LG G Watch R vs Moto 360: features, design and specs compared

LG G Watch R vs Moto 360: features, design and specs compared

The LG Moto 360? We take a first look at how these devices stack up in terms of design, specs and features.

g watch r moto 360 dropshadow
The G Watch R offers a sportier look of the Moto 360 / © LG / Motorola / ANDROIDPIT

Design and assembly

For both watches, it seems like design is a strong point when weighed against past Android Wear devices. The Moto 360 offers a circular, metal dial and an interchangeable strap. Some leaked news tells us that the Moto 360 will arrive equipped with leather strap, but you will have the opportunity to change it later should you want a fully-metallic look.

moto 360 bestbuy teaser
A metal strap will also be made available for the Moto 360. / © Motorola

The G Watch R sports a similar design to that of the Moto 360, but from our first look it seems a little more elegant, even sporty, reminiscent of classic men's watches. Of course, you can change the appearance of the home screen and choose something more appropriate for a feminine wrist, if you wish. One of the strongest facets of the G Watch R lies in the fact that the display takes up the entire 1.3-inch face of the device, unlike the Moto 360 which has a noticeable, unused area at the bottom of the display. 

androidpit lg g watch r front side
The assembly of the G Watch R gives a sportier look to this smartwatch. © LG


The displays of these two smartwatches are animated by different technologies, the Moto 360 provides a 1.5-inch LCD display with a 320 x 290 pixel resolution, while the G Watch R possesses an plastic OLED screen (P-OLED) with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution. Unfortunately, as we don't have them to hand, we can't give a conclusion regarding the brightness, saturation, contrast or color of the screens. 


We know that both devices will run on Android Wear, an operating system that we are familiar with thanks to the previous G Watch and Samsung Gear Live devices. The operation is simple and intuitive, with the device display offering all of your notifications and relevant information at a glance, but we are yet to find out which of the two smartwatches will offer better performance, or if there will be any new features. Be patient, the IFA 2014 conference is fast approaching and we will be on site to test all the devices you available.

g watch r vs moto 360
The Moto 360 looks a bit bulkier on the wrist than the G Watch R. / © NextPit / © LG / Motorola / ANDROIDPIT


  LG G Watch R Moto 360
Display 1.3-inch P-OLED display (320-320 pixels) 1.5-inch LCD display (320 x 290 pixels)
CPU Snapdragon 400 a 1.2 GHz Texas instruments
RAM 512 MB 512 MB
Internal Memory 4 GB TBA
Battery 410 mAh TBA
OS Android Wear Android Wear
Extra IP 67, heart rate monitor Water resistant, heart rate monitor, light sensor, wireless charging

The technical specifications are nothing more than numbers at the moment. We can see that the display of the G Watch R will be slightly smaller than that of the Moto 360, so maybe this device will be less bulky on the wrist. As for the Moto 360, we still don't have all of the specification data, but regardless of the battery size we know it will last around two and half days on one charge.

gwatch r teaser official
The G Watch R looks like a classic sports watch! / © LG


As a comparison based only on technical specifications and photos, we can only draw a few conclusions. Both brands seem to put a lot of effort into aesthetic design, and judging from the photos, they have succeeded in their goal of making attractive wearables. The Moto 360, though we know less about it, looks like it offers excellent battery life and presents innovative features like wireless charging. Both smartwatches have a heart rate monitor and an interchangeable strap, but we will have to wait before making judgements about the software!

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the devices in the comments or join the debate in our LG G Watch R news, specs and release date articles for more information too.

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  • What's up with Texas Instruments? Wasn't that the company that came out with Speak n' Spell? Wow, they gave Tandy a ton for their money. Lol! Who remembers them?

  • I think LG watch looks better and is better, according to the information we've got so far. And what's up with Motorola? They should have already released their watch. LG may steal the spotlight now.