TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates

TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates

It's impossible to imagine a world without time. We all know that time is money, time is relative, and time always seems to catch up with you.

How can you make out time in this endless sea of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years? Well, our memory tries to connect certain events with specific dates. Most of you are probably aware of what you were doing on September 11th or any other major event in your lifetime. Our life is full of countdowns - whether it's the upcoming World Cup or your loved one's birthday.

You can finally stop waisting your time counting in your head or on your fingers.

TKWeek is the perfect tool for the superstitious, the curious, and simply hardcore date fans (history buffs included).

Read on about what this whole deal is about in our complete test report...


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.5 1.9.3

Features & Use

Like I said, TKWeek is all about days, weeks, years, and everything in between.

First off here are all the available functions:

  • Convert date and week: Find out in how many weeks a certain date is or the other way around.
  • About a date: Want to find out more info about a certain date? Simply enter in the date and you'll receive information about: what day of the week your date was, which day of the year it was, what horoscope sign this date falls under, and whose name day this date is. You also have the option of reading up on your date with the help of relevant Wikipedia articles.
  • Days between dates: Want to know how many days old you are? Or how many days there are between now and January 1st 2525? Then you'll find feature to be just the thing for you.
  • Events: Need to know how many days are left till Easter? or Christmas? maybe even Halloween? This feature lets you know about upcoming important dates and events, including those you created yourself. This gives you a great overview of everything you have to look forward to during the year.
  • Friday 13th: Superstitious? No Problem! With this feature you'll know about all your unlucky days in advance.

And by the way, this app also comes with a widget for your homescreen.

Bottom Line: Let's face it - this app isn't for everyone. My first thought testing this app was: what's the point? But after playing around with it for a while, I found it too be actually quite entertaining. I read through a couple of interesting articles on Wikipedia, programmed the upcoming World Cup into my list of upcoming events. So if you like stats, you won't be dissapointed. For everyone else - not worth the hassle.

Screen & Controls

 The first thing that catches my eye when I open TKWeek is it's dark design. This app totally lacks any kind of graphics. Good looks aren't a must, but this black look is just depressing. And that's only the tip of the iceberg...

Example: So I wanted to find out how long ago the French Revolution was and entered in July 14th 1789. The thing is you can only adjust the date using the + or - buttons. That may be easiert than typing on a keyboard, but try going back all the way to 1789 without going COMPLETELY INSANE. Totalwaste of time and energy.

Let's take another example, for instance. On the "Days between dates" feature, two buttons are displayed: "Today" and "Pick". I found that to be a bit illogical. Shouldn't the app know today's date automatically? How can you adjust "today's" day?
Pretty poor thinking on this one.

Bottom Line:

The user interface is just shabby. A lot of work could be done to improve it. An app that offers such a small range of features should at least be able to score highly on usability and graphics. TKWeek fails to live up to that standard.

Even the information presented on the screen for you appears to be random and disorganized at times. Major improvements are needed to make this app fun to use.

The controls are just barely good enough to scrape by with three stars.

Speed & Stability

 TKWeek runs smoothly and crash-free.

Price/Performance Ratio

 TKWeek can be downloaded for €0.50 from the Market.


TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates TKWeek - The Wonderful World of Dates

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