!

Original article

We dare to take a look into the crystal ball with you. In our survey of the week, we want to know what do you expect for this year. Which smartphone trends will be set, which manufacturers will win, and which are in danger of failing? Prove yourself as a fortune teller and be our oracle for 2022!

The first week of the new year is almost behind us and our first survey of 2022 is coming up. So it's only fitting that we ask you to act as our tech oracle today. What will be the trends of the year, which manufacturers will particularly inspire or disappoint? You tell us!

As usual, we will present you with the results on Monday, but the results will still be important afterwards: At the end of the year, when we wait once again for a new chapter and find out whether the NextPit community had the right instinct - or not.

The big smartphone trends of 2022

12 months ago, you could maybe hope a little bit that rollables would be the next trend. They weren't, as we now know. Wacky cameras, such as the microscope cam in the Oppo Find X3 Pro, didn't develop into a trend either. Even if it celebrates a small revival in the Realme GT 2 Pro.

But what do you think could be the trend for 2022? Polish your crystal ball again and take a deep look: Will it finally be rollable displays? Will sustainability be the dominant theme? Decide on one (or more) of the options in the survey, or tell us your idea in the comments:

What will be the big smartphone trends of the year?
View results

Which company will shape the year?

It is quite possible that 2022 will be similar to last year in terms of manufacturers: A lot of eyes will be on Samsung, which should cause a lot of buzz with both the Galaxy S22 series and the new Foldables. Apple can also hope for undivided attention in the September-October timeframe with the new generation of the iPhone.

In addition, Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Realme will try to make an even bigger impact outside of China. For Huawei, Nokia, and a few more, it will probably be more of a struggle to stay relevant at all. Take another look into your crystal ball: Which company do you think will perform better this year and perhaps even cause a surprise in a positive sense? You are welcome to name several candidates again.

Which companies will (positively) shape 2022?
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Which company will disappoint?

I still have a third question for you, then we're done for today. Because when a company has twelve months to shine, there are of course many opportunities to fail. So listen to yourself one last time. Which company do you think will fall short of expectations in 2022? The answer options are exactly the same as for the second question, and you're welcome to choose several again!

Which companies will disappoint in 2022?
View results

Well, that brings us to the end. I'm looking forward to your answers and, to be honest, I'm even more excited about the end of the year. Then we'll find out if the NextPit Community has done a good job as fortune-tellers. As always, we'd like to thank you for taking part of our poll and, as you know, we'll have the results at the start of the week on Monday!

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