Poll: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most coveted Android smartphone, but...

Poll: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most coveted Android smartphone, but...

Whether you like it or not, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the most coveted Android smartphone so far this year, and there are many reasons for its popularity and success. However, even though the smartphone had an idyllic start to it’s career, it isn’t perfect. Several months have passed since its release, and we’d like to know what you didn’t like about this device, and what you’d like to change if you could.

While the prices can scare off many users, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are undoubtedly the most popular Android smartphones on the market today. There’s nothing surprising about this given the numerous arguments in their favor, and Samsung’s marketing campaign makes it difficult not to be informed of their availability.

Nevertheless, despite all of its qualities, Samsung's smartphone is not exempt from all criticism, as many users were disappointed by some of its features. First of all, the battery doesn’t last a whole day, and in most cases it’ll be necessary to charge the battery by the early evening.

The fingerprint reader is somewhat disappointing too. Not in terms of efficiency or speed (it does rather well in those areas), but in terms of its positioning. Although rumors indicated that it would be replaced with an optical fingerprint scanner, Samsung finally decided not to implement this technology and keep its traditional fingerprint reader. However, due to the bezel-less design of the smartphone, the South Korean manufacturer has opted for a fingerprint scanner at the back of the smartphone, to the right of the camera lens. Even though it’s not difficult to unlock the device or to access the notifications tab, it makes you touch the camera lens in the process of unlocking the phone, making it necessary to clean it before taking photos sometimes.

Another disappointment that comes to mind is its digital assistant, Bixby. When Samsung introduced its assistant, we imagined it would arrive quickly onto its smartphones, but to this day, it still hasn’t. What’s worse is that Bixby has difficulty learning languages ​​because of a big data problem. As a result, it’s likely that we’ll be waiting for months before it’s widely available in English.

It's up to you to tell us what you would like to change on this device. Don’t hesitate to comment on this article if your answer isn’t listed in the survey.

What would you change on the Samsung Galaxy S8?
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  • My batTerry last day and a half with over 6h of Sot, so I am VERY happy with it....
    About digital asistent...well just like fingerprint reader, I have never use it.
    Ok, FP reader I will need to use for android pay...once, but still that time is not here.
    Bixby is something that I will never use just like i have never used Google assistant, Google voice, Siri and similar things.
    Only place that comes on my mind where I could use voice instead my fingers is in car...but i'm preferring to stop on side of road to make call, send messages or read something...
    So, no problems for me on S8.
    Even a price was Ok, since I got it for cca 500$ on 1 year contract, and there is no other phone that offers same for the price.

  • Had my xzpremium for two weeks now and it trashes the s8 in everything.

    Deactivated Account

    • Just stop it will ya...the S8 is a great phone. All other phones are ok. But I think no matter what, ppl ALWAYS gonna complain or dislike on something. 100% GUARANTEED!

  • starting from the Galaxy S5, I said goodbye to the Galaxy S Series. But this Galaxy S8 made me feel more disappointed because I was waiting to see Samsung with something new and different, but they have just made another crappy smartphone with a terrible non-removable battery, easy to break from back side and so fu... expensive that does not worth that much.

  • Speaker sound quality is really bad.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Jul 14, 2017 Link to comment

    really not interested in using a smartphone covered in glass.
    "it's the fate of glass to break"..
    looking forward to the next fashionable trend.. it can't possibly be any more impractical than a smartphone encased in glass.

    •   46
      Deactivated Account Jul 14, 2017 Link to comment

      I agree nothing is worse than glass. It is fragile and an insulator, just compounding over heating problems. Glass on the front is necessary to protect the display. Glass on the back is just stupidity.

    • Some people use plastic drink glasses for the same reason. When they get drunk it won't shatter when they drop it. I've had curved glass since the S7 Edge and have had no breaks. It's all about how one handles their phone.

  • We were all happy Apple joined the mobile market, but there pricing policy as been totally wrong and now Android makers are just copying Apple,over pricing there phones,just think of the price if the S8 models if it would have offered Dual cameras option,there even warning people already about the price of the future Note 8,wish Samsung would have kept the home button on S8 models, as fingerprints on the screen can be very annoying,as once your got use to using the home button on the phone then lose it,why? Can't you change the colour of the buttons instead of the background seems odd,so glad nova launcher adds Dark Top navigation options for the Top navigation bar,as white does not look clear on every colour

  • I think the price should pretty much be a no-brainer here.

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