LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6 comparison: Luxury battle

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The upcoming LG G5 is one of the most hyped Android-powered gadgets in recent memory, but Sony is also ready to throw its own impressive smartphone into the arena. The Sony Xperia Z6 aims to offer high performance and a jaw-dropping camera, but will that be enough? Read on for our LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6 comparison.

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Can Sony top LG's efforts? / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: design and build quality

We're expecting the LG G5 to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress on February 21, so the wait to finally see the smartphone in the flesh (or metal) is almost over.

The LG G4 was a gorgeous, leather-flaunting smartphone, so we're expecting the LG G5 to be quite a looker too. From what we've seen, the smartphone has curves in all the right places and looks ready to cement itself as a luxury purchase; rumor has it, it will sport a metal unibody design.

A "reliable source" speaking from China has shared some renders of the LG G5 to Walla, revealing that the unique button placement on the back of the LG G4 will be adjusted for the LG G5. Whereas the LG G4 sported a rear panel with a volume rocker, the LG G5 appears to have its sound controls on the side. The power button remains on the back of the device, however.

lg g5 render
Above: LG G5 renders. / © Shai Mizrachi

The Sony Xperia Z6 is set to boast a more square design than the LG G5. Admittedly, we're not expecting any significant changes in the design department for the Xperia Z6, which is likely to look similar to the Xperia Z5. The differences between the new Sony gadget and its predecessor are likely to be subtle; we expect most of the improvements in the newer model will be under the hood.

While renders or leaks of the Sony Xperia Z6 are yet to surface, alleged specs sheets suggest that the smartphone will be delightfully powerful with a whopping camera, just like the Xperia mobile before it.

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The Sony Xperia Z6 might look just like the Z5. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: display

Rumors arriving from Reddit late last year claimed that the LG G5 will drop to a 5.3-inch screen, although the team over at reported that the LG G5 would have a 5.6-inch QHD screen.

While screen size and resolution is yet to be announced, LG has confirmed that its G5 will features Always On, a display mode that means the smartphone's screen can display notifications and time and date information at all times. It's a tool that reminds us of Ambient Display on the Nexus devices and it serves the same purpose, ideal for saving battery.

lg active on display screen
The LG G5 will feature Always On. / © LG

Towards the end of January, Japanese website DoCoMo shared some information on the Sony Xperia Z6, tipping a 5.2-inch IPS display with WQHD resolution.

One of the more unusual rumors spotted online comes from MobiPicker, which states that the Sony Xperia Z6 smartphone will feature Force Touch technology similar to that on the newest iPhones. The technology seems to be going down well with Apple fans, although we're unsure we'll be seeing anything like it from Sony for the Xperia Z6.

When it comes to screen resolution, we're thinking that the Sony Xperia Z6 will feature the same 1,080p resolution as the Xperia Z5.

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: processor and storage

Under the hood of the LG G5 will be a Snapdragon 820 processor, reports say, backed up by 3 GB of RAM. The Snapdragon 808 chip inside the LG G4 deals particularly well with strenuous tasks, so an upgrade for the LG G5 should result in even better performance.

There's no information on internal storage for the LG G5 at the time of writing. LG's G4 arrived with 32 GB, however, so it would be safe to assume the G5 will have the same or better.

sony xperia z5 side power button
The Sony Xperia Z5 is a sleek gadget. / © ANDROIDPIT

As for the Sony Xperia Z6, the same leak that hinted at a 5.2-inch display mentions a Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of RAM.

Assuming these specs are accurate, it doesn't seem as though the Xperia Z6 will be worlds apart from its predecessor, which also arrived with a 5.2-inch screen. The Xperia Z5 offers just 3 GB of RAM, though.

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: camera

It's pretty much confirmed now that the LG G5 will feature a dual-camera setup on its rear, although the specifications of the snappers remain up in the air.

A leak reported by Droid Life claims that the LG G5 will feature 16 and 8 MP cameras on its back. This would certainly be one of many unique features setting it apart from the Sony Xperia Z6, although Sony's past form with cameras is pretty darn good.

LG G5 DroidLife
An LG G5 in a suit, apparently. / © DROIDLIFE

Sony is one of the biggest players when it comes to offering impressive phone cameras, so the Xperia Z6 should be more than capable of taking great pictures. There's no official word on cameras yet, although there are whispers that the Xperia Z6 will feature a 23 MP rear camera with an f 2.0 aperture, and Japanese website DoCoMo lists the Sony Xperia Z6 with a front-facing 5 MP snapper.

We think the Sony Xperia Z5 boasts one of the best cameras on any Android gadget right now, so it'll be a tough act to follow. Sony will be hoping its up to the challenge.

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: software

It's very likely that Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be the OS of choice for the LG G5. The LG G4 ran UX 4.0 UI through Android 5.1 and for the most part the experience was very good. LG seems to have struck a balance between the look and feel of stock Android and its own fancy software and apps.

Rumors suggest the Sony Xperia Z6 will also run a build of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but we're awaiting confirmation.

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: battery

We were a little underwhelmed by the battery inside the LG G4 during our full review, so our fingers are crossed that the LG G5 is treated to an upgrade.

The LG G4 includes a removable 3,000 mAh offering and an improved battery for the LG G5 is near the top of our wishlist. Heavy users may not last the entire day without juicing up the LG G4, and that's really not ideal on a smartphone that's otherwise very solid.

There's no fresh information on the battery life of the LG G5 doing the rounds at the moment, so we're eagerly awaiting some further news.

sony xperia z5 camera mode 3
Sony's cameras are some of the best. / © ANDROIDPIT

Battery information is also lacking for the Sony Xperia Z6. The previous model landed with a 2,900 mAh battery, the performance of which we think is above average, especially when paired with Sony's STAMINA Mode and Ultra-STAMINA Mode.

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: specs

Neither the LG G5 or the Sony Xperia Z6 have been officially unveiled yet, but here's a summary of what we know so far to give you a sense of what to expect from the gadgets.

  LG G5 Sony Xperia Z6
SCREEN 5.3-inch 5.3-inch
RESOLUTION Not yet known Not yet known
PROCESSOR Snapdragon 820 Snapdragon 820
STORAGE Not yet known Not yet known
MAIN CAMERA 16 MP and 8 MP 23 MP
BATTERY 3,000 mAh+ 2,900 mAh+

LG G5 vs Sony Xperia Z6: verdict

Both the LG G5 and Sony Xperia Z6 will be luxury smartphones focused on providing a fast user experience with all the bells and whistles.

The camera face-off between these two smartphones is one of the most exciting comparisons, considering both the LG G5 and Sony Xperia Z6 are really hoping to impress in this regard. While the LG G5 will be rocking its unique dual camera system, Sony's Xperia range has a history of fantastic cameras.

Which smartphone do you have your eye on and why? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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  •   6
    Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment


  • chris lane Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

    How do you compare phones that, lets face it, you actually know nothing about. Lets see when they are actually released how they compare. It's a waste of time comparing rumours.....

    • Charlie M. Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

      Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.

      • Arturo Himalaya Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

        He is not the only one; this is a shitty article.

  • Art Tappan Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

    If SONY holds true to its past, the new Z6 will only be another warmed over iteration of a previously warmed-over also-ran smartphone. It will likely not have 4GB of RAM, likely won't have a bigger battery, likely will not have an improved fingerprint scanner that works the first time every time, or any other nice little tweaks that will truly make it the home run SONY so desperately needs right now. Furthermore, if they don't release the Z6 immediately out of the gate here in the USA, it's probably lights out for SONY's mobile phone division. What the hell was SONY thinking when they did not release the Z5 in the USA much sooner? It's too late now, and then they send us this POS with no fingerprint scanner. Hello, SONY?!

    SONY has such a long long history of producing all things beautiful and luxurious in the tech arena, but somehow they fell off the wagon in the smartphone business. The always bring a knife to a gunfight with too little too late. Furthermore, and most important, SONY needs to back up their phones with world-class customer support and warranty service, an area where they currently suck. You should be able to take a SONY product to any SONY service center and get great courteous service (like Apple), no matter where in the world you bought it with double-talk or BS.

    Anyway, I would love to finally get a SONY smartphone, but SONY keeps on disappointing with not-quite-the-best specs, also-ran build quality, and poor customer support. Come on SONY! You can do much better! Don't make me buy an Apple phone.

    • KyleSforza Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

      People of the US love their Apples and Samsung too much to care about another device. Those who do care had already bought Z2 / Z3 / Z4 /Z5 at launch from the sites like Ebay.

      • Anthony Simmons Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

        ( Those who do care )
        Those that do NOT know better LOL>
        Sony is JUNK.

      •   6
        Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

        Junk? Lol, Samsung and LG are using Sony's OLED technology right now to manufacture their panels, Xperias have some of the longest lasting batteries, ranked #1 in camera by DxOMark, and the only manufacturer that offers a high-end flaghship with waterproofing and MicroSD combined. They make the best cameras in the world (BVMX300 OLED monitor), best projectors in the world, best image sensors in the world and best OLED displays in the world. Sony has stepped up its innovation game this year and made a $2 billion profit off electronics (highest since 1998). What's your logic to back up Sony as junk?

    • K A R P O V. Stas Feb 16, 2016 Link to comment

      And Sony has the worst programmers

      •   6
        Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

        That's why the Z3's marhsmallow concept is more optimized than the S6 and Nexus 6P's performance while running older hardware, imagine how well the Z5 will run. In case if you've seen Sony's latest apps on the play store, they've made huge improvements. Go download LifeLog and you'll see what Sony can truly do when they put a proper effort behind something. Sony's bloatware is the most desirable bloatware because their apps are better than stock now.

    •   6
      Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

      Sony has $150 billion, they can back up their smartphone division for decades without it bankrupting.

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