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How to root an Android device without voiding the warranty

How to root an Android device without voiding the warranty

If you're a regular reader of AndroidPIT, you've probably spotted lots of guides on how to root Android. If you're not an Android expert, the idea of messing with your system can be a bit intimidating, though, and the warnings about messing up and bricking devices can put many people off what's actually a pretty simple and useful task. The excellent iRoot app makes rooting your device a one-click affair, and you don't need to worry about voiding the warranty on your device either. 

root samsung galaxy s5 2
 Rooting your device isn't as scary as you might think, and it makes your phone more customizable. © NextPit

Note: This procedure is only available for devices that are running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, but not Lollipop: the iRoot software in this tutorial is compatible with Android up to version 4.4. This also works on devices that have built-in security software, such as Samsung’s Knox.

Forget the cumbersome procedures like having to use Odin, searching for flashable recoveries, and all the rest. Once your device is recognized (in a database of over 8,000 devices), the iRoot will enable permissions using root exploits and will do it all with a simple click of the button.

Software Required

  • iRoot (formerly VRoot): PC Software that will do everything for you
  • Drivers of your device installed on your PC. The easiest way to get them is by using the management software that comes with your device (Kies for Samsung, Sync for HTC, etc) or searching on the internet for your appropriate model

How to root Android

  1. First, if you’ve got a Samsung phone with Knox enabled, make sure that you go into Settings > Security and disable Lock Reactivation first.
  2. Install and open iRoot (don’t be alarmed by the Chinese characters, all the important stuff is in English)
  3. Make sure that you have USB Debugging Active on your device. You can enable this by going into Developer Options and enabling this setting. If you don’t have Developer Options showing in your Settings, enable this by going into About Phone and tapping on Build Number seven times.
  4. Connect your device to your PC.
  5. iRoot will look for your device in the database and if recognized, the root button will appear.
  6. Click Root. The procedure will start after a few seconds and your device may restart.
  7. All done! You can check to see if you successfully got root permission by using the Root Checker application that is available in the Google Play Store.
    The app formerly known as VRoot makes it easy to root your device. / © iRoot

Enabling SuperSU

By default, when you use iRoot, there is another program that handles superuser privileges on your now rooted device. If you’d like to change this for the amazingly popular SuperSU, just use the following steps:

  1. Install SuperSu from the Play Store
  2. Open SuperSU. Superuser permissions will be requested, click on OK or 允许 (the option on the right).
  3. SuperSu will prompt the user to install the SU Binary. Confirm by click ok.
  4. Install Titanium Backup from the Play Store
  5. Open Titanium Backup and freeze the native superuser app that was installed by iRoot.
  6. Reopen SuperSU and reinstall the SU Binary.

There you go! If everything was done properly, you’ll have a rooted device without a modified kernel, which shouldn’t raise any flags in regards to warranty issues. Did you have success using iRoot? Let us know in the comments!

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  • never rooted always had problem, i want to try this out so much with my android phone from another company. thanks man

  • Sorin Oct 29, 2018 Link to comment

    Perfect. I really have a test phone that I'm trying to root, I'm really curious. Thanks.

  • Hey mattio I have 2 questions. The first why in the fook do you write in your article that it will work with 4.0 and higher but not lollipop?

    Take a long look at that statement and tell me why it makes no sense.

    Question number 2: Is there any chance in hell that I or anyone else can go to their phone's settings, scroll down to "About Phone" and find the words lollipop or any other candy/desert ?

    You're not the first one to do this . Its done all the time.

    So could you rectify this by telling me what number has been assigned to lollipop

  • Check blackpearl7855.blogspot.com for rooting

  • Spyware. I'm a rare breed PC shop technician, and this definitely has a history of being known for stealing information. Checked it with eSET nod32

  • Guys do not download this my phone started lagging and the program downloaded virus programs by itself. Now I can't repair it. Thanks... -.-

  • I want to root android one of micromax.... What to do??

  • Yousuf Dec 13, 2015 Link to comment

    Please tell me if I root only for hacking games then if I unroot will I be able to claim my warranty ? Answer fast please...!

  • it would seem I am the only one who can't root the phone using iRoot? tried twice no result!

  • Said the same thing about kingroot,now I can't get it out of my phone.will not uninstaller and the guy brought along hitchhiker,in the dorm of malware.now phone is on the blink?????????

    • Try to go to download mode (Power off phone and press volume down + home button + power button) and then install odin, twrp recovery and you stock rom on your pc. Go to odin and connect your phone and flash the twrp (.tar) file thru the AP slot. After its finished, boot into recovery and choose "Wipe" > Advanced Wipe and select all things. then wipe. After that boot into download mode again and now flash the stock rom to your device (if u dont know how just look up on the web). Then you should get the setup screen after rebooting.

  • Anyone please reply will this void my warranty or not?

  • Hi, if i root my mobile with this will i lose my warranty or not? Please Reply fast thanks

    • Jim V Nov 13, 2015 Link to comment

      Technically, yes, it will void your warranty. If you need to use your warranty and the reason isn't preventing you from returning it factory defaults then you would be ok because they would never know. However, if the reason for your warranty claim is due to a faulty part that is needed to return to factory defaults like a faulty volume button, faulty USB port that causes the phone to not be recognized by your computer, etc then you are screwed.

      • Atlast someone replied i was waiting for someone to reply thank you so much @Jim V i want to root my mobile its important but first i wanted to make sure that i dont lose warranty but now i know i will lose my warranty like u said they will never know that i rooted.I have 2 years warranty that's y i asked that will it void my warranty or not.thanks soo much😊

      • Maybe what you can do is just buy a cheap android phone (without carrier) and root the cheap phone

  • Iroot is spyware. Now head over to the XDA Forums to figure out how to get it back off.

  • Little confused here read all of comments about lollipop can you or can't you root this operating system I have a Verizon note 4 thanks

  • hi,i have a Prestigio PSP3502 DUO, wich software is recomended to root it,please ???? thanx a lotta...!

  • please read the opening paragraphs.. this root
    → does not work with lollipop ←

  • How can I save this article

  • I can't root my asus Fonepad 375 running lollipop with any program. Please help!!!

    •   18
      Deactivated Account Dec 17, 2015 Link to comment

      As already mentioned in this article that you can't root device which is on Lollipop. You have to explore more rooting apps.

  • Ótimo! Também tem o KingRoot fácil demais

  • This Bothers me and it is a great concern about the competency and integrity of androidpit. This is a "Rooting" procedure. The author is really lasse faire about its simplicity yet I saw one comment that had success. There are a zillion inquiries plus the author says to leave comments and NOT ONE RESPONSE. THERES A SPAMMER ON THIS THREAD. IS THERE NO MOD? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE AT ANDROIDPIT DOING?YOU JUST SLAP TOGETHER THESE ARTICLES AND TUTORIALS FOR WHAT? YOU GUYS GET YOUR FREE PHONES OUT OF IT THEN TO HELL WITH WHATEVER IS LEFT IN YOUR WAKE? THERE IS NO RESPONSIBILITY HERE WHATSOEVER

  • Can it also root Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 running Android Lollipop 5.0.1??

  • didn't work on a nexus 6.

  • Wouldn't rooting in general break the FIPS-140-2 compliance and exploit security vulnerability for device encryption? I've been using Motorola phones for years as many of them use the 256bit AES algorithm for the cryptography kernel module.

  • And I have the lgg3 viest

  • Wat does rerouting. Do for u and it is a good thing to do ?

  • Well I was going to try this on my Note 4 but it looks like in all the comments that it doesn't work for any phone that people tried it on,I still might try it later tonight and I will comment on this post to let everyone know if it worked on my AT&T NOTE 4 WITH 5.0.1 LOLLIPOP ON IT...

  • Please help me with this root system.. I'm using Sony Z3 with lollipop upgraded...????

  • How do you get it back to lollipop if your phone has to go to the store? An Works this also with a mac? Thank you

  • SE for android status
    what does it mean

    • Hey there!
      I know there are three types of of SE for Android statuses:

      **Enforcing - means that SE for Android is enforcing the loaded policy. Therefore, your device is actively protected from security threats and malicious apps will be denied access.

      **Permissive - means that SE for Android policy file is loaded, but your device is not enforcing it. Therefore, if a malicious app tries to access a resource that it is not allowed to, the access will be logged but not prevented. This mode is usually intended for testing and debugging . It generates log files of denied app and allows Samsung to identify new app threats and update its policy files.

      **Disabled - means that SE for Android infrastructure is not enabled, and there is no policy file loaded. Thereafter, log files are not generated and your system is vulnerable to security threats.

      Hope I have clarified your doubts, :D

  • i have galaxy grand 2 (jellybean 4.3) i tried to root my phone using odin and failed. will this work in my device? ty

    • Hey there bro, you can find plenty of ways of rooting your device, just visit our website on hackdroid.net on go to the "UNIVERAL ROOT" menu. Hope I have helped a little

  • I have a new HTC Desire 826 (Lollipop 5.0.2) and a Lenovo P780 (Kit Kat,). I tried this on the Lenovo and it worked, but on the HTC it failed.

    • Hey there, you can find plenty of ways of rooting your device, just visit our website on hackdroid.net on go to the "UNIVERAL ROOT" menu. Hope I have helped a little

  • Sad to say, it dosn´t work on my device... Sony Xperia z2, Android 4.4.4....

  • sami Mar 11, 2015 Link to comment


  • I just wanna root my phone so i can use the freedom hack on shadow fight 2. Its a samsung Galaxy S3, kitkat 4.4.2. Will this work?

    • Hey there, I was wondering if you have already figured out how to 'root' your phone? If not, please can you tell me your Galaxy S3 Kernel, Baseband, and Model? I want to help. :)

  • kdisn Dec 27, 2014 Link to comment

    Tried this on my Galaxy Tab 4 with no luck :c
    waited a long time and it ended up saying that the root failed, aw darn.
    guess I'll try another way? I'm just worried about voiding the warranty because I just got my tab a few days ago and if I root it then I'm worried I'll be screwed if something messes up.

  • Is that thing working for Allwinner A31-based SoC devices?

  • Ishan Dec 2, 2014 Link to comment

    If i root my phone micromax unite 2
    Can it be unroot
    Because i just bought a phone and i dont want to loose its warranty....

  • I've tried Vroot, towelroot, autoroot and saferoot. None of them have been able to root my Galaxy S3 running Android 4.4.2. sucks!

    • Hey there, I was wondering if you have already figured out how to 'root' your phone? If not, please can you tell me your Galaxy S3 Kernel, Baseband, and Model? I want to help. :)

  • I tried to root my G500M Samsung S5 followiing the instructions, but when the rooting finishes i receive a message to retry. Idid so, but rootchecker says the phone is not rooted. can you help? tks

  • how to fix invalid imei and internet on samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N9006 clone made in korea please help me to slove this problem please.... TQ

  • Hello my name is adrian and I just bought a new phone blu life one I like it just rooted the phone but can't find a recovery rom for it or custom rom please help thank you.

  • Do you still need to back-up everything on your phone ?

  • Yeah sure, thanks Philipp

  • Thanks a lot for the extensive explanation Philip!

    I have no intention to gamble with Sony device either :-) . But the low internal memory limits my smartphone very much. Just want to get a root permission so that l can install apps on external storage. Don't want to install custom ROM at all.
    And also I read in xda forum that one click rooting softwares are under suspicion of security risks.

    • My1 Jul 16, 2014 Link to comment

      well they are and will always be marked with risks since if not some "tech-blind" idiots will try them do everything wrong brick the device and try to sue the dev...
      so be sure to ckeck that the model fits and follow every step as close as possible.

  • Can I unroot it later..?
    Using Xperia M dual

    • My1 Jul 14, 2014 Link to comment

      revoking the root rights is no problem in itself but the question you wanna ask is whethe the crutial DRM Data from Sony which
      a) says to sony that you modified your device.
      b) when it's not there some sony apps wont work.
      well there are solututions.
      usually it only kills itself on Bootloader unlock whiich gives more extenssive rights as installing custom ROMs. but if you only root your phone without (accidentially) open the BL you can use apps like TA Manager or alike to Backup the so-called TA Partition (which contains the aforementioned DRM data)
      no guarantees or anythig, since I havent "played" with sony devices yet...

  • So how do I download this file? I have made several attempts and it has failed each time!

  • MAD Jul 8, 2014 Link to comment

    Can you unroot if you want to go back to stock?

    • My1 Jul 8, 2014 Link to comment

      depends on your device and how they are secured, some have some way to detect that they were rooted (like a flag or deleted DRM files/whatnot) and let some apps not run...

  • I Can Root My Xperia S jelly bean Its bootloader not unlock and this software will work lock & unlock bootloader plzz tell me

  • ....or you can use Kingo Root.

  • VRoot is not working on MOTOROLA MOTO G XT1033 Indian version. It detects my device but when i clicked root button it shows rooting and then after some seconds on my device shows "restore data", after 1 second "restore ended" and vroot shows that rooting failed.

  • I also have Knox as an administrator, plus as a separate phone within a phone I sideloaded it as a APK will the root access void those 2 options, thank you in Advance for your response...

  • I also would like to know if and when I root my AT&T Note 3,will I still be able to receive all updates from AT&T, because I still want to use my stock OS, I just want to get rid of the bloat ware??

  • Mattia, so I’ll have a rooted device without a modified kernel when I use this method, will my device still be able to get OTA update?

  • It didn't worked on my gs3 from boost Mobile. SPH L710 kitkat 4.4.2. Just to let you guys know. By the way the S3 is the same as sprint.

    • Tykob Jul 8, 2014 Link to comment

      This is my best guess and I could be 100% wrong. I have a Sprint S3 that I just brought over to the Flash Wireless network. Just by trial and error, it seems that I cannot have a rooted phone and be on the network. I'm guessing Flash cannot support phones with unlocked bootloaders, which is likely a restriction Sprint pushed on them for allowing them to use Sprint's network. I'd assume similar restrictions have been given to the likes of Metro PCS. Hopefully someone else can confirm/correct this info.

  • I am buying a galaxy tab 3 10.1 on thursday I hope it works on that so I can get rid of samsung bloat.

  • My1 Jul 6, 2014 Link to comment

    does this also work with latest Kitkat with latest bootloader on Note 3?
    Obviously WITHOUT rasing Knox flag...

  • In some ways of rooting (like this one), knox doesnt get triggered. However if you want to go ahead and flash a custom recovery, it triggers knox.

    • Hey, are you sure simply rooting the device without installing any custom rom or recovery won't trigger knox? My device is Galaxy Note 3 sm n900.

      • Yeah there are few methods out on xda which help you do so. Just search google for root without triggering knox for your device.

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