How to turn any song into a ringtone on your Android phone

How to turn any song into a ringtone on your Android phone

Custom ringtones are a simple, cool way to personalize your Android smartphone. You can use your favorite songs as ringtones and assign each one to specific friends, family members or your boss. In this article, we'll show you how to create custom ringtones for Android using any song step-by-step.

Custom ringtone using Android 9.0 Pie

Android has a way to create custom ringtone baked right into its operating system. If you are using Android 9.0 Pie or later, you don't need to download anything special to get this to work. You will need to have the song or audio file on your device, however.

Once you have your file stored on your phone, head over to Settings and then Sound. From there, you can choose the ringtone and call volume for each SIM (if you have a dual-SIM phone as pictured below). Tap Phone ringtone and then at the top right of the screen click on the + icon to add a new ringtone to your list of default options.

any song as ringtone
You can make any song your ringtone straight from the OS on Android. / © NextPit

You can choose from songs, artists, albums, genres or choose a tack from a folder. By searching through the folder tab, you can even add WhatsApp audio as your new ringtone, if you'd like. Once you have added a ringtone, it will appear in your list of tones. Simply select it and press OK at the bottom of the screen to confirm the change. The example pictured above is an MP3 track called biggergirls, which I recorded on guitar.

Custom ringtones with a third-party app

There are several apps on the Play Store which can do this, but for this tutorial, we'll be using an open-source app called Ringdroid. Don't let the old school design fool you, Ringdroid is the best out there in terms of features and reliability. The app allows you to use any sound or song you have on your smartphone as a ringtone. Once you have created your ringtone, you can then set it as your default sound or assign it to a specific contact. In addition to ringtones, the app can also create custom alarms and notification sounds.

Getting started: First things first, you'll need to install the free Ringdroid app from the Google Play Store. To turn a song into a ringtone, you'll also have to have the audio files or music you wish to use on your smartphone's internal storage or its microSD card. Ringdroid is compatible with MP3, WAV, AAC and AMR audio files.

1. Open the Ringdroid app on your smartphone.

2. Once the app launches, you'll see a list of all the songs on your device, as well as all the ringtones that came with the phone. To view all the sounds on your device specifically, hit the More icon (three dots) in the top-right corner, and choose Show all audio.

3. Select the song you would like to use as a ringtone from the list.

androidpit how to turn any song into ringtone 4
You can choose any song on your device to turn into a ringtone. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Once you have selected a song, its waveform will open up in the editor. Use the two sliders above and below the graph to choose a start and end point for your ringtone.

5. Finally, save the sound clip by pressing the floppy disk icon. You can rename it if you want to, and specify which type of alert you want to use it for (the default option is ringtone).

androidpit how to turn any song into ringtone 3
Creating ringtones is simple with Ringdroid. / © ANDROIDPIT

All the ringtones that you create will be stored in the app’s main overview. If you have a lot of songs stored, you can search through them with the magnifying glass icon.

What song will you be using as your ringtone? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Chatmoresley 7 months ago Link to comment

    I often use Joyoshare VidiKit to save online music to computer in different formats and then send to my phone. It is much more convenient as some songs I want cannot be downloaded directly.

  • vanmore Feb 29, 2020 Link to comment

    Great app, easy to use.

  • adn Oct 6, 2019 Link to comment

    It does work :) Thanks

  • Paris Young Mar 18, 2019 Link to comment

    I am using Synios Manager to create and save the ringtone to Android mobile phones. It is very easy to operate.

  • Roisin Cherie Jul 23, 2018 Link to comment

    I used RingDroid to make ringtones of Dimash Kudaibergen's songs!

  • Sophialing White May 25, 2018 Link to comment

    When I use Apple Music to make my exclusive ringtone for my Android phone, it seems that I can't do this due to DRM protection encoded in Apple Music files. Before starting to make ringtone, I need to remove DRM lock with DRmare DRM Audio Converter and then I can freely make ringtone from Apple Music and convert them to wanted audio formats with ease.

  • Rothman Mar 13, 2018 Link to comment

    I have been using this app for a fair time.

  • zoeyst Mar 13, 2018 Link to comment

    It's really quite easy. Mark!

  • Andrew Burgin Mar 13, 2018 Link to comment

    Ringtone maker is the one i use and its so easy to create a ringtone or notification ringtone

  • Hunter Jach Aug 22, 2017 Link to comment

    Interesting music editor

  • Glorida May 26, 2017 Link to comment

    Great app. Before I am using Apowersoft Phone Manager to transfer and set ringtones for my Android, but it can only set what I stored in my phone and cannot slip directly as it is a phone manage tool not a ringtone tool. But now, I will try this app to design and set my ringtones.

  • prekyap Apr 19, 2017 Link to comment

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I have recently downloaded this app from app store and was confused how to use it after reading this article I'm now able to use it to get my favourite songs as ringtones.

  • Carmalene McGhee Jun 2, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm using "Strawberry Letter 23"as my ringtone.

  • Srinivas jakkula Jan 5, 2016 Link to comment

    My Redmi 1s updated. After switch on it z showing with 3 language n it z mi recovery 2.0.1.not starting my phone. Wat to do.

  • LastTUBE Jun 14, 2015 Link to comment

    Please take a look this app, LastTUBE.

    It can download ringtone(also mp3, videos) from Youtube directly to smartphone.
    And it can be edited by Ringdroid app.

    google it "lasttube2"

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jim Schultz Jun 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Works great except I wish I could use the tone for notifications as well. The only options it gives you is default ringer and contact ringer. What happened to notifications?

    • Greg1100 Jun 10, 2015 Link to comment

      I ripped many of my cd's into mp3's as a playlist. Then into phone.

    •   1
      Deactivated Account Aug 6, 2018 Link to comment

      I just used it for notifications, the option is there

  • Tim Berneche Jun 10, 2015 Link to comment

    I had this on my device in 2013 but removed it because WM Player converts my CD tracks into WMAs and it didn't work with those.

  • Greg1100 Jun 10, 2015 Link to comment

    I have been using this app for a fair time. It works well, easy to use. Brilliant.

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