6 tiny changes that make the Note 5 a huge improvement on the Note 4

6 tiny changes that make the Note 5 a huge improvement on the Note 4

The guys at Samsung are geniuses. I spent intimate time with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note 5 for several weeks and now I'm convinced of it. Why? Samsung has made us think the Note 5 is better than its predecessor when it did almost nothing to improve on it. 

androidpit samsung Note4 vs Note5 12
The Galaxy Note 5 is simultaneously much better than and barely different to the Galaxy Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

Let me clarify. Samsung did make some changes between these two Notes, with hardware changes being the most obvious. But it’s the miniscule differences between them which struck me as the most interesting, because they represent how small changes can have a big impact. Here are six incredibly small things that make the Note 5 totally superior to the Note 4.

1. The lock-screen fade

Duhhh, duhhh, duh duh duh duhhhhh duh, duh duh duh duhhhhh duh; Why am I trying to recreate the Star Wars theme in type? Because I’m trying to convey the experience of locking the Galaxy Note 5.

It’s not unique to the Note 5, but it is a change introduced by Samsung this year, which the Note 4 lacks. When you tap the lock button, a 'wipe' transition appears, whereby the display fades to black from the right and left sides inward – much like the scene transitions on George Lucas’s Star Wars movies.

andoridpit galaxy note 5 lock wipe
This animation is subtle, but very satisfying. / © ANDROIDPIT

Why is this a big deal? It’s not. As I said above, it’s basically nothing at all. But put the Note 4 and Note 5 side-by-side, and see the later device waves goodbye, then compare it to how the Note 4 fades to black the boring normal way, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 

2. The auto-eject stylus

On the Galaxy Note 4 you have to pull the S Pen stylus the whole way out of its holder yourself. I know, it’s outrageous, right? But on the Galaxy Note 5 you simply press on the S Pen’s head, and it will partially eject, making the process of hooking your nail under it to pull it out minutely more pleasing.This also has the benefit of allowing the Stylus to be better concealed, so the bottom edge of the phone looks cleaner.

samsung galaxy note 5 s pen
This is how far the S Pen ejects out of the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung has included this 'James Bond gadget' style feature, which changes absolutely nothing about the phone’s software and only marginally improves usability, and made it seem like it’s a big deal. Bravo. 

3. The smaller resolution

Samsung’s TouchWiz software has been improved since the Note 4, and the resolution has changed. Check out the photo below and notice how the webpage layout looks different.

andoridpit galaxy note 5 galaxy note 4 website
The Note 5 (left) looks like it has higher resolution just because the font is smaller. / © ANDROIDPIT

Why is this the Note 5 better? The illusion of distance makes the icons and text seem more detailed. It makes it look as though the Galaxy Note 5 has a higher resolution than the Note 4. When I showed this to colleagues I had to repeat that both devices have a QHD display – I had to double check this myself.

Here is possibly the shining example of what Samsung has achieved with the Note 5: it has made it look superior just by changing the native font size of its user interface.

androidpit samsung touchwiz font size screenshot
Note how the native and icon size on the Note 4 (left) is bigger than the Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. The thinner sides

The Galaxy Note 5 is less than 1 mm thinner than the Galaxy Note 4 (7.6 mm compared with 8.5 mm). That’s an almost imperceptible difference, but it feels much more pronounced thanks to some smart engineering.

The Note 5’s sloping rear sides and slimmed down the metal edges provide the illusion that it’s far slimmer. Your hand is almost tricked by your fingertips, which recognize the thin edges and perceive them as representative of the entire device, and it makes the Note 4 seem bulky by comparison.   

androidpit samsung Note4 vs Note5 7
The slimmer metal and more pronounced curves of the Note 5 (top) make it feel much thinner than the Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. The glass rear

Samsung has replaced the removable faux-leather back panel of the Galaxy Note 4 and replaced it with a sultry glass panel. This only improves the Galaxy Note 5 in terms of look and feel, and in some ways it has actually harmed functionality. 

Samsung has steered my attention away from the fact that it has omitted the microSD card slot and removable battery option from its Galaxy Note series by dazzling me with the shiny, smooth backside. It’s almost like misdirection – I was so taken by the thief's charm that I failed to realize he'd carefully confiscated my wallet. It’s fiendishly clever. 

samsung galaxy note 5 back 2
The premium quality Note 5 rear looks and feels great. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. The capacitive buttons

The capacitive buttons at the bottom of the Note 5 light up not only when you tap on the area when they are located, but also when you tap on the display. This momentary flicker of life occurs on the Note 4, but only when the buttons themselves are tapped, or when the phone unlocks/wakes.

What this is, essentially, is two icons speaking to you. Two icons waking up and saying, “hey, it's okay, I’m here.” In a darker setting, these fuzzy little friends appear welcoming. Safe, even. They make you feel like the device has more going on inside of it than it possibly has. And that it’s there for you whenever you need it. 

andoridpit galaxy note 5 capacitive buttons
The capacitive buttons below the display light up even when they aren't directly interacted with. / © ANDROIDPIT

It’s important to be critical of any mass-marketed luxury goods like Samsung's mobile products, and I am completely open to the discussion on the Galaxy Note 5's successes and failures. 

So let me put it like this: does Samsung deserve praise for making a phone that feels more enjoyable just through some minor alterations? Or should Samsung be lambasted for producing a handset that has barely changed, removed some key features, and has a higher asking price than its predecessor? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 18, 2015

    Two major changes that make the Note 5 worthless to me. No SD slot and no removable battery


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  • "The capacitive buttons
    What this is, essentially, is two icons speaking to you. Two icons waking up and saying, “hey, it's okay, I’m here.” In a darker setting, these fuzzy little friends appear welcoming. Safe, even."
    You must be a Very Insecure person to have even thought of that. I don't need to know where they are by sight. I just go to the bottom of the phone and touch... they are always there. And I feel safer knowing I can count on myself to always find them, even in the dark. And, actually, the Note 4 saves me battery not lighting those to little "safety" icons.

    As far as the smaller resolution, #3?, my opinion is that we should have the option of one resolution or the other, kind of like on PCs. I believe the technology is there for a variable resolution device, don't you think? So let's not praise it nor knock it down; let's root for more and better choices!!

    Finally, for #1, Duhh!! How childish, specially for an informative, however lighthearted, article opener. That shouldn't have even been mentioned!!! Less is good, sometimes.


  • I have bought the my note 4 n910c extra from UK because I can use the sixperience rom v2 from geiti94 ;) in Germany you unfortunately can only buy the n910f :/
    wirh the Sixperience v2 you have 100% note 5 software with all features and a lot of extras :) I love my note 4 and never will buy a note 5! try it .. I can recommend it :)

  • No no its not really note 4 is and still way better than the 5 pls !

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 20, 2015 Link to comment

    After reading a lot of these comments some people wonder what the big deal is about not having an SD support and removable battery. Yes these are features you can live with out. My question is why should we have too? Just so the manufacture can make more money off of us. It is cheaper to build phones without these options that why they do it. In the case of the battery it also puts a limited life span on the product from 2 to 3 yeas or less depending on the user. Yes you can pay 150 to 200 dollars to have it replaced. Is the two year old phone or gadget worth that? usually not. Is it worth 20 to 30 dollars if you can replace it yourself? usually yes. To me it is a no brainer and I will not buy a phone without a replaceable battery.

  • I had the Note 2, 3 and now 4. I wanted the 5 but no SD card and battery is not cool. Who wants to lose things. I don't want to save my stuff to the cloud and I like having the ability to have an extra battery. I am holding out hoping Note 6 looks like the S edge+, has a stylus pen and brings back the sd and battery. Also I want more colors than black and white. That is a lot but until then I will use my Note 4

  • Did they take away that horrible max volume warning?

  • I assume this article is a joke lol. But the note 4s capacitive buttons light up when you touch the screen too. The note 2 did that lol.

    • I have the note 4 in my hands right now. Those capacitive button don't light up. I love my Note 5 even more than my note 4.

      • Rodolfo is correct. They light up, but not when you interact with the display like on the Note 5. Also, it's not a joke, just lighthearted:

        'Does Samsung deserve praise for making a phone which “feels” more enjoyable just through some minor alterations? Or should Samsung be lambasted for producing a handset which has barely changed, removed some key features, and has a higher asking price than its predecessor?'

        I'm genuinely interested in other opinions here so thanks for the comment :)

      • I'm holding the note4 right now and the capacitive buttons light up when you touch the display too, not just the buttons.

      • "barely changed" is not a correct statement (for superficial people it is though).

        No point in discussing that, it depends on what one wants. As you can obviously see in these comments. It seems that everyone who wanted removable battery and/or micro sd support is now butthurt, like bunch of kids who think Samsung owes them something.

      • On our test device this does not happen. I will factory reset the device if have another look.

        I'll update the article if this was a bug/glitch or a mysterious change in the settings.

      • I'm not "butthurt" by the lack of micro sd support, I just like to have sd card support on my devices. I also quite like the lightweight feel of the S5 plastic! So I'm sticking with my S5, note 4 and tab s2 for now...

      • After factory rest the capacitive buttons still don't light up when I tap the display, only when I tap only when I tap on the buttons themselves or wake/unlock the device as I stated in my article.

        You can see what I mean here:


  • This is the most ridiculous article I've read comparing the King NOTE 4 to the Runner up Note 5!

  • Tell me that number 3 is a joke. If I buy a phone with a big screen is because I want big text and big graphics.

  • Wow I just love all the comments about no micro SD slot and removable battery!!

  • I upgraded from a Note 4 to the Note 5 and agree with the assessment that the switch is well worth it. The design changes alone are worth the upgrade. Here's a device that not only feels premium in the hand, it encourages you to coddle it because the refinement almost reminds you of handling fine jewelry. Yes, the design is THAT good. Add in the best camera ever on a smartphone, the best display on any smartphone, the unmatched experience of the S pen stylus, and you have perhaps the greatest phone ever made. Nothing is perfect. And I'm sure apple fan boys and Samsung haters can find plenty to lambast . But when you consider the list of pluses weighed against the minuses, the Note 5 always comes out on top.

  • It seems everyone who complains about the Note 5 are the people who don't own one. I was quite content with my Note 4 until I tried out the Note 5 for a couple weeks (Sprint 14 day money back guarantee). The difference is night and day. The number one reason to upgrade to the 5 is speed. Everything happens RIGHT NOW. There is no lag to be found anywhere. My Note 4 feels crazy slow in comparison. The extra gig of ram really helps with multi-tasking, too.

    The specs don't show it, but the screen is much nicer than the one on the 4. The colors look more natural and the images much more sharp. I don't know what they did to it, but it works. And the camera is noticeably better than on the 4 with crisper shots and it takes those shots MUCH faster. Battery life is excellent; I get almost 6 hours SOT, something I never got with my Note 4. Even the S Pen feels more refined because it's longer and the tip is much more sturdy. The 5 feels more slim in the hand and is easier to hold.

    The build of the phone is superb and definitely feels worth its $700 asking price. I do feel the glass back was a stupid design decision though. I ended up buying a genuine leather skin to add grip and it feels much nicer than smudgy glass.

    All of these benefits far outweigh the lack of SD card or removable battery for me.

    • Misha Oct 19, 2015 Link to comment

      Of course we don't own a Note 5. We don't own one because many of us looked over the specs and then looked over the phone in Best Buy, Verizon, or other providers. Had we thought it was a good value proposition, we would have bought one. It looked great on display at Best Buy. I wondered how that glass back might have looked had I dropped the Note 5 on the pavement last week, as I did with my Galaxy S5 (in a Ballistic gel case).

      There is no "hate" associated with these posts, just people's honest assessment of the feature set and value proposition of the Note 5 compared to other phones. I would have loved to have come to the conclusion that the Note represented a good value and picked one up.

      Unfortunately, as I and many others on this and other forums have concluded, the Note 5 was a bit of a disappointment. Don't expect to hear Samsung admit that. Until, of course, they come out with the phone's successor. Then - and only then - they will fess up regarding their decisions regarding the Note 5.

      • The Note 5 is leagues faster, looks better, feels better, has a nicer display, a higher quality camera, improved S Pen, an extra gig of ram for better multi-tasking, better battery life, much improved fingerprint scanner, and a lighter version of TouchWiz that allows themes that are more pleasing to the eye. And it doesn't lag like the Note 4 does. All of these improvements for the same $700 asking price seems like a pretty good value to me. But you're right, if it doesn't represent a good value to YOU then it's a no go.

        It's just unfortunate that most reviews of the Note 5 focus on the lack of SD card and non removable battery while making the actual improvements out to be something that doesn't make much of a difference. When in reality all of the small improvements add up to a product that is vastly improved. The difference is night and day.

      • Misha Oct 19, 2015 Link to comment


        Ok, even assuming replacing the SD card with internal memory was a good decision, why, knowing that many people appreciate the storage capacity that comes with an SD card, would you hamstring your flagship phone and limit it to only 64GB? If you want 128GB, you have to buy a lower-end Samsung phone? Who does this and for what coherent reason? (hint: correct answers are: "no one in their right mind" and "there is no coherent reason")

        Do you purposely get rid of features that people value in the phone? Do you introduce additional concerns regarding breakage by putting a piece of glass on the back of the phone when you know the various mishaps that befall the average smartphone? Does that sound like a coherent product strategy?

        I have yet to find a realistic assessment of the Note 5 that says it is vastly improved over the Note 4. I compared them for quite some time side-by-side at Best Buy one Sunday afternoon. I did like the slightly better whites in the Note 5 screen. And the Note 5 was a tad smaller and more comfortable in the hand, but not terribly so, particularly for someone with larger hands. For those that don't play CPU-crushing games (probably most people) on their phone, I seriously doubt that the difference in processor or memory would make a huge difference.

        Once you get over the gushing about the "premium quality" glass back, you get a list of so-so improvements, the likes of which, in consideration of the Note 5's deprecated features, don't add up to a whole heck of a lot. And that is the entire point of this article - Samsung did NOT improve the Note 5 that much, but attempted to divert our attention with some razzle-dazzle marketing.

        Once your Note 5 takes a tumble and that glass back shatters, I guarantee that the so-called premium quality won't seem so premium. Get yourself a good solid case in the meantime, which of course, will make your Note 5 look like just about any other phone in the same case. ;)

  • Well... I waited very patiently for note5 release and hands on time with it and I then decided to go ahead and buy the Note Edge to replace my note 3 LTE.

    • how do you like the note edge? I'm thinking about getting it. note 5 lack of features sd slot,battery,ir blaster and fragile back isn't my cup of tea.

  • The headache of looking for more money to buy what will only give you a feel good factor for a couple weeks is not worth it. Then you will start missing a micro sd, and better battery power of your old note 4. Screen is more or less identical. Performance i highly doubt i would notice the difference, and if I did, it wouldn't bother me. What samsung are doing here is squeezing us for as much as they can. They already have the tech to do a 4k screen, they can make it up too 6 or 8th ram, (were on octa core anyway) all that stuff is coming I'm sure on note 6 and I can bet there will be a 128 th version and possibly a 64 th with as card. So i'll wait. The note 5 is just a tarted up note 4, an 'RS' model so to speak.

  • I had planned to buy a Note 5 but I use externally charged batteries a LOT, and I found that Note 5's enhancements over the 4 added up to a yawn. With new 4's selling for about $400 less than the 5, I bought a 4 and I'm loving it. Not that I'm never going to use a phone with nonreplacable batteries. When the battery stands up to 36 hours of heavy use over a three day period, and fully charges in 15 minutes, then I will give up the external chargers.

    • You can also externally charge battery while it's still in the phone, while you're on the go. Ever thought of that?

      I find it really annoying to go through the procedure all the time: turn off, open the back, exchange batteries, put the back back, turn on again. It's not much, but I prefer not to have any downtime at all.

      • I don't know who is stupid here. Do you know how to read? You should read a few books and then come back to my comment, maybe you will understand then. And even if you don't, a few books would do you good, because obviously you need it.

      • It's called a PORTABLE battery charger. Ya know, so you can charge your phone and not have to use an outlet.

  • Are you an idiot? The capacitive buttons DO light up on the Note 4 when you interact with the screen. Get your facts straight and also realize the Note 5 fails in comparison to the Note 4. Samsung has disappointed many by this failed attempt at becoming the newest Apploid (Apple/Android). They have gone from thinking outside the box as far as design to staying within the "core" of its number 1 competitor.

  • Mike Oct 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Hey Scott,
    Whatever you're on, I want some. 8-)

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 18, 2015 Link to comment

    Two major changes that make the Note 5 worthless to me. No SD slot and no removable battery

    • I'd rather have the UFS 2.0, fast wireless charging, better battery, better battery connectors, and a better feeling phone on the note 5 then the max 90mbs speeds of the note 4, three points of possible failure on battery and connectors, no built in wireless charging (I've already added the bulky and slow backdoor to have wireless charging) I carry both a note 4 and note 5 everyday. The note 5 is a far more superior device with its UFS 2.0, ddr4 ram (plus the extra gig of ram,) the better looking display that doesn't have the blue ish greying tint to it (extra noticeable with the the displays turned off) the new improved touchwiz (that I might actually keep, the note 5 is already rooted.) Better battery life, better s pen, 64bit, built around ART and not Dalvik, got rid of the overheating snapdragon quad core for an 8 core that is leading benchmarks.

      If you want to reset the note 5, long press the vol - and the power and walla, phone reset without pulling power (which has been proven to be bad for the battery.) Battery on the note 5 running low? Plug it in for 30mins and add 50% to what you had (can be done with a portable battery pack too from samsung) need more storage? Well, Samsung gives you 100gb of cloud storage, Google play music backs up up to 50,000 songs (2 months worth almost) and then you have Google photos - an unlimited picture back up. Don't like cloud storage? Oh, well they also have OTG on the note 5 that transfers at the same speed as an SD (sometimes faster) and sandisk and pny both make USB/micro-USB thumb drives (like $10for 3.0 32gb) Don't like the look/feel of the glass? DBrand, or do what some have done and remove the glass and replace it with 3d printed plastic, wood, or remove the metal film and have a see through phone.

      Edit: Something I seem to forget to mention, all SD cards will fail over time. The longest I've had one last is 9 months. As any phone tech person how many times they have people ask for the rep to some how wave a magical wand to get their files back, I get asked multiple times a day, and it doesn't matter if they where cheapo ones or name brand, they all fail over time just the named ones seem to last a slight bit longer.

      • Misha Oct 19, 2015 Link to comment


        I am sure you would. But are those the features that appeal to the broader audience? I suspect the answer is "no" based on reading the various forums. The cloud is great, assuming you don't chew through your bandwidth getting to it. And of course, assuming you can get to it. On a recent vacation, my ability to get a signal was close to zilch for much of the journey. The music I had downloaded to my smartphone's SD card came in handy along those long drives.

        Why buy a brand new phone with a "premium quality" glass back and then have to jury-rig something to cover it up? Why would someone want to waste their time and money in such an exercise? Wouldn't we want the manufacturer to understand the impracticality of using glass on something that admittedly takes a tumble now and then? Why would we expect Apple and others to provide a 128GB storage option but not Samsung? Did Samsung not think that their flagship phone was worthy of a higher storage option? Why do Note 5 users have to purchase an extra storage device that they have to worry about just to get the same amount of storage they had before and/or the competition offers?

        With all due respect, you and some others seem to be coming up with a variety of "work arounds" to explain how the Note 5 can be made to behave like the Note 4 and/or match the offerings from the Note 5's competitors. That alone should tell you that there are some serious flaws in the Note 5's feature set and its value proposition.

      • In the end, I'd rather have a faster phone then more storage. I'm a heavy user and what took most of my room on my phone was stuff I rarely look back at (like pictures or root related files) and that's where I use the cloud. If I plan to go anywhere, I download the music I backed up on Google play music for the trip. I always keep at least one album on my phone too. Keeping a ton of music and pictures on your phone is like wearing a a rain jacket in California/Texas for that off chance that you might need it.

      • Something I seem to forget to mention, all SD cards will fail over time. The longest I've had one last is 9 months. As any phone tech person how many times they have people ask for the rep to some how wave a magical wand to get their files back, I get asked multiple times a day, and it doesn't matter if they where cheapo ones or name brand, they all fail over time.

    • There is no discussion in the better performance of the Note 5. The SD-slot and the removable battery, an issue that is easily fixable. I was considering a juice pack and an SD-card module but I ran into a moduar case on www.i-blades.com. I am settled until the S8 went out :)

  • Misha Oct 18, 2015 Link to comment

    "Premium quality?" I suppose putting glass on the back of a very expensive electronic device that - as we all know - is likely to be dropped, bumped, and banged on occasion is a wise move. In some parallel universe, perhaps. This makes as much sense as putting glass on your car's tires. I imagine your tires outfitted in glass would look good too. Well, until you started to drive the car. And your Galaxy Note 5 will look great as well. Until you drop it , which are likely do, given how slippery the glass back is.

    Too many of the authors reviewing the Note 5 gloss over (no pun intended) how impractical it was for Samsung to put glass on the back of a cell phone, instead focusing on how the glass looks. I appreciate good styling as much as anyone, but at some point, function has to come into play, even if it means some compromise with respect to style. My phone goes with me all over the place, including the gym, hiking in the mountains, jogging, cutting the grass, etc. Why the heck would I want more glass on it than necessary? Am I the only one that as had their phone slip out of his/her hands?

    Glass does many things well and is the perfect material for some applications. Doesn't the back of high tech/high price electronics that get taken everywhere need a certain amount of ruggedness and durability? And I don't care if it is Gorilla Glass - it still quite capable of breaking. You have to wonder what rocket scientist at Samsung said, "Gee, can we put something fragile on the back of our flagship smartphone which will make it slippery and increase the likelihood that our customers will damage the phone? I got it - glass!" What reasonable person will look at the Note 5 without wondering if they will eventually break the glass back when they accidentally drop the phone? I have to wonder if it might break even in a case. Just why Samsung would wish to introduce such concerns into its customers's minds is a mystery.

    I never worried about a plastic back on my S5, since I always had a good cover on it. And even if the plastic cover did get scratched, I could simply buy a new one on Amazon for less than $10. A good screen, a good battery, and an micro SD card option and no one - absolutely no one, would have cared about either a plastic or metal back on the Note 5. I seriously doubt that Samsung is selling more phones because it chose to opt for a glass back instead of one made out of brushed aluminum. A simple brushed metal back would have been just fine and eliminated customers's concerns on this front.

    And I probably could have swallowed the lack of removable battery and SD card if Samsung had: 1. Given us a bit better battery, and 2. At least offered us a 128GB storage option. Did Apple corner the market on 128GB storage options? What are Verizon's reps telling their customers regarding having only one option for a 64GB Note 5 (navy blue)? Put stickers (dbrands and slickwraps) on the phone to change the color (of the one and only model of the Note 5 with 64 GB of storage Verizon carries). We are reduced to buying to spending an extra $20 or so to change the look of a brand new Note 5 because Verizon doesn't care to offer customers a white version of the Note 5 with 64 GB of storage? Sigh...

    I really tried to justify the Note 5, but simply can't get over the cost, and the mix of new and deprecated features. The more I think about the Note 5's feature set compared to the Note 4 and those of the competition, the more I scratch my head. I will continue to wait for Samsung's competitors to finish their 2015 introductions. The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 from Verizon is shaping up to be a good looking phone with solid specs and a decent price tag. If nothing strikes my fancy, my Galaxy S5 may suffice until I see if Samsung learned anything and makes some better product decisions regarding the Galaxy S7, due in March.

    I have been searching for Samsung's Note 5 sales numbers, but they are difficult to find. Given the preponderance of comments on the forums indicating customers's disappointment with the Note 5, it has to be negatively impacting sales. The Note 5, if it had a better mix of features likely could have spurred quite a few people to upgrade, even from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the venerable Note 4. It might have even lured some from the Apple camp and taken the winds out of the sales of the competitors this fall who are all announcing Note 5-like products. Instead, I suspect many, like me, are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what else is announced or deciding to skip the Samsung upgrade cycle altogether.

    Just who attempts to beat with the competition by introducing components that may increase the likelihood of damaging the phone, decreasing storage options (when everyday there are new apps and content to download), deprecating popular features, and producing fewer color/style options?

    • Tl, dr: I hate glass, I don't even have windows in my home. I'm also very clumsy, I drop things all the time. Oh, yeah, I also hate Samsung.

      There, fixed that for you. You're welcome.

      P. S.
      Grow up, will ya?

      • Your telling him to grow up? You the person who insults peoples comments and writes tldr like the child you seem to be.
        Your just mad you brought the note 5 and now realise how insignificant the upgrade from note 4 is.
        Oh and in response to whatever you may say next, get and make me grow up

      • Yes, I'm that kid next door you hate a lot. What can I say, no one showed me the right way in life, so I'm like this. My comment made you really mad, maybe talk to his mom about this... or are you his mommy?

        Yes, I was mad I brought my Note 5... wait a minute, brought it where???

        Oh, and you know, I'm just being helpful here, it's *You're, as in You're welcome.

      • Bla bla bla and thanks for biting

      • No problem. Hopefully you learned a thing or two.

      • Well I did learn your an easy mark

      • Oh crap, you caught me. You know what they say about intelligence: it's the ability to learn. You must be really intelligent.

  • Here are three simple reasons why the Notes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are MUCH better than the Note 5 (and also why hardly anyone has, or will buy it)

    1/ No external SD card support. Combined with the tiny 32 gigs of internal memory, power users will and have, kept away. A mobile device simply isn't always near a clear signal (aeroplanes, underground trains, tunnels, countryside, buildings with thick walls, travelling abroad, high data costs/plans, throttling, etc), so external storage is simply needed.

    2/ No external battery. Again, while out travelling (using the device while MOBILE), it isn't always easy to be near a power source to charge the battery. Combined with the ability to hard-reboot the phone by removing the battery (essential if and when the device freezes, crashes, etc), then this is yet another essential function.

    3/ Nothing to distinguish this device from an S6 or iPhone 6S (large screen version). Due to Samsung removing the two core functions of the Note (see above), then why would anyone bother with the Note 5? Casual android/Samsung customers already have the S6 (which also had exsd cards and replacement batteries removed), while a far more attractive phone, sans exsd cards and removable batteries, is already available via Apple.

    Again, the Note 5 is a failure, which is why it wasn't released in parts of Europe and why Samsung lost all of its power users, who were the main market for the Note series.

    • You lost me at number 3 when you said Apple makes the most attractive phone. Huge ugly bezels, smaller screen but much bigger. All of reviewers are saying the note 5 and s6 edge plus were more attractive.

  • I'm loving my Note 5, I've been waiting on Samsung to switch to premium materials on the note line. The note 4 design wasn't enough to sway me away from the iphone but the note 5 grabbed my attention. I actually noticed the screen off animation also, I like it. I disliked the capacitive buttons turning on constantly, so I installed Galaxy Buttons to turn them off, it's available in the play store and offers control over the buttons that Samsung left out for some reason.

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