Moto likes modders: how to unlock the Moto E bootloader

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Motorola just keep on doing things right. First they released a smartphone like no one had seen before in the Moto X, then they near single-handedly reinvented what consumers should expect for their dollar with the Moto G. To top that feat they then destroyed the price line of what a near-stock Android device (that is actually faster than the Galaxy S5) could be with the launch of the Moto E. And now they're embracing the community of modders that like to play around with their devices by adding the Moto E to their Bootloader Unlock program.

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The Moto E just became an even better buy if you want to try out new ROMs. / © NextPit

By allowing the Moto E's bootloader to be officially and easily unlocked, Motorola has put the device on the radar for those that like to flash ROMs and generally mess around with their phone - but that don't want to risk bricking a 700 USD flagship. It also demonstrates a willingness to participate with all levels of the Android community, from those simply wanting a solid, low-cost device to those that are willing to mess one up just to entertain themselves. There's more to this than simple hacking though, as unlocking a bootloader and flashing custom ROMs often becomes the only means of getting new firmware updates after OEMs abandon their handsets, as we've just seen with the international Galaxy S3.

Motorola continue to take steps in the right direction, and we're loving it. / © NextPit

Moto E's destined for the US, Canada, Latin America and Europe will be officially unlockable, essentially making the Moto E the official partner of modders and tweakers worldwide. Previously, Motorola bootloaders were a difficult nut to crack, but with the Bootloader Unlock program, Motorola are accepting that owners want to have complete control over their devices, and the more that OEMs can do to accommodate this, the better. Well played, Moto. 

Just head to Motorola's customer assistance site for more information.

Are you checking out the Moto E? Would you be more tempted to try out custom ROMs and tweaking if you could do it for such a low price?

Via: Pocket Now Source: Motorola

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  • Kris Carlon May 21, 2014 Link to comment

    I think keeping a warranty on a device this cheap isn't as important as the simplicity of unlocking the bootloader (for modders anyway), but still, it's yet another nice thing for Motorola to do!

    • My1 May 21, 2014 Link to comment

      well for non-rich users who can't buy a phone after every little problem it's way better having it...

      • Kris Carlon May 22, 2014 Link to comment

        Of course, you're right. But for the price of this phone...I know people who spend more on a concert ticket!

      • My1 May 22, 2014 Link to comment

        you get a true story on that.
        just wanted to say.

  • Johnny May 20, 2014 Link to comment

    " Unless you have a Developer Edition device, once you get the unlock code, your device is no longer covered by the Motorola warranty; in other words, please don't blame us if things go wrong, even if they appear unrelated to unlocking the bootloader."

  • My1 May 20, 2014 Link to comment

    and the best thing afaik you dont even lose your warranty with an unlocked moto...

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