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Kokoni EC2: Fast 3D Printer for Children & Beginners on Sale

kokoni ec2 colors
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Are you looking for a 3D printer for beginners? Whether for yourself or as a Christmas present for your children, for example, the Kokoni EC2 is an interesting 3D printer for beginners with its simple all-around carefree concept, fast printing speed, and ready-to-use models. nextpit has the details for you.

The field of 3D printers is enormously complex and the choice is huge—and yes, this now also applies to the price point of around $260 at which Kokoni plays. The EC2 sets very clear priorities: With its closed shape, it is particularly suitable for children, as the risk of injury from the hot print head, for example, is virtually non-existent. The noise level is also quite low at 50 dB, and the already low odor nuisance is even lower. What's more, the compact FDM printer comes fully assembled - you can get started almost immediately after plugging it in.

Kokoni EC2 product image
Want to get started right away? Then buy the Kokoni EC2 with at least one spool of PLA filament and you'll be ready to go in just a few minutes. Incidentally, the filament is available in white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and pink. / © Kokoni

The 3D models themselves are transferred to the printer via the app. Here you will find a gallery with over 2,000 models, and the manufacturer promises new toys every week. The focus here is really on user-friendliness—you don't have to familiarize yourself with slicers, printing temperatures etc. before you can get started. However, if you want to try your hand at Blender or browse Thingyverse & Co. you can also upload and print your own models.

With a maximum print size of 100 x 100 x 60 mm, the Kokoni EC2 is actually primarily aimed at smaller toys. Sure, with a Creality Ender 3 you have a larger print space, but the 3D printer is neither suitable for children nor for beginners. It all depends on what you want. With a minimum layer thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 mm, the Kokoni EC2 is in the typical entry-level segment.

Kokoni EC2 model ready
If you want multi-colored models like the one shown here, you will either have to wield a brush or glue several individual prints together. / © Kokoni

The print speed of 100 mm per second is also suitable for children. According to the manufacturer, printing an average model takes 20 minutes and should not keep impatient kids in suspense. However, multi-colored printing is not possible—so if you want colorful models, you either have to print them in several individual parts and glue them together or paint them with matching colors after printing.

Kokoni EC2 app screenshots
With its user-friendly app, the Kokoni EC2 is also suitable for children and beginners. / © Kokoni

The PLA printing material sold by Kokoni itself comes in special cassettes. Compared to the commercially available spools, the material may be more expensive, but it is also foolproof. If you want to save money here, you can also unscrew the cassettes and roll up new filaments yourself. On a positive note, PLA, which is made from corn and is commonly used in 3D printers, is CO2-neutral, biodegradable, and food-safe.

In addition to access to over 2,000 3D models and, of course, your own creations, the app also offers a few special functions. For example, you should be able to convert a selfie of yourself into a 3D model. The application also wants to turn simple doodles into 3D models. The idea is certainly nice, but certainly not a killer feature, as you can see in this video from YouTuber RisingApe. Even more exciting is the 720p camera integrated in the print room, which allows you to monitor the printing progress from a distance—and which spits out time-lapse videos of the creation process.

The bottom line is that the Kokoni EC2 appeals to a very specific target group—namely children, teenagers, or adults who are taking their first steps with 3D printers and want to get started in a really uncomplicated way. And for them, the Kokoni EC2 is of course also a nice and—as far as child-friendly 3D printers go—comparatively inexpensive Christmas present. Blender professionals and handicraft freaks will certainly find more powerful alternatives for the same money.

This article is part of a cooperation between nextpit and Kokoni. This cooperation has no influence on the editorial opinion of nextpit.

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