Google Pixel 3 XL: is it really worth waiting for?

Google Pixel 3 XL: is it really worth waiting for?

We've been seeing a steady stream of leaked images and rumors about the next generation of Google's Pixel phones. But, until now, we've been left to speculate on the specs of the Pixel 3 XL. Its benchmark results listing has finally emerged. In this week's poll, we want to find out what you think of it.

From the leaked photos, renders and screen protectors, it looks like we can expect a notch on the Pixel 3 XL and no dual rear camera, which leaves me disappointed in the design already. Now that we have some more concrete info on the performance and specs from the Geekbench benchmark results listing, the device seems even less compelling to me.

Pixel 3 xl leak
Look at that notch! / © XDA Developers

Here's the skinny: When it comes to the SoC, the Pixel 3 XL will be packing the logical upgrade, as we expected. In addition to a Snapdragon 845 processor, it will come with 4 GB of RAM. Some may be disappointed not to see 6 GB, but others may deem anything over 4 GB in this day and age overkill. In any case, Google isn't reaching for the stars when it comes to RAM.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 3 XL scored lower on the benchmark than other devices with the 845, though this is likely to change between the production test unit and the final version of the device, so there's no need to fear just yet.

Do we have a winner on our hands? Let us know in the poll below:

What do you think of the Pixel 3 XL so far?
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What do you love or hate about the Pixel 3 XL so far? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GSMArena, Geekbench

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  • Ehsan Kia Aug 5, 2018

    Let be honest, Pixel devices were never about the hardware. Pixel phones get better pictures with one camera than most other phones do with 2, so being disappointed for lack of dual camera is silly. Do you only care about numbers of the paper of the actual end result? Same with ram, what matters is the software on top and the ram management. Pixel phones are often smoother and snappier than most 6gb phones. At the end of the day, Google excels at software, and unless something like headphone jack or notch are a complete deal killer for you, we can't make up our minds about these phones until we see the full software+hardware package.


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  • 2019 is set to be a special year for technology, with 5G happening, Qualcomm challenging Intel and Microsoft re-entering the fray with foldable tablets. So why jump the gun? One reason would make it worthwhile - if Translate and Pixelbuds lead to a real leap in multi-language fluency. Let's see the presentation to see if this is real, or just smoke and mirrors.

  • I'm in the NOPE category for one reason and one reason alone. The same reason I wouldn't buy ANY of the new phones. PRICE. It's silly, that phones with basically nothing more than brighter displays, faster processors, sometimes multiple cameras and flashy designs, continue to INCREASE in price. Considering that unless you have a google, essential or maybe the Oppo OnePlus phone, you'll never see a major update, you might as well save your money, buy last years next best thing, at a greatly reduced price.

  • Every smartphone Google has put out is quickly crowned that years "Android smartphone of the year" (followed closely by Samsung's flagship), I have faith that Google has the desire, budget, and knowledge to keep that trend going. No need to scrutinize every little design decision. Google is doing that for us, I'm sure. There are teams and teams of engineers thinking about every single peice of the devices' hardware and software. And it will be great, I have faith.
    Now, if it's worth the upgrade from a Pixel 2 to the Pixel 3? That's a decision unique to you. For some the answer is yes, for some the answer is no. For me, I am 100% sure in my decision to reserve it the day pre-orders open but I am upgrading from a Pixel 1 (I hold on to things a little longer than most). If I had a Pixel 2, I know myself enough to say I would NOT be upgrading. But either way I'm absolutely positive that it will be the best android smartphone to date and will be a great device.

  • This is pure speculation, and until I see the real deal? What's the point in offering a comment, besides the fact I won't purchase any Smartphone costing over $300 - $400 🤷🏼‍♂️

    And please don't take that as a diss against Google Pixel (I tend to stick to a budget, pick devices which offer decent specs, pay for an affordable monthly service that's no contract).

    • I usually buy LAST YEARS model. Any hardware bugs should be gone as well as software bugs. Since it's android, most won't see updates anyway, and, android has been very stable for me since JB 4.3 (save for 4.0 kk). Better value for my money.

  • 142%?, strange poll when the majority both want/may want the Pixel 3 and at the same time the majority do not.

    Anyway I want to try these Pixels, I've heard good things about it and I'm kinda bored of Samsung and my Galaxy S8 now.

  • I have recently purchased a different brand with higher specs. Loved my Nexus 5x but pixels are a little expensive so bought a different brand when my Nexus died.

  • I don't know why people are Trash Talking the Pixel Phones. I have the Pixel XL #1 and haven't any problems with anything with this phone. I had always been a Motorola phone person until they let me down. I'm glad I own a Pixel XL and am ready for Pixel 3XL to come out. There phone is Better quality than a lot of others.

  • Joe Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

    Yes, compete with Samsung with it's screen dimensions, dual cameras and 6gb of ram if you want top of the line. Next year will be too late to enter the market unfortunately

  • what bothers me the most is that Google feels they need to directly compete with the iPhone by incorporating the notch... the notch isn't the problem though... the problem is that they don't need to because Google can do just fine without trying to compete so fervently. The notch and the bottom chin has to be the stupidest design ever made for a phone. and the price (more likely about $1,000+) isn't justifiable. what they should do is increase RAM to 6 and they should have made the bottom portion of screen longer and put the speaker on the bottom where the charging port is (stereo of course assuming the other speaker is in the earpiece)
    what a stupid, stupid, stupid design. I'll still get it because i like having beta versions of Android in its purest form... but if that's Google's way of getting customers all the while making stupid silly asinine designs then slowly I'll start backing away.

    • I'd rather the battery life that comes with 4gb of RAM, I don't need to keep a whole bunch of apps open at once, and front firing speakers instead of the iPhone style.

      The notch idea is dumb though, I'd rather have some bezel top and bottom for speakers and sensors. I will definitely turn the notch off if I get this phone.

  • The Pixel XL and Pixel 2XL were both easily available 6 months after launch with a $500 discount. The first two generation Pixel devices had poor build quality and design and were priced at launch at twice what they should have actually cost. They also have a very high rate of complete hardware failure and serious hardware problems that are unacceptable for phones in the flagship price range. Don't be fooled by the snow job typically provided by the tech press for Google phones--Pixel devices are simply not worth the money.

  • storm Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

    Flagships have become stale. They're all competent. And pricey

    The market is much more interesting at half the price point. Good performance, but weaker cameras. Or buy last year's flagship at a big discount. Current flagships have become a prestige or luxury item and far from a necessity even for power users.

  • Only time will tell if it'll chellenge the Blackberry KeyTwo for best phone of the year.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Definitely, pixel 3 and 3XL will be, just like a midrange phones !!! Why ?!? There are many reasons, and the most important thing is that if Google wants to make the best phone, then it's definitely not enough only .., the software and the camera !!!! Design, screen, hardware in the phone, sound, etc ..., etc ... everything has to be the best, or .. then you will not have a good phone, and a big sale. It can talk about that, who wants anything, but a small, very small number of devices sold, clearly enough indicates whether Google is on the right track when Pixel is concerned. I personally, I would never buy, for so expensive devices with such a bad screen, and so ugly and funny looks. I had a Nexus 5 phone, it was good, not the most beautiful, but it was cheap. Now I have Htc U12 +, an extraordinary phone, I'm completely satisfied. Software, hardware, design, everything !!!! And yet another review, on some comments, that the pixel has a good processor, and at the beginning, it's all flying and running very fast, but later when you install all app,s or the software you need, how does it work after a certain time, a couple of months or a half a year? That's the question ...?!?

  • I would like 2times Optical Zoom an more ram like 6 gb over they ten to slow down the more ram will help with that I hope they a paying attention to the people who are going to buy there phones cus apple dont care that why I won't ever own another apple product .

  • i am using pixel 2 and i like using small one what i wanted to see is reduced bazzels which i think we r gonna see but i wanted to see little change in design of the back and also atleast 3200 mah battery i dont think duel camera makes any difference as pixel 2 cameras have proved theres no need and i was really disappointed when i saw no upgradation in ram size camon google give us atleast 6 gigs ram model

  • No dual rear camera disappoints you? Why? You just awarded the Pixel 2 the best camera award, and it's a 2017 phone with no dual camera. What makes you think the Pixel 3 will be worse than the Pixel 2?

    • Sorry if you go by android sights they will tell you that im sorry all the double cam.s are better then pixel ive checked every sight and pics and there ether close to the same or iphone 10 and note 8 have better hardwere

  • We will buy 5G phones where 5G is available, as we do not need faster antutu phones for Android 9 than actual good Android 6 ones and normal 7 and 8 ones because nothing more is going to give us.

    More and better battery is the key performance to improve now as SoC speed is more than good enough.

  • My main issue is with the missing headphone jack. Bluetooth cuts out when I am outdoors and usb-c headphones are a joke.

    If Google is not going to make a compelling phone, I guess it should stay exclusive to Verizon

  • I have the Pixel XL and was looking forward to updrading to the pixel 3XL. However after reading the article I am not sure I want to spend the kind of money they will be asking for something that is not the best. I will definitely be looking at other phones.

    • Now's a good time to upgrade to the Pixel 2XL. Between the lackluster specs and the notch, I think I'll just skip the Pixel 3 XL

  • If the price is around $600, yes i'd consider buying a Pixel. I've always wanted the XL version but the Apple-like pricing Google is copying is a MAJOR DEAL BREAKER for me. I've been a Nexus fan and used many of their phones. I've never bought and used a Pixel. Unless Google can bring the price point down to my liking, I'm never buying Google phone, much like I never bought the ridiculous iPhone X.

  • I'm passing on the 3 XL I'm watching it's progress but I love, love, love my Pixel 2! The camera is awesome as is Progect Fi and support, I see no need to spend a lot of money when the Pixel 2 meets & exceeds my needs.

  • I loved my Pixel XL, but for me the notch is a deal breaker.

    • Ken Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

      Love is a strong word.

      You basically need to be a Linux programmer to use it after the first 6 months. I have the Pixel XL and to date: 1) I have had to factory reset twice bc of serious software issues (e.g. phone frequently restarts itself) requiring reseting all apps and personal settings which on Android are intense, 2) Bluetooth antenna is so weak I have to hold the phone in my hand when I walk to work or it will skip or stop like a 90s discman, 3) phone overheats and shuts itself down after 20 mins of VR use (workarounds improve but do not solve the problem), 4) phone is so slippery that without a case it will jump out of your hand 3x/daily, 5) phone tends to run very hot during normal streaming video eg Netflix though it doesn't overheat and shutdown like it does with the VR use, and 6) somehow keeps turning Absolute Volume on making my Spotify music extremely quiet. This last one requires me to locate and activate developer options and then deactivate the headphones and restart the phone.

      Overall Google is great people and they take care of their customers; best of all they're not Apple, so I'm looking forward to the upgrade, but let's not use the L-word just yet.

      • i have the Pixel XL with 32GB and installed Android 9 (P). While i agree with you that it often runs hot depending on my usage (long summer photo taking sessions outside or hotspot), i never had any restarts of hangings or bluetooth issues. Maybe it also depends on which software you use. I frequently go through my software, check what i have, clean cache etc. I also completely shut down the phone for at least 30 min so it can totally cool down. My main concern is that with P the battery life has been a bit worse than with Oreo - but it's not the final version yet. The camera (a Google Camera Mod with Portrait Mode) still is the best around with the Pixel 2. So if Google manages to get the battery life right in final version of Android P, then my next Pixel will be either a 2nd hand Pixel 3 (not the notched one) or Pixel 4

      • Ken Aug 6, 2018 Link to comment

        Franz, thanks for your experience, these are great points all and I have no doubt that usage results will shift from user to the next. Your habits are very responsible and that probably makes a big difference. I have the 128GB and that may also make a difference, but ultimately I do not perform regular maintenance and generally leave the phone to take care of itself. That said, even with my less care conscious habits the phone should be more durable and the antenna issue has been an ongoing concern for these phones since day 1. How long have you had the Pixel? I was one of the initially promotional purchasers (~Nov 2016) so they may have improved the production for later purchases.

  • KJM33 Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

    I have the Pixel 2 XL and have been nothing but happy. I personally think Google has entered the phone market with a steady long term plan. They aren't worried about the phone spec sheet like Samsung is but rather more about user experience, efficiency and building customer loyalty. I think I will skip the 3XL however I said the same about the 2XL yet here I am with one. I would love 6GB of ram but honestly I've never had an issue with 4GB, the notch is was it is although I'm not a fan of this movement but as a historical big user of Samsung phones, Google gets right what Samsung gets wrong and for now I'm here to stay. Somehow I can care less about the paper specs because it hasn't translated into being a better phone or product.... Just things people brag about for no reason.

    • Let be honest, Pixel devices were never about the hardware. Pixel phones get better pictures with one camera than most other phones do with 2, so being disappointed for lack of dual camera is silly. Do you only care about numbers of the paper of the actual end result? Same with ram, what matters is the software on top and the ram management. Pixel phones are often smoother and snappier than most 6gb phones. At the end of the day, Google excels at software, and unless something like headphone jack or notch are a complete deal killer for you, we can't make up our minds about these phones until we see the full software+hardware package.

      • Exactly.... I'm using the 2XL and love this phone! Really there's no need to buy the 3XL, as good of a phone the 2XL is. I usually buy a new phone every year, but I have no, not 1 complaint, with my Pixel 2XL! Anyway, your exactly right!

      • i agree. A friend and me we're avid Pixel users (me a Pixel XL and he a Pixel 2XL). Literally nothing else matters. But...we also both agree that the implementation of a notch is just the most absurd thing that's been done and there's no single excuse that makes it look better. So unless our Pixels die on us for whatever reason, it'll be any from Pixel 2 XL to Pixel 3 "notchless". The Pixel 3 XL (if this is the final version we see here) will be completely skipped. That design-nonsense is not entering my house :-)

    • Ken Aug 6, 2018 Link to comment

      Thanks for this, I am considering buying 2 XL now rather than waiting for 3. Think you sold me. I don't do enough to need the extra RAM but I do worry about performance after the 12 month warranty period. My 1st gen has definitely seen some issues (see above string). Curious how long you've had the 2 and how its performing after 12 months. Do you know?

  • David Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

    Based on all the hype for the pixel 2, I bought one. Wifi and especially 4G LTE reception (radio) is poor in outlying areas and capabilities in general are mediocre. My wifes' Galaxy 8 stomps the crap out of mine. I won't fall for that hype again!!!!!

    • That's odd, because my wife's Galaxy 8 gets worse reception where I live... Speed test on LTE are consistently faster on my 2 XL, and Bluetooth and wifi range are much larger

      • David Aug 6, 2018 Link to comment

        I don't even connect to 4G LTE in remote N.C. at our cabin using Verizon. We rely on the Samsung phone. Don't know are.but we are out there. Verizon is the only provider that works at all. Fast isn't even in the issue.

  • I say this from my experience with the Nexus 6P: don't believe a render or test version. Everyone thought the phone would be igly as sin, including me. It ended up being the hottest phone of 2015!

  • I get the feeling the notch hate is more of a bandwagon thing than anything, especially when they can often be hidden AND still have functionality. Still, I was looking forward to the Pixel 3 to have at least a minor upgrade to the 845 like they have done before, and an option for 6gb ram but I am glad for the chance at wireless charging.

    As long as it has a good battery life I'll probably get it to replace ye olde Nexus 6P unless the Note 9 is extra compelling. Previous Samsungs have had eh battery life and age quickly, plus the Pixels have a habit of having subjectivity the best cameras and I'm a sucker for good pictures.

    • I agree 100% with you. I have the original Pixel XL and have loved it from the beginning. It came with the 821 instead of the 820, so while not a big difference it was to some of us. At least we weren't getting the 1 going out of date like it appears now. The 845 is the best but, by the time the 3XL comes out the 850/855 or whatever it will be,begins to show up and us Pixel owners are behind again. Although time does heal problems it seems like for the price we're paying we should be ahead of the game not the tail end. IDK I don't mind working through the kinks I just don't like to be the has been.

    • Historically, I've cared nothing about camera quality when making a decision to buy a phone. The quality of pictures on the 2 XL changed that Philly for me!

  • I didn't see the option to not buy it because you already have the pixel 2. Not enough of an upgrade in my opinion

  • Why do you hate the notch? If it wasn't there there would just be LESS screen real estate. It would just be bezel all the way across. What's the downside here?

    • The problem is the size of the notch more than anything. At least for me.

    • The downside is it's ugly as sin and you lose real estate in the notification bar. I'd rather have a phone with no front facing camera than one with a notch

    • Yyyy Aug 5, 2018 Link to comment

      I like how mi mix and huawei and other chinese companies are dealing with the bezels and the stupid notch. I rather keep my pixel 2 xl than any other phone with stupid notch. If all these rumors and leaks are true, I will probably buy a chinese phone in the future.

  • Uhhh, why would this be upsetting. A lot of high end phones have the notch, who cares? The 4GB is PLENTY for a phone running stock Android and zero bloatware. The benchmarks are almost as good as current top end phones and should improve a bit by launch. My 1 year old Pixel2 still runs better than most new phones. Ever since Android P, my battery life went up, it's a lil snappier, and I'm very impressed with the update. And it's in BETA. Im not saying the P3 is the ultimate phone...but it will be awesome I'm sure.

  • I'll sit this one out. From what I've seen and heard this doesn't interest me. Hell, the Note 9 is very compelling now. I'll just keep my Pixel 2 XL.

  • The Pixel2xl is a good phone with snappy software and a great camera. With 3 years of updates, I'm keeping mine til it wears out or the updates quit coming, whichever comes first. $850 is a lot of money for many of us to spend to just toss it because something new comes out.

  • The big one has a notch, the small one will likely have a battery that is way too small and they'll both have a glass back.

    No thanks. I'll pass.

  • On the fence, wait and see what the pixel 3 xl turns out be or get an LG G7 ThinQ or LG V35 ThinQ now. Those 2 phones great. On project fi so choices are limited.

  • The ugly deep notch and overall unbalanced proportions (chin, etc) makes me want to throw this trash out the window. I'll survive with my Pixel 2xl, until Google comes to their senses.

  • I'd rather watch grass grows.

  • Am glad that from the rumours, it will have a single camera. The saddest part is that it may come with a notch.
    Google pixel 2 has the best camera despite having a single camera. I expect the trend to continue

    • I'd actually like 2 cameras. Digital zoom sucks so having a telephoto lense would be nice. Although I don't care too much.

  • I was looking forward to the XL3. Nah, the notch kills it for me. I refuse to join the notch bandwagon. The 845 with 4gb's is just fine. And the single lense camera is still about the best of any. But nothing new in innovation. The design is still kind of boring! I would much rather spend the money for the note 6gb's & 128gb's of storage. Plus all the premium features I could ever want!

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