OnePlus X: the best phone you can't have

OnePlus X: the best phone you can't have

I have a love-hate relationship with OnePlus. With the release of the OnePlus X, I want their phones more than ever, but I can't have them. Unlike practically every other manufacturer, OnePlus makes it hard buy their products, and the harder they make it, the more I want them.

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The OnePlus X is an enticing phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

If OnePlus simply put their phones on sale like every other manufacturer, they might become boring. Everyone who wants a OnePlus phone would be able own one. But as OnePlus builds tension, it builds desire for its products, in a way Apple has mastered. By offering quality phones at cheap prices, OnePlus creates a culture of want. Is this a good thing? That depends. 

The OnePlus X looks similar to an iPhone 4 or Xperia Z5, with its glass panels and metal outer rim. Its internal hardware, a Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM, puts its performance on the level on last year’s flagships. However, unlike the OnePlus 2, this device is not focused on high performance, but rather on design. In my opinion, it’s among the best-looking phones running Android. It’s certainly desirable. 

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The OnePlus X is a good-looking phone. / © ANDROIDPIT

But it’s priced like a cheap mid-range device. At US$249 for the standard Onyx model, the OnePlus X represents great value. You’d be hard-pressed to find something this good within that price range. The ceramic version, the more premium model, looks more jewel-like than the Onyx version. But is it really that special? Perhaps. But what makes this model interesting is the fact that it’s only available in Europe right now. Why is that? Surely it’s not so hard to sell both models Stateside. 

That lack of US availability creates more desire for the OnePlus X. It’s a competitively priced, premium-looking phone that you can’t get easily. Does this make you want it more than you would if you could just go and buy it? Just as the infamous invite system built demand for the first OnePlus phones, the decision to sell the ceramic model in Europe only could also be a cunning trick to makes it more desirable.

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I want the OnePlus X. / © ANDROIDPIT

Maybe we're being cynical; the decision not to sell it in the US could be down to supply issues. But we're not ruling out the possiblity of it being a tactic to drum up demand. Either way, OnePlus has proven that we want what we can’t have. And I’m probably going to buy a OnePlus X. I can’t help myself. 

What do you think of the OnePlus X? Do you want it the more you can't have it?

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  • joost Nov 16, 2015 Link to comment

    cool.. i especially like the price and the oled screen.
    but i have to pay 25 euros for shipping and still have to wait 15 days on it!
    for that amount other parcels are same-day delivered! and a lot of online phoneshops offer free shipping.

    it is like a goodlooking guy showing up in an old wrack of a taxi, much to late and then asking the beautiful girl who waited in anticipation to pay for the ride.
    i expected more.

  • Hi Sadand...Can u plz send me Oneplus X Invite.......My Email ID for the help

  • I have a few OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X India invites. If required reach me at

  • I wanted a OnePlus One, but I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to buy a phone. Not even Apple does that.

  • OxygenOS and only a few LTE bands = Fail

  • It looks and sounds great. And it would not bend. We are talking about phone now, not a machine shop tool or a deadly weapon. Right? Lol. The phone looks lovely. The 801 processor is a powerful one, coupled with 3 g of RAM, it's got to be fast. But for NEXUS 6 (with 810) and One Plus One (801), I have not found a faster device than NEXUS 5 with 800 processor and 2 g of RAM. That is because both SnapDragon 800 & 801 are powerful and don't heat up. In the N5 and One Plus One the processors are not working overtime, pushing too many pics or OI. If there is no bloat ware, the 801 will do the job. With a bit of patience, I may order one in about a month.

  • Why people running behind this phone, what is the speciality of this, is this a brand one , this came from the family of one plus2 there are above 1300 reviews in " gsmarena " about one plus 2 there are complaints also, they need an " invite " for this, this is a part of publicity.

  • Does OnePlus X support USB OTG?

  • I wish i could get them in switzerland! ebay seems to be the overpriced source for us...

  • @mark s. Oxygen needs work? Super stable, minimalistic, smooth, fast. I dunno. Seems pretty great to me. Grab a Samsung and after a week it's SUPER laggy. My phone never gets laggy. Nothing faster in the long run.

    • Are you using the NEXUS 5? That is wht you sound like. I may try to get One Plus X becaue it is close to my NEXUS 5 yet a bit more advanced. Like the size of it.

    • Agreed! Haven't tried Oxygen, but TouchWiz on the S5 was horrendous! Coworker switched from an S5 back to an iPhone cause the Lollipop update was a disaster. My S3 is a totally different phone after putting CyanogenMod on - ditching TouchWiz.

  • Well said Mark, OnePlus phones are good device indeed. I have own a OnePlus One for over a year and I am very satisfied with the hardware. So much so that I opted not to buy the OnePlus 2 since my present OPO still meet all of my needs & expectations. My OPO is rooted and running Cyanogen 12.1 based on Android 5.1.1. I am now getting ready to flash a Cyanogen 13 ROM based on Android M.

    If you cannot flash your own OPO, OPO X or OPO 2, OnePlus support & their inability to meet timely releases for new hardware & OS updates will likely cause you much duress.

  • Too much hype, poor support, stock oxygen os needs a lot of work still. I've owned a Oneplus One and 2 (sold the 2 already). They are fine devices, just don't buy into the hype

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