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Our top 5 Android and iOS apps of the week: Screams, Zombies and Pumpkins

Apps Halloween 2021
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No, it's not a Sunday like all the others! It's Halloween and Antoine is on vacation. So this Sunday, Creepy Casi is going to give you five spooky, free or paid mobile apps and games to play with your treacherously loud beating heart. All found in the abandoned corridors of a derelict mental hospital in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Normally it's Antoine who greets you at this point and comes up with handpicked apps and games. Today it's my turn again and I've tried to find a few nerve-wracking, scary apps to fit the occasion. At best, their horror doesn't consist of luring you into sinister in-app purchase traps or ripping your data out of your cold hands.

So if you're craving eerily beautiful apps and mobile games, you've come to the right place! From games to productivity apps, here are the 5 free and paid Android/iOS apps of the week on NextPit!

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Spooky Halloween Sounds

Smartphone creepiness on Halloween undoubtedly includes a soundboard app. There are quite a few of those out there, and this one is free, available for both iOS and Android, and well-reviewed. The app does what every soundboard does, of course: You tap a button and the corresponding sound plays.

There are a handful of soundtracks from well-known horror flicks, a few sound collages, and plenty of really neat noises ranging from the howling of a werewolf to angst-filled screams to chain rattles. Kindly, the app also explicitly points out how long it is until Halloween. Simple, but fine app that does exactly what it's supposed to.

  • Price: free / ads: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required
Spooky Halloween Sounds
Yes, screenshots of a soundboard are possibly witless. But it's enough for an impression. / © NextPit

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Are there any "Best Halloween Apps" articles without at least one app that turns your selfie into a cuddly zombie? Exactly - so we have a suggestion for you here, too. "Dead Yourself" comes with the official "The Walking Dead" license, which is also of limited importance for this kind of app.

The idea is familiar: You take a selfie and then have your face transformed into a pretty zombie visage. You can then modify it as you like by giving the face a different set of teeth or something similar and maybe even sinking an object into the head.

The result is a zombie that follows you with its eyes when you tap on the screen, or at best even snaps at you. You can then save the fun as a picture, GIF or video and then send it via Instagram Story or otherwise into the infinite expanses of the Internet.

  • Price: free / ads: yes / in-app purchases: no / account: not required.
Dead Yourself
Almost better than my normal selfies / © NextPit

Pumpkin Carver

It doesn't always have to be horror and gruesome horror on Halloween. Let's just chill out and carve away at a pumpkin. Whether it's just to pass the time, or because you need inspiration for real pumpkin carving - here you can carve away without a care in the world.

First choose one of 12 different pumpkins and then you can start right away. You have various tools at your disposal for the carving and you can also doodle around. If you want, you can save your masterpiece afterwards and admire it in your gallery.

  • Price: free / ads: no / in-app purchases: no / account: not required
Pumpkin Carver
Carving relaxation! / © NextPit


Yes, I know what you want to say: TikTok is not exactly an app tip. But for me it has the advantage that I don't have to introduce the fun to you. TikTok is not only a rapidly growing video platform, but of course offers you a lot of suitable filters, especially for Halloween. So you can definitely get the right horror look for your videos.

You can choose from tons of filters and there is also a Halloween category to match the event, where you can let off steam as much as you like. If you only want to watch videos, you don't need an account, but you do need one to create videos.

  • Price: free / ads: yes / in-app purchases: no / account: required
It doesn't get any prettier than this / © NextPit
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Into the Dead 2

Of course we want to finish off our top 5 with a game today, and what could be better for Halloween than a good zombie slaughter? "Into the Dead" goes into the second round with this tip here and sends you on another zombie hunt. You are - once again - in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and fight your way through the darkness after a car accident.

Your destination: your own home, where your family is waiting to be saved by you. Visually beautifully done, Into the Dead 2 is not exactly the game that impresses with game depth. Instead, it's relatively simple: dodge and shoot is the motto! Remember to be careful with your ammo, otherwise a wide open zombie mouth could be the last thing you see in this life!

  • Price: free / ads: yes / in-app purchases: yes / account: not required

So that's it for today, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! I'm off to the fields to wait for the Great Pumpkin. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you can relate to our apps today and what Halloween recommendations you have for the NextPit community.If you like, feel free to tell us how you spend Halloween, or if it's just some commercial "holiday" you have nothing to do with.

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