Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid RAZR: Which is the Better Smartphone?

Galaxy Nexus vs. Droid RAZR: Which is the Better Smartphone?


Galaxy Nexus and the Droid RAZR- they're two of the most hyped Androids around.  But which is the better choice?

Assuming the Droid RAZR receives an Android Ice Cream Sandwich update soon after launch, both are similarly slim, sleek, powerful and capable. We've asked colleagues who have played around with both devices and here are their opinions on how the two devices stack up against each other.


Both the Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus sport Super AMOLED screens, although the Galaxy Nexus beats the Droid RAZR in both resolution (1280x720 vs 960x540) and size (4.65" vs. 4.3"). Besides the impressive specs, the Galaxy Nexus just looks sharper and brighter than the Droid RAZR. WINNER: Galaxy Nexus


This one's a toughie to compare. Technically, the Droid RAZR beats the Galaxy Nexus in the camera department (8MP to 5MP) but, as we know, numbers aren't everything and the Galaxy Nexus seems to have a really stellar light sensor and is fantastic at 1080p video recording. With Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Nexus can take photos in rapid succsion with virtually no shutter lag. While the Droid RAZR will receive Android Ice Cream Sandwich soon after the Nexus line of phones, there's reason to believe it might not work as well as on a system literally designed around ICS. We're going to have to tentatively award first prize to the Galaxy Nexus. WINNER: Galaxy Nexus

Processor and RAM:

This one is a definite tie. Both the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid RAZR are powered by Texas Instruments' OMAP 4460 processor and both posess dual-core 1.2GHz processors. RAM space is also identical: 1GB for both. WINNER: Both phones.


You can't beat being a Google-designed Android Ice Cream Sandwich device. You just can't. Even after being updated, the Droid RAZR probably won't run ICS as fast and smooth as the Galaxy Nexus. And, as we all know, the wait for a new operating system can be arduous. When you pick up a Galaxy Nexus, you're picking up a phone with features like face recognition, offline GMail search, and Instant Voice to Text usable from the moment you walk out the store doors. WINNER: Galaxy Nexus.


Galaxy Nexus has NFC, Droid RAZR does not. Besides the promise of future inclusion in the Google Wallet program, NFC brings other benefits, most notably access to Android Beam. With Android Beam, you can share map addresses, websites and contact information simply by placing your Galaxy Nexus next to another NFC-enabled device. Droid RAZR, on the other hand, has full-output HDMI, allowing you to stream movies from your phone to your TV. Which feature is more impressive? It's subjective. If you plan on downloading lots of movies to your device or want to have slide shows on your TV, the Droid RAZR is the phone to choose, but if you're more interested in bumping phones and trading info and possible future inclusion in Google Wallet, you can't beat the Galaxy Nexus. WINNER: Both.

Design and Durability:

Here's where the Droid RAZR shines: with a Kevlar backing, scratch and water-resistant screen and an incredibly thin frame (just 7.1mm compared to the Galaxy Nexus' 8.94mm), the Droid RAZR is the clear winner. We're guessing this could be a deciding factor for many people, especially those who feel nostalgic for the slim profile of their old RAZR cell phones. The Droid RAZR is an absolutely stunning device. WINNER: Droid RAZR.


The Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus have similar-sounding batteries (1750mAh and 1750, respectively) but numbers aren't everything and we still don't know how big of a battery hog the competing phones are. We'll really have to test this one to know. But the fact that the Galaxy Nexus has a removable battery is a big plus. WINNER: TBD.

Overall Winner: Galaxy Nexus


For many folks, there is no competition: the Galaxy Nexus will be the one to buy. After all, it's been designed to work effortlessly with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it's got an incredible camera and NFC features you can't find on just any phone. It also rocks an incredibly rich display. But for those looking for an incredibly strong, durable, thin and beautiful device, the Droid RAZR is hard to beat especially given the veritable fleet of razr accessories. It literally has a bullet-proof shell! Outside the Android fanboy realm, it'll no doubt be interesting to see which device becomes the most popular with the casual consumer but for us, the answer is clear: the Galaxy Nexus just has too many extra features at launch to pass up. Even when the Droid RAZR gets ICS, the Galaxy Nexus will still have a better display and sports the added feature of NFC technology. WINNER: Galaxy Nexus

For the serious gear heads, here's the full head-to-head specs chart:

And, don't forget, we've got exclusive hands-on videos with both devices:

Exclusive Hands-On Video with Droid RAZR, More Info About ACTV

[Video] AndroidPIT's Exclusive Hands-On Video with the Galaxy Nexus

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  • well okay but pls dont just forget that the razr has the cabability to dock in to the lbdock so you have a linux powered netbook... imho a great and dont to underistemate thing