Have you already found these Google Easter Eggs?

Have you already found these Google Easter Eggs?

The Easter holidays are upon us, and some of you may be hunting for eggs out in the bushes. In the tech world, an Easter Egg refers to a secret hidden in a program, piece of media, app or game, usually a joke. Google is a big fan of these, and as we kick back, relax and slide into a chocolate coma, we'd like to remind you of some entertaining Easter eggs you can find in the everyday Google Search and Assistant. Have fun with these little secrets!

Easter eggs in Google Search

  • Those who want a short diversion can find some hidden games in Google search. Just type "Pacman", "Snake", "Atari", "Breakout," "Solitaire," "Minesweeper" or "Tic Tac Toe" in the search bar and off you go! StarCraft fans will also get a kick out of "Zerg Rush".
  • A very special Easter Egg is available with this formula in Google search: 1.2+ (sqrt (1- (sqrt (x ^ 2 + y ^ 2)) ^ 2) + 1 - x ^ 2-y ^ 2) * (sin (10,000 * (x * y 3 + / 5 + 7)) + 1/4) from -1.6 to 1.6
  • Who buys for Easter brunch? What do you want to order in the evening? To make such decision-making easier, simply type "coin toss" into the Google search.
  • Is the Internet connection good enough to stream your favorite movie? Internet speed can be measured using the keyword "Speed ​​Test".
  • What does an anteater sounds like? How about an alpaca? Entering "animal noises" in the search bar provides animal sounds for listening.
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Pssst...want more Google Easter eggs? Try / © NextPit

5 Easter eggs in Google Assistant 

  1. Is it someone's special day? "Ok Google, sing Happy Birthday" 
  2. "Ok Google, what's up?" Google Assistant is ready with some interesting facts about the current date.
  3. Get some inspiration for your shower thoughts with "Ok Google, I'll go take a shower now."
  4. Who hasn't always wanted to be a superhero or superheroine? Google Assistant will reveal your potential with the request "Ok Google, give me a super power".
  5. Some music anyone? Try "Ok Google, drop a beat for me" and Google Assistant will play beats from hip-hop master himself: Samy Deluxe.
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Your Google Home might have a few jokes for you. / © NextPit

 Did you already know these Google Easter eggs? Share any others you know in the comments!

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