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How to keep your Android phone unlocked at home

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Did you know that your phone can stay unlocked automatically at home? Or that you can activate the unlock code when certain Bluetooth devices are connected? The feature I want to tell you about in this quick tip article is called "Smart Lock" and it's more practical than it seems at first glance. Let's go!


  • Google Smart Lock offers you many practical unlocking functions for your smartphone.
  • Examples: Keeping your phone unlocked at home or not displaying an unlock code with your favorite Bluetooth headphones.
  • Despite not being a new feature, it is far too unknown.

Do you unlock your smartphone with a classic unlock code, a pattern, or immediately via fingerprint sensor? On the road with friends or in public, locked smartphones provide more security and even in case of theft, it's hard to steal your data as well. However, all these things are less relevant when you're lying on the couch at home.

At home, it can be a pain to unlock your phone. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor on the side or on the back, for example, you will always have to hold it in your hand to unlock it. Regardless of the scenario, Google offers an useful feature called "Smart Lock" that does exactly what the name says: intelligently unlocks your phone.

How to use Google's Smart Lock

Smart Lock can be found in various Android overlays in different places. However, you should find the feature under the term Smart Lock in the Android security settings. Alternatively, use the search in your phone's settings, if there is one! Once there, you have to enter your password or unlock pattern for security reasons. Now you have three options:

  1. On-body detection: uses various sensors on your phone to detect when you carry the phone in your pocket after unlocking it. If you then place it on a table, for example, it is automatically locked again.
  2. Trusted places: Here, your phone remains unlocked based on your location. In addition to your home address, you can also specify other locations - such as your work desk - via GPS.
  3. Trusted devices: Particularly practical in connection with headphones, smartwatches, or your stereo system at home. As soon as a trusted device is connected via Bluetooth, your phone remains unlocked. Possibly also handy for car drivers who use the phone as a navigation device!
Smart Lock Google Android
Smart-Lock is a really practical tool for your cell phone comfort / © NextPit

The settings within these three options should be self-explanatory, so I won't go into them further. Before I ask you for your opinion in the comments, one more security note:

Even though "Smart Lock" is quite handy, all three features decrease the security of your phone. Although there is little chance that a thief will drive by your house after stealing your phone and unlock it, they are still unlocking options that work without your intervention.

But now: Did you already know about Smart Lock and do you use the function? Let me know in the comments!

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    Lizzy Feb 23, 2022 Link to comment

    Have set smart lock up at home from several different instructions but it only works for a certain time. Any chance you can let us have your instructions?