Samsung Galaxy S8: what features do you want to see?

Samsung Galaxy S8: what features do you want to see?

a wobbly end to 2016 for the company, we're excited to look ahead at what 2017 might hold for us. One of the expected highlights will be the Galaxy S8, if 2016 is anything to judge by.

Samsung Galaxy s8 concept Steel Drake 02
Samsung Galaxy S8 concepts that surfaced early in 2016 / © Steel Drake

High hopes?

What sort of hardware design do you want to see?
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What new features do you want to see on the S8?
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Admittedly, the last option above isn't very likely, but the rest of them aren't entirely impossible. It seems unlikely though Samsung would return to a removable rear panel, especially given the popularity of the design of the S range in recent years.

The big question is, however, what features do you really want to see on the S8? Let us know below and we can add them to the poll.

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  • Get rid of that anoying gray bar on top of thr sreen when power saving mode is turned on. The s6 was transperent

  • Dane Dec 14, 2016 Link to comment

    Android *Oreos*

  • I'd love to see stereo speakers and a much better sound chip.

  • This is a small, but annoying thing -- please give us an option to have the home button *not* wake up the screen!!!!

  • Just make it as good as a Note 7. In the short time we had the Note 7 we were spoiled. I've been having to fight the temptation to throw my S7 Edge out the window.

  • Perhaps Samsung can make one that dosent catch fire

  • First of all, it needs to be 100% safe. Then it needs to have a bigger 6.2" display but with a better screen to body ratio. If they put the most high end specs with a bigger battery and with the latest version VB of Android(7.1.1.) I will be pleased. One thing is for sure, Samsung makes great hardware butt their brend has suffered because of Note 7. They need to go all guns blazing on this one.

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Nov 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Personally I would love the 6.2 inch display it doesn't have to be 4k 2k would be exactly fine and the battery must be between 3800 or 4200mAh the IRIS SCANNER which was on the Note7 would be great. Removable battery ISN'T NEEDED that's going backwards design wise. At the end of the day S8EdgePlus will be one of the most selling handsets of 2017 definitely.

  • I do love the smaller Bezel concept photo! I think they need a really different design or feature, otherwise people will either get a cut price S7 Edge (to avoid the potential of an exploding phone) or go with another brand.

    • What kind of nonsence is this ? If I would be worried with overheating or catching fire, I would not buy another Samsung phone. Do u really belive Sams let that happen agein ? I think they learned there lession. U got 2 look forward.

  • 256gb memory sd card this and more as I wait for Note 8

  • LRNZH Nov 28, 2016 Link to comment

    128GB internal memory with dual sim or dedicated dual sim slots beside memory expansion. Samsung dual sim execution on the S series is half-arsed with the option of dual sim or memory expansion.
    Everything else is ok as issued with the Note 7 except the fiery batteries.

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Nov 28, 2016 Link to comment

    The removable battery is a must. 4k screen useless on that small a screen except maybe for VR headsets. I always thought sticking your phone in a head set rather than a having dedicated device is a half ass approach to doing VR. Fitness monitor paired with the phone would be nice but there are plenty of apps for that already. Flat screen version is a must for me also, I hate curved displays. one option you did not put on the list is true water proofing that would be great. No the removable battery does not make it impossible. I have a Pentax camera with removable battery good to 33 feet.

    • Dude, this is the year 2016-17. Removable battery is a thing of the past. We have fast charging now. I agree with u on the flat screen. They should give us the option 2 choose. Also screen size. I would like 2 c, 5.1, 5.5 n 5.8 or 9" with same spec's

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