Mobile OS crash test: Kitkat beats out iOS 7.1

Mobile OS crash test:  Kitkat beats out iOS 7.1

The Mobile Experience Benchmark Report has been released according to InformationWeek. Mobile operating systems crash rates were tested and the results are in. KitKat outperforms iOS 7.1.

Android 4 4 Smartphones update
Android KitKat outperforms in crash rate test © NextPit

Android’s KitKat and Apple’s iOS 7.1 as well as over a hundred other operating systems were included in a recent study, The Mobile Experience Benchmark Report, published by Crittercism to test how well applications performed on various devices and networks worldwide. The study tested operating systems on over 2500 devices and 600 plus networks globally. Which mobile operating system came out on top?

According to the study, KitKat is the most stable OS. The most recent version of the Android operating system only crashed 0.7% of the time. Apple’s iOS 7.1, while being the most stable iOS version released, still fell short of the Android numbers with a crash rate of 1.6%. To put things into perspective, the survey also showed that Android 2.3 Gingerbread had a crash rate of 1.7%, only slightly worse than iOS 7.1.

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iOS 7.1 nudges out Android 2.3 Gingerbread  © NextPit

Also noted in the report was that smartphone versions of the operating systems crashed less than their tablet counterparts. Who makes the most stable devices? Apparently the iPhone 5 device is the most stable on their platform. In the Android sphere of devices, Samsung makes the most stable gear.

What have you noticed about your phones or tablets crashing? What OS have you had the most problems with on your device? If you are on the fence about switching solely to Android, could this new information change your mind?

Source: InformationWeek

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  • I had an iPhone 3G a few years back. It was stable as f**k. Then the hardware just died on me, nothing to do with the software.
    I got an samsung galaxy plus (the first s-line), and it crashed like I have never seen any smartphone crash. Anyway... That was after the 2.3.7 update (the value update).
    Then I installed custom rom (4.1) and it was stable as never before.
    I then had a S3-LTE, and that was less stable, not much, compared to S Plus.
    Now I have a S3-Mini-NFC, and this one is the most stable I have seen by fare, amoungst all the samsung devices that I have seen and owned. Even S2 with JB is less stable than iPhone 3G with iOs 4.X.X. Even though version 4.X.X on 3G sucks, in terms of speed.

  • I've really grown sick of iOS and its neverending flaws. With each update comes a tyrade of bugs which drain your battery, crash apps, need countless customisations and the experience just leaves you with a headache and wondering why you bought an iPhone in he first place. It has been going way downhill over the past 3 years, needless to say I'm so tired of a phone that needs so much playing around with to get it to operate smoothly. its time for me to switch to Android. Apple can stick their iPhone where the iSun don't iShine (or simply crashes and leaves you in the darkness!)

  • It always seems that new roll outs of an OS is riddled with bugs, too.

    • True that!!!
      Just look at 4.4 on S4, and 4.3 on S3... Just littered with bugs, as well as iOs updates are. I am actually wondering, if that survey is sponsered in one or another way, by samsung. New samsung flagship = bad updates for the former flagship model.

  • My1 Mar 31, 2014 Link to comment

    well, owned...

    If at least the manufacturers would update their devices properly...

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