Could the Huawei P20 compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9?

Could the Huawei P20 compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9?

With the absence of HTC, Huawei, LG, and Lenovo, Samsung used the Mobile World Congress as an opportunity to quietly present its new high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+. And let’s just say right away that the South Korean manufacturer shined bright that week, despite the fact that there were no game-changing innovations. Fortunately for us, Huawei will be the first manufacturer to react at the end of the month with the presentation of their new flagships. But will they pose a threat to Samsung’s dominance of the market?

We already wrote about this topic in the weeks leading up to MWC. The Barcelona show was a perfect opportunity for Samsung to showcase itself. The world leader took advantage of the other manufacturers’ absence to show that it was the manufacturer most equipped to compete with Apple’s iPhone in terms of sales. Without really having any novel features, the Galaxy S9 appears nevertheless like one of the best smartphones at the moment.

Huawei is preparing its response

But the competition hasn’t yet had its last word, and it will have some additional time to prepare its response. Huawei will be the first to strike. The brand has invited the press to Paris on March 27 to present its new Huawei P20, which will replace the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. The event should be important, as the Chinese manufacturer has decided to privately book the Grand Palais for the occasion. This year, the company approached the event knowing that MWC was reserved for Samsung. And to prevent its new smartphones from being overlooked, Huawei decided to postpone its launch.

In addition to a big show, the Chinese manufacturer should present some interesting new features in its flagships. Although last year the manufacturer didn’t present anything especially original, this year could be somewhat different. According to the latest rumors, the new Huawei P20 will come with a notch just like the Essential Phone, iPhone X or other recent smartphones presented at MWC. What a nice way to seduce iPhone fans users as well Android users.

huawei p20 pro winfuture
This is what the new Huawei P20 Pro should look like. / © Huawei vía Winfuture

The complete camera package

Year after year, Huawei has perfected its products and built its line with special attention to photography. Their partnership with Leica in their previous versions proved this to be the case. For the first time this year, Huawei will offer three rear photo sensors, and two of them have an f/1.6 aperture. The third sensor has an f/2.4 aperture on its top model, the P20 Pro. It also has the option of having a zoom X3 (with focal lengths of 27 and 80 mm).

The three sensors should be able to capture up to twice as much light as the previous generation and should be accompanied by automatic scene recognition and intelligent parameter management using artificial intelligence.

Nothing to envy (except the image)

The Huawei P20 will have no reason to envy Samsung smartphones in terms of technical features. Under the hood, the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro should carry the latest Kirin 970 processor (with artificial intelligence), which is already used on the Mate 10 Pro and the Honor View 10. The more premium version would also offer 6 GB of RAM and a 4000 mAh battery. Huawei’s P series devices should also finally receive certification for water-resistance and dust-resistance.

In the European market, the prices for the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro are somewhat more affordable than the prices for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The prices in the American market have still not been released, but we can probably expect this trend to follow suit in the US. To give you a general idea, the following European prices for the P20 were revealed:

Converted to US dollars, that'd be around $835 for the P20, $1,110 for the P20 Pro, and $455 for the P20 Lite. Flagships (like the Galaxy S9) tend to be released at lower prices in the US, so we can expect the new Huawei flagships to be somewhat more affordable than these numbers would suggest.

To conclude, the only element that Huawei may still be lacking in comparison to Samsung is the manufacturer’s image. There are still a lot of misconceptions about the manufacturers and Huawei is still regarded as the Chinese manufacturer whose products have a small following and are poorly optimized (not to mention the high DAS). It’s not easy for the company to rid itself of its reputation. Samsung has already been through this in its competition with the iPhone. There’s no reason why Huawei can’t also overcome these issues.

So what do you think? Can the Huawei P20 be a worthy competitor against the Galaxy S9?

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  •   16
    Deactivated Account Mar 20, 2018 Link to comment

    samsung devices are at least stable. huawei devices are unusable to me because of the unstable software and firmware. i'll probably never own another huawei phone. hardware is great, though.

  • Around the globe, possibly. In the USA, won't happen. People in the USA are still use to buying phones from "a carrier". Walk into AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and what do you typically see? Apple/Samsung. If you want a phone, people don't like paying full retail...they are still use to subsidized phones with a 2 year contract. Since the contract part has sort of gone by the wayside, they carriers came up with a different idea. No interest on the phone for a 24 month plan (gee, 2 years)...overpriced cell phone plans, locked in for 2 years (unless you pay the phone off early). Unless you can get your phone "branded" by a carrier in the USA, it's hard to break down the overpriced Apple/Samsung duopoly. I've had 3 Huawei phones. Mate2,8,9 Love them all. Good value, EXCELLENT battery life. The tit for tat with the FCC didn't help Huawei in the USA. At least you can get them from Best Buy, Amazon and the like, but, for whatever reason, people still think you have to go to a carrier store to buy a phone, and there you will be pushed into an overpriced Samsung or Apple device.

  • I don't see the big advantage regarding the hardware. The software is the choice between the plague and cholera, both can't compete with the Pixel phones. So in the end Huawei got the better value, but people will still buy Samsung because it's Samsung.

  • Samsung seem to overprice there S9 models,so will Huawei offer better options than what Samsung offered,been missing the home button on the S8 plus after been so use to using it for so long on Samsung phones,so if Huawei will offer this might give the P20 phone a chance,but will the offer of 3 cameras put more added value of these new phones

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