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Is the Tesla Cybertruck really the future of electric mobility?

tesla cybertruck seite
© Tesla

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The Tesla Cybertruck is a stainless steel alarm bell to the automotive industry. Anyone who looks at the heap of steel and remembers science fiction films from the past will be frightened. The box truck is a reality and will soon be seen on the streets of this world. But is it also the future of the automobile, or just another novelty from the bubbling idea factory inside Elon Musk's head?

Just a few weeks ago, designers were still trying to get an idea of the new Cybertruck by using as organic forms as possible, but all of them were completely wrong. The angular shape that now characterizes the Cybertruck was not really on the paper. But the design is not the only thing that makes the Cybertruck.

Future design? Only to a limited extent.

Of course, the design is the basis of most of the debate not only online but also in the car industry. Because the Cybertruck looks different than the classic approaches of the traditional manufacturers. But there has always been designer daring on the street. The Ferrari Testarossa and its competitor, Lamborgini Countache, were such cars. Fiat also took a new approach with the Multipla and was at least reasonably successful with it. So the design, as extraordinary and radical as it may be, is not the revolution here. If anything, it's the courage that Tesla shows here that's impressive.

tesla cybertruck konzept
A Cybertruck concept before the final reveal / © behance

Maximum range and driving performance

The Tesla Cybertruck is a powerhouse, especially in its largest version, and will certainly rattle a few cages at the old-established manufacturers when it comes to acceleration and traction. But even here the bigger-is-better mentality is nothing new. All electric motors have the advantage that they have torque from the first revolution on just keep on giving from there. There are also no power holes like in turbo combustion engines. Among other things, Porsche has already discovered this and developed hybrid models that are frightening their petrol brothers.

In this area, it will be much more important whether the off-road capability can keep up with the pure driving performance, among other things through intelligent differentials and chassis settings. This will only be seen when the first vehicles have arrived at the automotive specialists.

tesla cybertruck innen
Minimalistic with two rows of three: the interior of the Cybertruck / © Tesla

Clever solutions are more important than a martialist appearance

So what makes an automobile of the future? You probably won't be able to put thriftiness on the plus side of the Cybertruck. Although the stainless steel monster is electrically driven, such a vehicle consumes a lot more than a light city car. But Musk's ideas about making everything bigger and stronger go beyond the attitude mentioned.

There are little things, like the tailgate, which becomes a ramp as shown at the show. Or the concept of two rows of three seats. In addition, although one cannot ascribe a revolution to design, it promises at least a change. The modular designs of Audi, BMW or Mercedes always have the same elements in all vehicles. It's getting more and more boring. Who wants an Audi A8 that shares the front design with an Audi A1?

One thing above all, however, gives me hope that the Cybertruck can make a difference. Elon Musk has confirmed that they are planning a solar roof for the pickup. This is not a big deal on a small scale, but the Cybertruck brings such an option into a car that has the necessary coolness so that testosterone-controlled powerhouses can finally be environmentally friendly without losing face. The roof is supposed to charge the battery for 15 miles a day in sunlight. That would be 24 km and thus enough for many people to come to work and back home - free of charge.

Tesla is building a bridge for the V8-dependent and muscle car lovers, away from their gasoline destroyers and towards a halfway environmentally friendly drive concept. And on affordable terms. Of course, the starting price of $36,000 does not include a hell of a machine (which costs at least $63,000 for the three engine version) and the autopilot must also be bought for extra. But a Tesla Cybertruck is still cheaper than an Mercedes EQC 400 4Matic.

Tesla Cybertruck: so this is the future of the car?

Personally, I don't believe that the Cybertruck is the future of the car or the truck. But it is one thing: a bridge builder!

The truck has the potential to pick up those who have been betting on the "good old days" so far. And if they don't buy the Cybertruck themselves, but only realize that an electric car is a great alternative even in a niche product like a pickup and offers some advantages over fossil fuel burners, Musk has already achieved something. If not for himself, then at least for the car industry, which is now probably thinking a little differently about "boring" e-cars.

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  • marco sarli 39
    marco sarli
    • Admin
    Dec 4, 2019 Link to comment

    The more I look at it the more I think it is really ugly. Design is also very important. Life is filled with ugly things and I don't feel the need to add another one.

    Deactivated Account

  • 46
    Deactivated Account Dec 4, 2019 Link to comment

    I defiantly think EV's are the way of the future. I do not think they will become mainstream until charging times or range improve drastically. The tesla truck is a good step in the right direction, just not the end of it. I put my 100 buck down on one, because I think it is the best EV so far.

    marco sarli

  • 49
    storm Dec 3, 2019 Link to comment

    I find the design on the dull end of things. But that doesn't mean anything about how it actually performs. If the function is sufficient I would consider it. My particular function is off road and that extra weight could be a problem as well as under body impact concerns. Need to wait and see what and how it actually does things.

    marco sarliDeactivated Account

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