Despite Apple’s Best Efforts, Galaxy S3 Sales Are On The Rise

Despite Apple’s Best Efforts, Galaxy S3 Sales Are On The Rise


After winning a billion dollars in court against Samsung, and weeks after releasing a new flagship iPhone 5, Apple was probably expecting that Samsung would be having a pretty tough time with its Galaxy S3 flagship, especially after portraying Sammy as a company that simply steals and copies. But if the newest sales numbers are any indication, it seems Apple’s strategy may have backfired, as Samsung Galaxy S3 sales are surging despite Apple’s efforts to slow it down.

According to a report by Localytics, Galaxy S3 sales grew by 16% during the week of the Apple verdict. But what about the week of the iPhone 5 announcement? Surely Sammy’s numbers took a dip? Apparently not, as sales of the S3 were up 15% during the week of the iPhone 5 announcement. Weird right?

Not when you think about it. These numbers indicate quite a few interesting points. For one, it’s now clear that consumers obviously do look at the Galaxy S3 as a viable option to the iPhone 5. If they didn’t, the S3 would be slowing down sales wise following the iPhone’s release. It could also be that Apple going so hard on Samsung and the Galaxy S3 has made people wonder about how great the phone truly is, as Apple doesn’t normally go through such efforts to block so many products from one company in particular.

Apple might have thought that after winning in court, that consumers would hopefully say “Samsung just copies and steals. What a bunch of wankers”. Instead, it seems to be more of a “damn..why are they going through such efforts to block this particular phone? Maybe I should have a look at it!”. While we can never know exactly what the real reason is, one question comes to mind: If a courtroom win and an iPhone 5 can’t slow down the Galaxy S3, what can?

What do you guys think? Is this surge due to the iPhone 5 being somewhat of a disappointment? Did Apple make the mistake of giving Samsung a bit too much PR? Or has interest for the iPhone simply reached it’s peak?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

P.S - Here's a chart outlining Galaxy S3 sales growth, courtesy of Android Police:

Picture credits: and Android Police

Source: Android Police

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  • @David - That's a good point. Apple realizes that simply mentioning their name can point consumers in their direction out of clear curiosity.

  • If you ever wonder why Apple doesn't compare their phones directly to the S3 (except in Patent Wars) just take a look at the graph of weekly sales for the S3.

    The largest sales for the S3 were when Apple bashed it in the courtrooms and when Apple released the 5.

    They don't even want tto say the name out loud and make people aware of the alternative.

    You know why people bought the S3 after the patent coin toss, advertisement, but the increased sales after the release of the iPhone 5? People went to the stores to get an Apple phone and saw the S3 there.

  • @David - Yes, it will get the update starting this month:

    About the rest, I really feel that rooting for any company is fine, but most of them in the end will turn out to be more or less like every other company. They are in it for the $$$, and ALL have their dirty little secrets.

  • @ Craig

    I'm sorry, I din't quite understood what are you trying to say. I'm unfamiliar with the terms "there phones" and "there business".

    Other than that, isn't this historical turn you warned about already happening for the THIRD time? You see, soon Samsung could become the "Evil guy", just like Microsoft and Apple did by rising from the underground. So, I wouldn't approve your cheering for Samsung either.

  • guys think about it, 10years ago everyone hated bullying corporate microsoft and seen apple as the underdog fighting against corporate giants. All new age hippies slung it to m.soft, there stand against the establishment. Now skip to present day. How the tables have turned. apple are now the giants doing everything they can to stop others from gaining any sort of foothold. Lawsuits or threats of them. Trying to get competitors banned. There phones wont let u share your music cause of drm, theres no bluetooth to other non apple phones, u cant get software from anywhere else, u cant move files to directories where you want them. its all completely anal its non of there business what i do when i purchase there phone. most iphone users i know rooted their phone within a week. Ideas they think were stole, SO WHAT, man up. build a better phone that allow to do what they want with, new thinking not the same sh** in a diff package and less of the threats of whatever against the other competitors, there all as guilty of copying ideas as the next. i hope google law suit wins and costs them billions. there not the only big fish in the pool and the others have a mean bite too.
    samsung through and through. simply the best

  • does any know if the htc one x is going to get this new android jellybean update or not , i know samsung are getting it but don't know if the one x is or is not any help will be most apreciated

  • maybe maybe not , but i reckon htc or nokia or eaven sony may getit right soon and give sammy a run for its money , i dont think htc are far behind at the moment with the one x or the one x+ lets wait and c if it can catch up with sammy

  • @Dvoraak - "Not firing on all cylinders" is a nice way of putting it bro. Sums it up perfectly.

    @Apple Conspiracy - I find myself doing that often. I have to remind myself that both Apple and Samsung are in it for the $$$ more than anything else.

    @David - I agree. The battle won't end anytime soon, especially between Sammy and Apple. I don't see anyone taking that space from them anytime soon.

  • i think the battle could go on for sometime , because every phone maker wants the crown as the best phone on the market , but some of the makers are doing more and more improvements taking there phones to the next level , but others seem to be standing still , lest see what phone rule the roost in the next couple of years eh.

  • @ Nick. I wouldn't cheer for Samsung like that. They actually did even more unethical thing than Apple is normally doing. They are all here for the money, especially when you know what kind of company Samsung is, and we should not support that.

  • @Nick - I agree with you except the resting on "perfection" part. I think Apple takes security very seriously (though Macs are considered less secure than previously, iPhone still has an almost spotless record) and without that feature they'd lose a large bragging point. I think that's why iPhone 5 still doesn't have NFC and why, of course, they will never open up the ecosystem. I looked recently on iTunes and couldn't find one major anti-virus app. No Kasperski, Web Root, AVG or Norton. There simply isn't a need. You'll never see Apple willingly give up that trait.
    I'm not sure iOS is even capable of everything and the kitchen sink. It's performance relies on optimization as much as hardware specs. That will keep them moving slowly forward.
    The worst thing Apple can do is what they've done with iPhone 5. They put out a product that's not firing on all cylinders. That's their other major bragging point and sales feature.... aaaand they blew it.

  • thanks for that, i will check out both launchers , chears , i agree samsung are winning the battle against apple, because they havn't stood still in there work to produse the altimate phone and they have done it , if all the revues are true well done samsung , but still waiting for the htc one x+ to come out , it will be pretty special.

  • @Nick - That's a hell of a summary bro, and I completely agree with you in every point you mentioned. It is definitely Sammys time to shine!

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Oct 4, 2012 Link to comment

    The original Galaxy S, the phone that supposedly "copied" the iPhone, was a brilliant move on Samsung's part. I reckon Sammy looked at the iPhone and said, "Yep, pretty good. But guess what, we can do that too." And so they did. Apple subsequently cried foul, of course, but really, what Samsung did was no different to car manufacturers mimicking the designs and tech of other cars. (The massive media attention of the recent trial worked in Sammy's favour too, and had the deliciously ironic effect of painting Apple as the bad guy, rather than Samsung, despite the fact that Apple "won" the trial.) But, unlike Apple, Samsung didn't rest on their laurels. Having proved that they could match the iPhone, they then leapfrogged and produced *better* phones, first the S2, and then the S3, and even leapfrogged into new territory with the Note.

    Samsung are beating Apple because Apple chose to remain stagnant and closed (due to the misguided arrogance of thinking that they'd already achieved "perfection"), whereas Sammy chose to continually build on and develop their product lines. The end result of all this is that Sammy is now creaming Apple. It's not too surprising, given the history. Good on them. They deserve every bit of their success. Apple had their brief moment in the sun. Now it's Sammy's turn.

  • @Daremo - Indeed they do!

    @David - No problem bro. I find it quite funny. But you should check out the Galaxy phones. Battery life on it is pretty solid too.

    If you want a good ICS or JB launcher, try Nova Launcher. Its AWESOME. Apex launcher is also quite good.

  • never had one of the samsung galaxy range phones but my mun and dad own one each but me i own the htc one x , great for game play , only thing wrong with this phone is the poor battery life, could be go ex laucher im useing draining it , any one know a good alternative launcher i could use that don't drain my battery

  • sorry dude force of habit allways wrote like that, and yeh samsung are good so are htc's

  • Samsung rules!!!!!!

  • @Daremo - HAHAHAHA! The man is obviously pissed! :-D

    @David - I think he's just wondering why your caps lock is constantly on :-D


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