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600 games for $10: Help war victims with the Bundle for Ukraine

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"Bundle for Ukraine" is the name of a package with almost 1,000 itens. Games for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android are included, as well as books and soundtracks. The purchase price - 10 US dollars - is not only extremely fair but also serves a good purpose:

I like to recommend a free game for NextPit's daily tip every once in a while. But today I will suggest you to spend a little sum for a good cause. We're talking about the "Bundle for Ukraine", which will cost you at least ten US dollars and brings you almost 1,000 pieces of content. The money will be donated to victims of the war in Ukraine. I'll give you a brief introduction to the project:

Bundle for Ukraine - almost 1000 items for a tenner!

It is a fundraising campaign that can already be considered a complete success: The "Bundle for Ukraine" will be offered for ten days on the indie game platform One million dollars was the original goal, now 2.2 million US dollars have already been collected! Over 700 creative minds are providing a total of 992 of their content there. This includes 573 games, but also rulebooks for tabletop RPGs, soundtracks, tools, books and comics.

Bundle for Ukraine
Nearly 1000 pieces of content, including over 500 games for $10.

Android is somewhat thinly represented with 28 games. Most of the content, over 500 games, is for Windows. However, the Mac and Linux factions are also well catered for. But that's not the point at all in this case. It's about a fundraiser that is supposed to benefit the people in Ukraine. The site says that game developers want to create new worlds - and we have to watch our world being destroyed.

That's why this package of indie games was created, and more and more companies, programmers and artists have joined in. So now this "Bundle for Ukraine" has been created, which all contains paid content. Purchased separately, they would cost more than 6,500 US dollars in total. Here, only a donation of at least ten US dollars is required.

The money raised will be donated in equal parts to two charities:

  • International Medical Corps - an organization that provides medical aid on the ground.
  • Voices of Children - a Ukrainian organization that helps children cope with the horrors of war.

The site goes on to explain that more than 600 of the products have never been included in a major bundle before, and several prominent developers and publishers have signed up with specifically for the promotion. There are also really cool titles included, such as the platformer Celeste, the action role-playing game CrossCode or Towerfall Ascension.

If you want to see what else is included, check out the site. There you can also view the products in the bundle by type and platform. I want to quote one more sentence from the donation page, which is perhaps the most important: "We've kept the minimum amount low, but we strongly encourage you to pay more than the minimum amount if you can afford it."

The average donation is just under $15, with the highest single donation being an incredible $9,000! There are games included that are easily worth the ten dollars all by themselves - and that leaves you with a whopping 500 more!

Bundle for Ukraine
Almost 1000 works, more than 500 games for 10 US Dollar

What do you think about the bundle and the programmers' action? Let us know in the comments!

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