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Those leaked Motorola 2018 lineup renders are fake

moto g6 fake
© nextpit

Yes, you read that correctly. The biggest leak of the moment is likely just hot air. The leaked renders floating around the web are probably not the new Motorola Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, X5, Z3 and Z3 Play. And the 5G Moto Mod? Highly unlikely. Here's why.

First of all, let's start with the top of the range. The photos below should, theoretically, portray the Moto Z3 Play and Moto Z3. The first thing that catches my eye is the presence of huge 18:9, 6-inch displays. Lenovo promised compatibility with its Moto Mods for 3 years with the Z line, and a longer display would make the older, 16:9-compatible mods incompatible unless there are alterations, which we don't see in the image showing the rear of the Moto Z3 Play below.

moto Z3 fake renders
Abandoning compatibility with old Mods right now? Not a great idea. / © DroidLife

At first glance, the rendering of the Moto Z3 accompanied by the 5G Mod is more credible. US networks are making progress with the implementation of 5G, but in my opinion, it's a bit early to see compatible smartphones or Mods in 2018. Maybe in 2019 or 2020. If you look closely at the camera module in the render, you'll notice another anomaly.

moto z3 fake camera
It could have three cameras, but definitely not positioned on the edge of the module. / © NextPit

It looks like the new top of the line Motorola smartphone will have a triple camera rather than a dual camera. But, upon closer inspection, you can see that one of the cameras is just above the edge in the ring surrounding the module, as is the case with the flash. In addition, Motorola has always used a dual tone flash, so why change now?

Let's now move on to the render of the Moto X5. Apart from the suspiciously named 'Moto XP's', and 'Ai' (Artificial Intelligence) with a lowercase letter "i", the camera module on the back is clearly off-center. I doubt this is the birth of a new asymmetric design series. It's much more likely to be a simple case of poor photo editing.

moto x5 dl 980x596
Taking the logo as a reference, you can see clearly how the camera is off-center. / © DroidLife

What do the renderings of the Z line have in common with those of the Moto X5? For one, the disappearance of a fingerprint reader, which also very unlikely. Plus, the presence of a home button that could read gestures like the physical buttons of some existing smartphones.

This software feature would be credible if those who created these renderings could have at least managed to make the navigation bar equal on all three models, which as you can see has not been done. The space dedicated to the home button changes in each render.

moto g6 dl 980x705
The renderings look credible until you notice the details. / © DroidLife

We conclude with the Moto G series which includes the new Moto G6, G6 Plus and G6 Play. I have to admit that, in this case, the renderings seem more accurate and decidedly more plausible. According to DroidLife's source, future smartphones will adopt a design line similar to that of the Moto X4 with a curved glass back and an 18:9 display.

Here, the problem is with the logos. First of all, for the Moto G6 Plus logo, the word "plus" has a different font than the one usually used by the company and it's different from that of the Moto G6 Play logo. In addition, the winged Motorola logo is a different distance from the name of the device in each render, which looks like some seriously unprofessional graphic design work.

moto g6 fake
It is not difficult to notice errors. / © NextPit

I can't deny that there could be grains of truth in these renders. They could be based on real information from Motorola itself or derived from CAD models. Nevertheless, it is obvious that these renders are not coming from Lenovo/Motorola. If it turns out that I'm wrong, I'd be happy to apply for a graphic design position at the company, because even I could make better renders than this with very little effort.

What do you think? Would you like to see any of these renders come to life in 2018?

Source: DroidLife

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  • Fabrizio 1
    Fabrizio Jan 18, 2018 Link to comment

    if you watch closely you will notice that the z3 has a side fingerprint reader

  • Zyad Atef 1
    Zyad Atef Jan 17, 2018 Link to comment

    I'm sorry, but it's LEGIT. Plus confirmed by evleaks.

    • Brittany McGhee 21
      Brittany McGhee Jan 18, 2018 Link to comment

      What makes you think it's legitimate?

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