How to unlock your iPhone with Face ID whilst wearing a mask

How to unlock your iPhone with Face ID whilst wearing a mask

Mask requirements in retail and public transportation mean that iPhones with Face ID cannot be unlocked. Many tips are circulating online about how to set up Face ID whilst wearing a face mask. We have tried them out and found a solution.

For three days I tried to set up Face ID on the iPhone 11 Pro Max successfully despite wearing a face mask. Unfortunately, many tips from colleagues online could not unlock the lock and so the uncomfortable seconds at the checkout remained until the smartphone switched from Face ID to a passcode when I wanted to use Apple Pay. Apple has shortened these seconds in the current beta of iOS 13, by the way. As Caschy chirps shows, the TrueDepth camera under iOS 13.5 should have mask recognition and can now switch to passcode entry immediately.

Unlock iPhone with mask: How to trick your FaceID

  1. Select Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Face ID & Code.
  3. Set up alternative appearance.
  4. If you already have one set up: Reset Face ID.
  5. The scanning process is initiated.

For three days I tried every now and then to configure an "alternative appearance" in Face ID - with a mask. The problem: in the first step, Apple recognizes that your face is covered and asks you to provide a clear view of your face. So the next steps are:

  1. Remove the mask again to start the scanning process.
  2. Fold the mask in half in the middle so that it covers one half of the face.
  3. Hold the mask up to just above the nostrils of the face.
  4. If the process stalls, remove the mask completely.
  5. Changes the position to scan the second half of your face.
  6. Face ID is now set up with mask.

It takes a few tries to outsmart Face ID. In my case, the decisive factor for the breakthrough was the removal of the mask as soon as the Face ID scan process falters, i.e. when the same arrow appears again and again. Then just take the mask away and follow the arrow. It is also important that the nose is not completely covered, only the tip of the nose. Nevertheless, make sure that you have a secure hold when wearing the mask, so that the mask does not slip. To unlock the iPhone, the mask can easily be pulled down on the chin to unlock.

I have configured Face ID with a mask as an alternative appearance, so that I can unlock at home without a masked face. My collection of self-made masks feature several patterns, shapes and colors - Face ID can be unlocked with any mask after a successful setup at my place.

Does it work for you? How about setting up face recognition or iris scan with a mask on Android? Let me know in the comments.

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