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OnePlus and its alarm clock app makes me mad!

Angry Antoine
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It's a big deal! I have said to my editor colleagues and now to the rest of the world! The OnePlus Clock application, and more specifically the Alarm Clock feature, is the only thing I truly hate, with all of my guts, in OxygenOS and in this world in general.

I'm not talking about the problems with the alarm not going off that several users have already experienced on different OnePlus models and different versions of OxygenOS in the past. Personally, this has never been the case for me and I use a OnePlus 10 Pro as my daily driver (I've been "with" OnePlus since the OnePlus 5T). No, for me, what scares the hell out of me and literally puts me in a state of rage is the ergonomics of the Alarm Clock app's user interface.

Before I continue with my rant, I would like to lay the groundwork for those who do not own a OnePlus or don't know about its Android skin, OxygenOS. Here is what the interface of the OnePlus Alarm Clock application looks like. And just what do I have with those toggles and alert sliders located right next to each alarm? I'll explain why below.

oneplus interface application reveil
Here's the OnePlus Alarm Clock app and its infamous interface / © NextPit

"Well, it's fine, everything looks normal. Aren't you tired of kicking up a fuss at the slightest thing every single time, Antoine?" NO, I'm NOT TIRED! And don't you dare judge me for having an alarm every 5 minutes. My doctor said it's completely normal and I'm not the only one who does it, my 7 imaginary friends can attest to that. But let's return to the real topic of this brooding post.

The OnePlus alarm clock makes me go crazy!

Don't you notice them? Those ugly blue switches that turn on/off each individual alarm. Oh yeah, they look harmless just like that. But wait until you wake up in the morning, your eyes are still glazed and blinded by the light of your screen. Try to quickly turn off all the 15 pre-programmed alarms between 7 and 8 am (since I'm telling you it's NORMAL). It's virtually mission impossible.

When I hit the switch, instead of turning it on or off, the smartphone registers a fake touch and opens the tab to change the alarm. So I have to backtrack and try again. Repeat the process 2, 3, 4, 5, or more times, and it's a guaranteed way of losing your patience.

I don't even know what miracle it is that my OnePlus 10 Pro hasn't gone flying through my room and smashed into a wall yet. I have played games of Tap Tap Music on my iPhone 3G+ back in 2009 that were less intense than turning off my alarm clocks on my OnePlus 10 Pro. There is no logic behind this. Sometimes, I am right on the switch but the screen still registers a false touch. Are my fingers too stubby? Or is my right eyelid semi-closed a la Forest Whitaker playing tricks on me?

In any case, it's as annoying as when you type in your password and it turns out to be wrong, so you try again without paying any more attention. You try again casually, without paying any extra attention. So you stop what you were doing, bend over and stick your nose right in front of the screen and type your password carefully and slowly, character by character, using just one finger like a boomer, and it finally works *insert a cry of rage with tears in your eyes*.

Anyway, there are obviously more serious things in life. It's not a real problem and I'm just blowing it out of proportion because... well, because it feels good to bitch! And it's really annoying that I have to meditate for 15 minutes and perform Dr. Kobayashi-like brain exercises to cool down, all because I have to be 100% focused to mute my alarm clock.

OnePlus wants to punish me for wanting to sleep in, and I refuse to suffer in silence! As for you, dear reader, what is THE most infamous feature on your smartphone? The one you hate the most, and we're talking about something visceral here. Go ahead, let it rip, it's about time.

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Antoine Engels

Antoine Engels
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  • Nitin Garg 1
    Nitin Garg 11 months ago Link to comment

    I can relate so much with this. But my biggest beef with Oneplus alarm app personally is with the alarm notifications. For one, now to see when the next alarm scheduled to fire, you have to go to the clock app and figure it from which alarm is turned on or not. Secondly, earlier the next active alarm used to show up on the lock-screen, even that's been removed. And lastly, a notification will appear in the notification panel, some 10-15 minutes before the actual alarm. I mean hello, it's not a calendar event, it's a freaking alarm. What's the point of a notification 10-15 min before the alarm goes off. Either the notification of the next active alarm should persist on the notification panel, or on the lockscreen. Some people respond that well, there is a clock icon in the notification panel to indicate that there is an alarm set. Well, of course I know I have an alarm set, just not know which one. Just like Antoine mentioned, I have dozens (if not hundreds) of alarms created in my clock app, and I keep enabling/disabling different days as I need. This all used to work until about Oxygen OS 9 or 10, and they decided to throw it away.

  • Hey 1
    Hey Dec 7, 2022 Link to comment

    You must hate it even more now after android 13 update. Since it must ask you when you turn the switch off: Turn off for tomorrow or Do not repeat any more. How about if I short press it you just turn the damn thing off or on. If I long press it give me choices to choose from.

    • 1
      Jhill Dec 8, 2022 Link to comment

      Yes! If I didn't choose to pick repeat days why are you asking me again? This is insane. They fixed the fact that the blue buttons don't work but now this stupidity. Also I want displayed the days of the week that it is programmed for, not the dates. And yes I set multiple alarms every morning too. With this new system I have a feeling I am going to be woken on Saturday morning at 530am

  • Elliott Hall 1
    Elliott Hall Oct 14, 2022 Link to comment

    I came here looking for someone else to confirm its not me, I've had a oneplus since the 3T, 5T and now the Nord 2... Regrettable decision, even on a budget.

    I will never buy another oneplus phone since owning this one. So many UI changes that get made that make no sense I would say the worst one except the alarm clock is the app search. Before if you didn't have the app you were searching for, it would search for it in the play store.... Nope, not anyone....

    Unfortunately I needed a phone that had 5G access and this was the only one that didn't break the bank at the time...

  • Kishan Vajani 1
    Kishan Vajani Sep 8, 2022 Link to comment

    The same feeling i am getting every morning very well explained the issue
    Btw I stopped using the one plus alarm default clock and installed Google alram and using it😅

  • Eikka 1
    Eikka May 16, 2022 Link to comment

    This is not even the biggest issue, it's the fact that the circular 24 hour clock makes no sense whatsoever. I live in Europe where 24h clocks is the default, but an analog clock does NOT look like that. It doesn't go from 0 to 24. It goes from 1 to 12. It drives me insane when setting alarms.

    • Hey 1
      Hey Dec 7, 2022 Link to comment

      True. I liked the double ring 1 to 12 better inner ring for 00.00 to 12 outer ring 12 to 24.

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