Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4: is the Nexus 6 really too big?

Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6
© TonGi018/Android Police/Samsung/Apple

I recently wrote an opinion article about the Nexus 6 alongside the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4. So am I just crazy? Is the Nexus 6 actually the perfect size?

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Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Nexus 6
Maybe the Nexus 6 isn't too big after all? / © TonGi018/Android Police/Samsung/Apple

Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 4 is a multitasking business tool with a stylus, split screen apps and a whole swag of things that require a larger screen. As far as productivity goes, it's unbeatable and the enlarged screen size is one of its key features. I'm not quite sure what Apple was going for with the iPhone 6 Plus, but it's basically just your standard large-screened smartphone. So what is the Nexus 6's angle?

Nexus6 flagship size comparison
Comparative sizes of the current flock of flagships. / © clawz114

I don't know yet. Perhaps it's just a large screened phone and nothing more. Perhaps Google has some new angle for the next Nexus that we're all unaware of. Being based on the Moto X (2014) and hopefully relying heavily on voice activation and hands-free control, the Nexus 6 may well have its screen off a lot more than its predecessors, especially if it comes with an AMOLED screen. There's really nothing in it in terms of size between the three devices, so if you don't think the Note 4 or the iPhone 6 Plus is too big, is the Nexus 6 any worse?

Is the Nexus 6 too big?
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Do you think Android phones will all hit the 6 inch mark next year? Is the Nexus 6 too big or just right?

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  • CJ Brown Oct 8, 2014 Link to comment

    Anything about the Nexus 6 is speculative, while one can only hope it doesn't turn out like the Samsung Galaxy Mega (which is an alright "no contract" smart phone for the price it is going for) ....

  • My1 Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

    Well the i6 does feel a bit wide, but maybe that was because of the alarm device on the back of the phone.

    I dunno how it's with the Nx6, but you have to have had it in your hand to be sure, especially coz everyone has another hand...

    Anyway SamsungNote4ever.

    But what do samsung note devices in relation to ppl who are secretly gay?

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Oct 3, 2014 Link to comment

    Truth be told the Nexus 6 will be just like the iphone 6 plus a sad JOKE to the phablet category. It's ashame all these devices are arriving today perpetrating a fraud faking the funk. Samsung made this category prominent four years ago for a reason now all these half hearted phablet that are nothing more than a big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE are on the scene. At the end of the day it's the Galaxy Note products that are the GOLD standard of technology today the proven legitimate product worldwide all manufacturers try to copy. Who wants a no frills phablet that doesn't have any creativity, multitasking/productivity abilities and a crappy camera to boot all stock android trade marks. No thanks it's only the Galaxy Note 4 for me nothing else matters period.

    • Byron Garay Oct 3, 2014 Link to comment

      Yes, Yes, and Yes... HANDS DOWN, Galaxy Note has no competitors.

    • Anzadwok<3 Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

      I get what you mean, but still, a lot of guys will be buying this phone (including myself) which might mean that it's successful. So even if you think it's a cheap copy of the Note series, it will be a hell of a device.

      I had my Notes, had my Nexus phones too, and I wouldn't buy a Samsung over a Nexus ever.

      At the end of the day you are happier with a clean, fast system and (the best) user experience over crappy bloatware and features (which seem nice, but) you do not really use.

      • Byron Garay Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

        I know what you mean too, but you cant really compare stock Android's functionality with Touchwiz's... Touchwiz is years ahead of Stock Android in many ways, yet Android L has caught up with many of these features but it might just be Personal preference. That is why i love Android.

      • Anzadwok<3 Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

        Throught the years I considered what I need most. The only feature I missed was the phone keeping the screen on by monitoring my eyes. Though I can live without such :P

        I hated touchwiz and later I managed to live with it, was cool, but I am glad I don't have it anymore.

      •   16
        Deactivated Account Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

        We've all had our fair share of broken down battery draining stock android handsets this won't be no different just because it's a fake phablet wanna be. It's a well known fact that NEXUS means poor features, putrid storage options, and comical battery life, and crappy camera nothing new here in my book. Google can't fool or perpetrate any fraud here the Galaxy Note products pimp slap any silly Nexus anytime yearly.

      • Mohammed Saied Oct 19, 2014 Link to comment

        Totally agree with you i have note 3 and angered by the booring laggy TouchWiz.
        I won't buy a Samsung device or recommend it to any one pure android is the best.

    • Kevin Stagg Oct 4, 2014 Link to comment

      I love my Note 3 too, and I get what you're saying. If you have that big screen but nothing else to bring to the table? Stylus works for me and that is why prob the Note 4. My only hesitation is the camera. Not happy with the cam on the Note (esp when compared to my wife's iPhone 5s). I've heard a lot of good things about the Moto X 2014 (and rumors of its big brother Nexus 6). Also the monster 20MB lens on the Sony Z3.

      I just want a good, clear camera too on the phone. I love my Galaxy line of phones. Love 'em. I've had everything from GS2, GS3, and now Note 3. Hell, I even like TouchWiz. Just hoping for better pics.

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