These are the most overrated apps to not get excited about

These are the most overrated apps to not get excited about

The most successful apps simplify our lives. They make us come back because they offer a service that fulfils its promise. Normally, this is something simple, like the best way to read the news or schedule appointments. So when an app fails, it somehow does the opposite of what it should: it makes life more difficult. Here are, in my opinion, the five most overrated apps.

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Let's take a look at some apps that no one should be using. / © ANDROIDPIT


I'd heard a lot about SwiftKey. Recommendations began to pile up for this app. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and gave it a go a few months ago. At first, it was a delight. Swiping merrily around my screen with my opposable digit seemed somehow preferable to tapping. But SwiftKey never really adapted to my typing. Its aggressive autocorrect meant I ended up going back to correct words so much that any time saved in swiping was lost in correcting. The interface lagged pretty frequently. I quickly reverted to Google Keyboard: it's lightweight; it never lags; it looks nicer.

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SwiftKey claims to save you time, but it doesn't. / © ANDROIDPIT

Clean Master 

Making mountains of outlandish promises (boosting performance by 80 percent, hibernating apps to save battery, RAM boosting and CPU cooling), Clean Master is the ultimate example of an app that does not fulfil its promises. Want to save battery, storage space and memory? Don't have a million apps and files on your phone.

Having free RAM isn't going to speed up your phone, anyway, and Android does a fine job on its own of clearing RAM when it's needed.

Clean Master's most useful features (task manager, storage management, cache clearing) have existed in stock Android's Settings menu for years now. And doing it this way avoids the unnecessary bloat and dubiousness of Clean Master.

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 2
Clean Master offers nothing worthwhile that stock Android can't do. / © ANDROIDPIT


Okay, so maybe this one's an easy target at the minute, but the Facebook app offers pretty much nothing to any user that can't be had from a simple web page shortcut added to the home screen. Add a shortcut, allow notifications from Chrome and delete the app to save on RAM and battery consumption and storage space. Alternatively, use Metal, a skin for the web page that functions more like the app, with a notification shade bar.

AndroidPIT Facebook app uninstall
Press on Uninstall. Live a better life. / © ANDROIDPIT

Clash of Clans

Offering a simplistic take on settlement-building strategy games like Age of Empires, Clash of Clans is one way to kill huge quantities of your valuable free time, but when you see it for what it is – an enormous money-spinner – then it becomes a whole lot less appealing. For an app raking in over US$1,000,000 every day, it's hard not to see this timewaster as a hugely overrated sham, chewing up hours of your life for a few dollars in Supercell's pockets.

Complement this with every other Supercell and King game in the Play Store.

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Clash of Clans is something every human life should be without. / © ANDROIDPIT


There are plenty of to-do list apps to choose from, including many excellent free ones. Personally, unless you're the President of the United States of America, I can't see all that much use to be found in the advanced features in a paid app like Todoist or Wunderlist. Why someone would need such an in-depth organization of daily tasks and not require the employment of a personal assistant is beyond me. The only excuse I can think of is if you're like this guy and simply obsessed with organizing things for the sake of it.

I've always managed just fine with Google Calendar, sometimes complemented by a free app like Accomplish.

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 1
4 levels of organisational depth are something no normal person needs. / © ANDROIDPIT

Are there are any apps you think are hugely overrated and unnecessary? Or do you think I've been too harsh on some of the apps listed here. Let us know in the comments.

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  • Pascal Mar 7, 2016

    I'm using Swiftkey for a few years now and still think it's the best Android keyboard.

  • Dean L. Mar 8, 2016

    I to have been using SwiftKey for a couple of years and feel that it does a good job of enabling me to type faster.


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  • I disagree about SwiftKey. You can turn off autocorrect in the settings.

  • If Swiftkey wasn't predicting properly for you, then you didn't set it up correctly. Just because you don't know how to use an app doesn't make it over rated.

  • Agree with your story on FB and SwiftKey. Google Keyboard (Marshmallow) has improved so much, that I find it better than SwiftKey, and I've been a user since I paid for the app when it was freemium. Now use Google Keyboard exclusively.

    • I've been happy with SwiftKey for the most part, mainly because the keys are larger and I like the layout choices - but lately there have been little annoyances. I'm not sure if those outweigh the fantastic way SwiftKey adapted to my particular style of writing and speech patterns, though. Its predictions afford me a certain speed advantage.
      But I'll check out the Marshmallow keyboard!

      • I love SwiftKey! It's predict feature works very well for me and so does the swipe function. Other than that, 100% agree with this list. Although after uninstalling FB, I did miss some app functions. I can't directly share something from Instagram, Pintrest, or my gallery. Using the web browser to upload images is a pain that seems to take forever. Almost enough to make me reinstall the app...almost.

  • 100% agree with these choices.

  • We need more articles like this. Everyone covers the best apps, but this is the first time I've run across the other angle. Totally agree with you on the three on your list that I've tried. I've heard enough about the Facebook app that I never downloaded it. So often the hype far outweighs the reality and we end up with thousands of apps bogging down our phones.

    BTW, you used "compliment" and "complement" once each, the former incorrectly.

    Anyway, keep it up!

  • I use SwiftKeys sk neural alpha app and because of its A.I it's brilliant at predictions. Plus I like the ability to customise the layout so I can have a separate number row on top the way I prefer.

  • And also Nova Launcher. There are launchers that are way more customisable and/or unique. And for SwiftKey, can't turn off the annoying popups -> instant uninstall

  • After reading this Looks like Drippler is the most overrated app

  • "How to (try to) make a buzz": take a great app and say it's overrated in an article.
    You don't like SwiftKey's auto-correct? Well, big news: you can turn it off!
    As for the lag, I never experienced it, either on my G4 or my Galaxy S3

  • when i hate a game , i cant say it is not popular ,, this site will lose its reputation this way .. i dont like World of Warcraft but i cant deny that it is very popular ,, you have to be honest writer .. not just saying your opinion is an absolute fact.. this remind me with the fact that American dont like football , but hey the rest of the world do !! are you in another planet ?? please dont be biased..
    Clash of clans player

    • I'm not denying that these apps are popular. The fact that they are popular and acclaimed helps them to be overrated.

      • You are the 1 out of 7 players with this opinion tho. The mass majority are in disagreement with your claims. What ever game you play on the Play Store Mr. Marshall you could turn around and say the same thing about all of them. So why single out Clash of Clans then. Probably you presonally have tried the game and didnt like it and thats fine. But you don't have to be biased based on your opinion of it.

      • I don't mind being in the minority.

        That's great that you like Clash of Clans. I don't doubt you can have fun playing it. I just think it doesn't deserve its popularity and money-making success. I see it as a game created with the sole intent of luring people into purchasing in-game items. And for that reason, I think it's overrated.

      • WIM IM Mar 11, 2016 Link to comment

        the question is , how we know that a certain App or game is overrated?? thanks for replying btw

      • Well, that is subjective. These are apps that I, personally, think are overrated. Many people would naturally disagree with my choices.

      • And the same reason that I quit playing it over a year ago. Very valid point.

      • I beg to differ. Of course CoC does coax you into buying gems with real cash, but it's not impossible to play without. It's actually the fun as a team when you create a clan that makes CoC interesting. It's also a long term game, so you won't get bored that easily.

  • You say Clash of Clans is a "Sham" and a "Money Spinner". To say that about slash of clans is biased as there are alot of games on the Play Store with in app purchases just like Clash of Clans. So you may as well not enjoy the games offered in the play store. Clash of Clans is rated a 4.6 stars by over 20 million 4 and 5 stars alone. Less than 3 million have rated the game with 3 stars or less. So to make your claim against Clash of Clans is laughable I and 20 million others enjoy the game it's addictive. It's fun to play with friends, family, or colleagues especially in a clan setting. I could go on, but I'll stop. Our clan motto is "Go hard or go home!!! War! War! War!" So I'll say that to you Mr. Marshall. LOL

  • I agree about auto-correct with will SwiftKey. I simply turn auto-correct off in settings. I still love SwiftKey.

  • Metal doesn'tbbring up a friend's name for notification the way Facebook does.

  • Any RAM-cleaner, task-cleaner and related apps are a complete waste of time.
    I don't know why there are people who thinks these apps are a must-have, those apps tell promises behind a well-builded GUI and there are people who believes in them.
    These apps consume more RAM than they promised to free.

  • "I've always managed just fine with Google Calendar..." Depends on your job I'm guessing. If you have a complex job with long time spans, definitely need something heartier than Google Calendar or Accomplish. I use Asana (construction/facilities mgmt). For day to day life I like my calendar and Floating Stickies.

    I agree with the others you list. Swiftkey and I never got along.

  • Thanks for the good piece, Chris. I differ with you on SwiftKey. I don't swipe much, I'm a tapper, and I find it more intuitive and accurate than Google Keyboard, Samsung's, or any other I've used.

    You're on point with CleanMaster, ToDoist and Facebook. Nice work!

  • How can you have swiftkey listed on both your "best" and "most overatted" apps lists on articles only separated by 2 days? Love AndroidPIT but might want to coordinate among contributors a little better.

  • Here, SwiftKey and Facebook are overrated apps that "no one should be using", yet both were on the list of "best Android apps" just one day before this article. I know they're from two different AndroidPIT contributors, but that's quite a leap, no?

    • Just my personal opinion here. The most overrated apps, by their very nature, are going to be popular and/or highly acclaimed.

  • I agree with the author with all of those apps... to be honest smartphones in general are completely dumbing down humans.

  • I totally disagree with your SwiftKey comments. I have owned an android device from the beginning and tried multiple keywords and always come back to SwiftKey. Obviously you only tried it for a day or something. SwiftKey is awesome!

  • Luiz Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I really use Todoist a lot and it works very well for me. It is very useful to my work and to my personal notes. I think you have to know how to use it to dind out all the benefits it gives you.
    I also use SwiftKey for a long time and I think it is great. I have tried other keyboards but didn't adapted to them.
    For the same reasons shown in this article for Facebook, AndroidPIT app is not needed. ;-)

  • Addition: most weather apps! Overkill of information in some of these apps, and a mess to look around in. Indeed some could get the price for best designer app, but user friendliness? Forget it.

    Rather open up your chosen browser and type: beta . yr . no

    You're welcome 😊

  • Swiftkey is by far the best keyboard app I've tried and my predictions are spot on.

  • I think Mr. Marshall needs to brush up on the difference between "compliment" and "complement."

  • Any Anti virus software and cache clearing apps are a complete waste of time and resources.

    Some people may find comfort in having a automated system for clearing RAM and temporary files but in reality they just waste more storage space and RAM usage. Android is perfectly adequate in managing the available RAM. Android has settings which allow you to clear temporary files.

    Lastly I've used SwiftKey for years and find its predictions to be spot on, yes it is a little heavy and can crash or hang more than it should but overall it's a good app.

    I find Video player apps to be redundant as I use the very good pre-installed video player app on my excellent Samsung Galaxy S5.

    Photo Gallery apps are again not needed as Google Photos or Samsung Gallery are just fine.

    But the great thing about Android is its customisable and if you prefer different apps or services you can.

    Peace ✌

  • I like SwiftKey because of being able to resize keyboard the bigger the screen the bigger I want it for easier typing

  • I've been a long time user of swiftkey and I'm really happy with it.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Ram boosting cache clearing battery optimising bollox...! these sort of apps seem like a good idea but really are more trouble than their so called performance merit's....

  • Donel Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    SwiftKey sucks. Fleksy is the king. Though, Google Keyboard is nice too.

  • Too good that I dont have any of them

  • You're right. SwiftKey sucks. Fleksy is the best.

  • I'm using Swiftkey for a few years now and still think it's the best Android keyboard.

  • I used to dabble with Clean Master until it ended up bombarding me with annoying alerts and messages I really didn't need. No need to ever download it again, really.

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