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Google Pixel Fold: Everything we know about the foldable smartphone so far

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For the very first time, Google is most likely to release a Pixel Fold or Pixel Foldable later this year: which is basically a Pixel-branded foldable smartphone. Here is where we gather all important information and rumors pertaining to this device, keeping you up to date about price, release, and technical specifications.

  • 2021 will mark the first release of a Google Foldable device.
  • Currently, the Pixel Foldable or Pixel Fold happens to be the most likely names.
  • Most recent information points to a 7.6-inch Samsung display.
  • Spotted under the project name "Passport" in the Android 12 code.

When Google lifts the curtain again this fall and presents us with its new range of Pixel smartphones, there could be a newcomer in addition to the expected Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (as seen in the article image above): The Google Pixel Foldable or Pixel Fold! The official name has yet to be decided though. As things stand at this point in time, it seems certain that a foldable smartphone from Cupertino will most probably debut later this year.

"Passport" makes an appearance in the Android 12 source code

To date, facts about the Pixel Fold(able) remain sparse, even though rumors surrounding this device have been around for a really long time. In fact, back in 2019, Google themselves mentioned that they were working on prototypes, and it was last year when the code-name "Passport" surfaced. This differs from the company's usual code-names, which normally gain inspiration from marine life and are used to identify Pixel smartphones.

Most recently, this name also appeared in the Android 12 beta source code which further fueled speculation that we are indeed going to see this device debut later this year. In the source code, four models were mentioned, and they are most likely the Pixel 5A 5G, the two Pixel 6 smartphones, and an unknown device of which it is most likely to be the Foldable.

Bear in mind that this information is still a rumor as nothing official has been announced yet, so even a mention in the Android 12 source code doesn't necessarily mean the device is right around the corner.

Technical specifications: Samsung to produce the display?

Unlike the two regular models, virtually nothing else is known about the Pixel Foldable from a technical viewpoint yet. Recently, South Korean industry magazine TheElec reported that we will most likely see a 7.6-inch panel from Samsung that will be incorporated. From the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the whole world knows that the South Korean conglomerate is currently ahead of the game when it comes to such foldable display technology.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy fold test foto 28
Like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Pixel Fold is said to carry a display that folds outwards / © NextPit

Fittingly, TheElec mentions that Samsung won't just be supplying displays for this Google smartphone, but will also do so for its own range of models. In addition, Xiaomi and Vivo are also said to have foldable devices in their respective product pipelines that too, will rely on Samsung's foldable display technologies. The Google Pixel Foldable was explicitly mentioned to be an "in-fold" panel, which means it could be opened up like a book.

This rumor also mentioned that Google is not only looking to use Samsung's foldable display but has also expressed interest in Samsung's Ultra-Thin-Glass technology. While that cannot be verified just yet, it would obviously make sense in such a context.

Further details on the remaining technical specifications are unknown, but one can safely assume that Google will also rely on similarly powerful hardware for its Foldable at the very least, to be on par with its standard-issue Pixel models. That would include the "GS101", which is Google's very own processor, that is tipped to arrive on the Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Release date: Google Pixel Foldable to debut this October 2021?

The above report mentioned October as the month when Samsung will begin producing this display for the Google Foldable device. Bearing that in mind, it is also conceivable that Google could unveil this Foldable device alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro during its annual hardware launch event.

However, it's also clear that even if this foldable were to be showcased at this "Made by Google" event, which usually happens each October, one should not expect to see it be made available on the markets right away. Hence, you should be prepared to see the Foldable go on sale by the end of the year at the earliest, and possibly not until we enter 2022. Incidentally, we can also expect the number of manufactured foldable devices to be far lower compared to their regular Pixel range.

Currently, the list of unknowns remains far longer than what we do already know. Nonetheless, we will keep you abreast of the most recent developments here, listing down rumors and other new information. Of course, we would also love it if you would tell us in the comments whether you are expecting this Foldable to be announced at this October's event, and what do you think about this device.

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