The best apps and gadgets Santa needs

The best apps and gadgets Santa needs

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he has some favorite apps and gadgets that he can't do without at this time of the year. Some of these might also help you get through the holiday season too. See the list below for a few of Santa's essential tech tools.

Where did I park my sleigh?

MyCar Locator

Santa doesn't drive his sleigh, he flies it. So, he has no use for Google Maps or Waze. His main concern isn't directions or traffic - it's finding where he last parked his sleigh! Can you imagine? At Christmas he has to park his sleigh in every single neighborhood on Earth. How is he supposed to remember where he left it? That's why he needs this app to help him keep track of his sleigh.

MyCar Locator is a free app that uses your phone's GPS to remember where you parked your car or sleigh.

Wireless headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35

Santa hangs out in the sleigh while the reindeer steer, that way he can safely play on his phone while flying around the world. Which is great; he has a lot of ground to cover and all that travelling can get a little boring. One of his favorite things to do is listen to Christmas playlists on Spotify. So he's been rocking noise-cancelling Bluetooth wireless headphones for a few years now, since the wired ones didn't make any sense with the windy sleigh ride. 

His favorite pair at the moment are the Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.

When the sleigh breaks down...

Hertz RentACar

It's happened once or twice over the years; the sleigh breaks down on Christmas Eve and has to go to the shop for repairs. What does Santa do while the elves get everything working again? Since gifts have to be delivered to children no matter what, Santa rents a car when he's in the US. He uses the handy app from Hertz RentACar. The app helps Santa find Hertz locations across America, and offers discounts and quick access to Roadside Assistance in case there are any issues along the way.

In-flight entertainment

Angry Birds Go!

I bet you didn't know that Santa was an Angry Birds fan. Well, lately his favorite game to play in between delivering gifts across the globe is Angry Birds Go!, a free-to-play racing game from Rovio, the team that brought us the original Angry Birds. Santa is an old guy, so the shallow learning curve also made it easy and fun to get to grips with. It looks like a cartoon with neatly cel-shaded graphics and plays something like Mario Kart. It features a number of different modes, such as avoiding obstacles, racing others, crashing through a predetermined number of items, and boss chases.

androidpit best android racing games 6
Angry Birds Go feels a bit like a Mario Kart title. / © NextPit

Heart rate monitor and smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3

Santa puts on a few pounds every Christmas from all the cookies and milk that are left out for him. So this year he got himself a new Samsung Gear S3 with a heart rate monitor to help his keep an eye on his health. The Gear S3 also has a wireless charging dock, which he likes to keep in his workshop when he's not on the go. He wears the Frontier version with a silicone band, rather than the Classic one as its leather band doesn't hold up as well in the wet snow. Santa's preferences aside, both models are IP68 certified so they are dust and water-resistant.

The Gear S3 can be dunked into 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes at a time, so it can handle the North Pole slush. An added bonus is the brightness of the Super AMOLED display means that, even in direct sunlight and bright white snowy days, the content on the display is legible. Santa connects his Bluetooth Bose headphones to the Gear S3 and uses it as an MP3 player, too.

Which of Santa's gadgets is your favorite? Do you think you could beat Santa at Angry Birds Go? Tell us in the comments!

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