How to fix "Screen overlay detected" error

How to fix "Screen overlay detected" error

If "screen overlay detected" has suddenly popped up on your smartphone's screen, you're in the right place. Here we'll explain why this message is appearing, and how to make it go away. Follow this step-by-step guide to handle it the right way.

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Error message “Screen overlay detected”: the cause

  • The problem: Android suddenly warns you that a screen overlay has been detected. 
  • The reason: This message appears when you’re running a floating app, and then start a newly installed one, which requests access rights. Common floating apps include the chat heads of Facebook Messenger that can appear floating above other apps.
  • Affected Smartphones: Users across the internet have reported experiencing this problem on Samsung and Motorola smartphones, among others. AndroidPIT managed to replicate the behavior on a Vodafone and a Samsung smartphone.
  • Problem apps: We replicated the problem using Drupe, but ES File Explorer, CleanMaster, Lux and Twilight have all been blamed for the problem.
  • The technical background: As a security measure, apps ask for permission to use certain parts of your phone (internal storage, camera, etc.). In theory, a display overlay can interfere with the dialogue requesting permission, so you need to disable the feature to interact with the dialogue.

The solution: a step-by-step fix

Step one: "Screen overlay detected" fix

Find out what apps have permission to draw over the screen. On a non-Samsung smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings
  • Tap the magnifying glass at the top right
  • Enter the search term “draw”
  • Tap Draw over other apps
  • Alternative route: Apps> [gear icon]> Draw over other apps

For Samsung users:

  • Open the Settings
  • Then Applications > Application manager
  • Press on More > Apps that can appear on top
AndroidPIT screen overlay detected 3
How to find the settings for app overlays on a Samsung device. / © NextPit

Step two: check app permissions

You will find yourself in front of a list of apps that have permission to use floating buttons or other screen overlays. Now you need to identify the problem app and temporarily deny it permission to draw over the screen. Here are some pointers on how to identify the app that’s causing the trouble:

  • Do you see an app bubble on your screen? If so, this app is almost certainly the cause. Either you hide the app bubble or disable the app in the list.
  • Do you have an app installed that changes the colors on the display or adjusts the brightness?
  • Reportedly, Clean Master can be a trouble maker. If you see Clean Master in the list, disable it.
  • If there’s no obvious cause, disable everything.
AndroidPIT screen overlay detected 4
The list of apps that are allowed overlay permissions. / © NextPit

Step three: re-try the app

Now you can try launching the app again, and it should request permissions without the “Display overlay detected” error getting in the way.

For Samsung users: We have also received a report that suggests the one-handed keyboard setting could be the root cause. Deactivate it by going to Settings> Advanced features > One-handed operation.

Step four: reactivate screen overlays

In order for the app(s) that you have disabled in step two to work again, you need to re-enable its overlay permissions. If you turned off all apps, it might be worth considering only reactivating only the apps that you actually use.

Step five: use safe mode

If the above steps don't work, there's an additional step you can take to try and fix the issue. This requires you to use the "safe mode" Android feature to manage the app permissions.

This method requires you to remember the app you’re having these issues with. (e.g., if it’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger).

  • First, press the power button of your phone.
  • Press and hold the Power Off option on the pop up prompt.
  • After holding it for a few seconds, another prompt pops up, asking you to enable Safe Mode. 
  • Choose OK, the device will reboot in Safe Mode.
  • Now, when your phone has turned on, go to Settings, and then to Apps.
  • Here, scroll down and find the app that suffered from the screen overlay problem, select it.
  • On the app page, select Permissions.
  • On the Permissions page, enable all the permissions the app was asking previously. 
  • After this is done, reboot the phone.

It's a rather inelegant workaround, but it's the best we have until Google makes the necessary changes to prevent app overlays from interfering with permission dialogues. Newer versions of Android don't appear to suffer significantly from this problem, and it seems to be mainly reported by users of Android Marshmallow. 

App-based solutions

There are a couple of apps that exist to address this issue. Because it involves downloading additional software and displaying ads, we still recommend to first try the manual solution detailed above. Still, if it does not work, it could be worth giving these apps a try.

Install Button Unlocker

There's an app called Install Button Unlocker that unlocks the install button caused by the screen overlay error. 

When you activate this app, you’ll be asked to allow it access and permission to draw over other apps which is required for it to override issues caused by other apps. Once the Install Button Unlocker is activated, re-try the activities that were previously affected by the overlay error. If it's working correctly, the error should no longer occur.

Alert Window Checker

Then there's Alert Window Checker, which checks if any app is using screen overlay permission.

When you activate it, Alert Window Checker displays a menu of the apps and whether they are using the overlay permission. If they are, you can select that app and then either force close it or uninstall it, depending on whether you want to use the app regularly. 

Has this guide helped? If you are still experiencing the error after following our guide, leave a comment, so we can try to help!

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  • Sonya 9 months ago Link to comment

    I have been trying to figure this out for days thank you so much the button unlocker work perfect

  • URGHHHH!!!...Just literally spent ALL DAY trying to clear my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 of the Screen Overlay Detected issue...NOTHING or ANY OTHER ARTICLES helped with solving this issue....SO GLAD I googled upon this series of problem solving...I had to get all the way to the STEP: Install Button Unlocker….THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart....I CAN NOW USE the APP....that was showing this screen overlay detected block..."HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY" are a lifesaver....I KNOW I am HAVING A WONDERFUL NIGHT, NOW....LOL....can't say it enough, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  • fgsjml Dec 25, 2018 Link to comment

    I tried every solution I could find on the internet. Nothing worked except a factory reset. Then I discovered that the problem was being caused by having "Select to Speak" active. Duh! (I often turn it on because of my poor vision.)
    PS: This app does not appear in the "Apps that can appear on top" list, even when system apps are being displayed.

  • PipPip Dec 19, 2018 Link to comment

    Hi, i tried the given solutions for samsung Galaxy s6 edge, but nothing worked. I don't have any unusual app. I only use it to call and text , but suddenly the message can't be opened as screen overlay is detected. Any other solution?

  • Sorin Dec 15, 2018 Link to comment

    I tried to correct the problem and used corrector fluid, which is also used for documents. Then I was very tired to wipe the screen, because it erases quite hard ...

  • Kim626 Aug 30, 2018 Link to comment

    Thank you sooo much for the help. I was ready to get a new phone bc the overlay would not let me do anything! Your directions saved me a lot of money and frustration.

  • After a Factory data reset, it works well for several days, but the problem came back again. But 'Turning off permission to draw over other apps' in all apps worked for me in my Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH your guide step by step was A LIFESAVER.

  • Nothing had worked, and I have been beating my head against this problem for months. Disabling all apps didn't work, but the Install Button Unlocker did the trick, when nothing did.

  • Thanks alot! Disabling all apps worked for me.

  • Rarely got the message, and then managed to find the way to the permissions issue. A headscratcher last year was sudden refusal to install APKs, the install screen would show but the button wouldn't function. Turned out the culprit was a blue light reduction app, that apparently overlays some internal controls whenever it's on. Disable it in the notification area, and the device returns to normal. Not sure how many other functions are affected by these things.


  • Screen overlay problem, I put my problem down to a change button app even uninstalled had same problem as it changed operating system files, did a factory reset all good, don't forget to back up or copy emportant stuff. Hope this helps someone with the same problem so they don't spend weeks trying to fix like I did. Regards Rob

  • I have an LG Stylo 2, and the 'Install Button Unlocker' is a MIRACLE! I've tried so many step-by-step instructions, and didn't want to mess with safe mode, so I tried your suggested app. Thank you so much! It works perfectly! I'd recommend it to everyone!

  • I have a Motorola, and the first steps didn't work, but the App installation solved my problem!!! Thank you a lot!!!

  • For anyone still having this problem this video should be able to help you fix it: search "screen overlay Mr. Robo Carrot" on youtube.

  • john b Dec 29, 2017 Link to comment

    I've had screen overlay issues with Samsung J5 prime. Solution was to uninstall an app ES File Explorer. After weeks of frustration it was as easy as that.

  • Kay Dec 26, 2017 Link to comment

    Thank you for information but unfortunately. None have worked for my 5s Samsung.

  • its a bug not a feature, and a confusingly worded one at that. yes I do have overlay apps but I want/need them and I shouldn't be forced to disable them just to grant a permission to another app. At most this could be a warning: android temporarily had to disable the following overlays in order to change the permission. Why on earth doesn't this stupid dialog name the problematic apps anyway? Frustrating users which such anoying messages will likely make them disable security features like this and thus make them less secure overall.
    I have now installed "install button unlocker" and it works like a charm, despite its misleading name. Thank you androidpit for the suggestion.

  • Wow !!...thanks alot guys.. installing the button unlocker solved my problem🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌

  • Thanks a lot I was suffering with this problem along time ago, this solution solved the problem when I uninstalled E.S file application. thanks again.

  • thanks for this .the safe mode solution worked for me.

  • Thanks very much - this message has been driving me crazy. Don't know which app was causing it so I just switched all of them off, then allow my camera etc on a newly installed app, then put them back on again

  • Holy Fucking WOW...
    Guys such a big relief...
    Twilight was that As*#le in my phone that was causing this trouble...
    Such a big relief after getting continuously pissed off by it...

    Thanks a tonne team!!!

  • I do not have ES File Explorer and have this issue. It has taken my Android experience from good to bad. Really this is kind of embarrassing for Android to let a major recurring annoyance like this slip by. So many times I need to do a simple task like open an app or attach a file and "screen overlay detected" pops up, I enter the settings and its not even turned on for that app. Trash.

  • This article very well helped to me. I could made the changes on my tablet

  • i just restarted my phone.. problem solved

  • Install Button Unlocker is great. Irritating Ads though. Need to buy to get rid of the ads.

  • Same here, on the Note4 uninstall ES file explorer and problem gone.

  • The problem was indeed due to ES file explorer. It works fine after I uninstalled it. Am using Moto G2

  • Ramki Oct 17, 2017 Link to comment

    Thanks. as you said, in my case, the ES file explorer was the problem. after uninstalling the apk , the problem got solved.

  • Hello and thanks a lot. You guys solved my problem. Keep up the good work.

  • It didn't work for me... any suggestions? I have everything except Facebook messanger turned off right now

    • I have a Samsung Galaxy 5s

      • Here one solution:
        I have Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). I tried to fix issue sometime and at the end, I succeed in it. Cause of failure laid in 'Net Booster' application. So I just unticked 'Floating Bubble' checkbox.
        If this doesn't apply to you then check setting in this kind of background applications.

  • Disable ES Swipe from ES Explorer menu page, in case it's turned on. It solved the problem for me

  • Samsung Galaxy 5, same issue, toggling on and off did not fix. But uninstalled ES Explorer as recommended in the comments here and the error went away. Fastest fix.

  • I'm using Mote X Play. I tried all these steps but it dint solve the problem. Is there any alternate solution?

  • Galaxy J5 Prime ES Explorer was the problem, Uninstalled and the error vanished.

  • I tried everything on my grand prime+ but still getting that problem i need help...please...

  • Motorola Turbo Droid. I removed ES Explorer. Problem fixed!!

  • same here on note 4 got rid of es explorer and solved the screen overlay permissions issue. re installed es and still working as it should

  • My phone is a Samsung A5 2017 model and I have followed the instructions, even going a far as resetting my phone and I am still getting the screen overlay message. Help this is frustrating!

    • Got the same problem on a Samsung j7. Switched off ALL "apps that can appear on top", done the one-handed keyboard setting, even tried "safe mode" as some youtube vids suggest (though safe mode seems to prevent some apps appearing). Either this is a virus, or there are hidden apps running in the background that cause the problem. This seems so fundamental to Android 6, surely there is a more comprehensive fix needed.

    • In my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) cause of failure laid in 'Net Booster' application. So I just unticked 'Floating Bubble' checkbox and then problem disappeared.
      If this doesn't apply to you then check setting in this kind of background applications.

  • ihave no du speed booster neither ihave the es explore but the problem has persisted someone reply me please its my tecno w3

  • Thank you so my case twillight was causing the problem..thankss..( user of moto g3)

  • I have a Moto G 3rd Generation and this problem is driving me mad! I have tried all solutions and still it persists - help

    • DeroG Sep 7, 2017 Link to comment

      check if you have babel fonts installed on it
      force stop that app in the app settings and try again

  • I did everything suggested and factory reset my phone and it still is doing it

  • I fixed it!I did a factory reset,problem gone

  • I have done what you asked and deactivated all my apps but i still get screen overlay detected when I try to open certain apps

  • ES Explorer was the main and only culprit. I have tried every possible things, but unable to resolve this error...At Last I uninstalled ES Explorer and and the problem gone. Thanks Everyone for writing here

  • Removed ES File Explorer instant fix. Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1

  • Uninstalled ES File Explorer...... job done

  • If you're still having issues even with disabling apps, you may be able to bypass the problem by giving the application the necessary permissions yourself.

    I have an LGG3 so the wording or availability may differ for others, but I went to Settings > Applications > Configure Apps (from menu dropdown) > App permissions

    There I saw a list of permissions (Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone, SMS, etc). I clicked on the permissions the app I wanted to install couldn't get because of the overlay problem, then enabled the permissions for that app from there.

    I'd disabled everything and rebooted my phone twice and couldn't get rid of the overlay detected error, then started digging through my settings until I found this, and it worked.

  • for those who do not have es file explorer but have du speed booster,
    uninstall the du speed booster

  • After disabling all apps also, found same issue. Frustrated with this.

  • i do not have most of the 'culprit' apps mentioned here, especially got rid of ES explorer and still get that dam message. I disabled all my apps without any luck. I can't even open a new app even after it was installed because of that message.

  • frustrated for hours and delete the assistive touch app, i am free again.
    samsung c5 pro

  • ...and again, I disabled everything (5 apps at a time) but still got the error. I then uninstalled ES File Explorer and this fixed it.
    Samsung Note 4

  • Thank you So So So much..
    I was frustrated being not able to add/edit my contacts on my brand new S7 due to this stupid "screen overlay" error.
    Problem solved..!!!!!
    ES File Explorer was a culprit. App is good though, I was using since long time on my earlier phones.

    • Thank You X10 for posting ES File Explorer; pooched 5 hours of my time, not to mention downloading OS upgrade 5X. Learned a lot in settings tho Much Appreciated

  • Thank you. On my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 I disabled everything but still got the error. I then uninstalled ES File Explorer and this fixed it. From all of the comments here this app is clearly a problem.

  • Thanks for the article. Request you to add ES File Explorer as a possible troubling app in the article.

    • We've added it to our list of potential problem apps in the article. Thanks for the comment!

    • I tried everything, finally I decided to go into 'Application Manager' and 'Force Stop' Es File Explorer, than walla. Finally!

    • My reply is too late no doubt but it may help someone. My phone is a Huawei and I tried every option available that I had found on the web - nothing worked. Then I realised that I had a "floating app" on the screen called " floating dock" which is a shortcut for a number of functions. I disabled this by going to settings, smart assistance and selecting floating dock off. My what's app then worked fine - I wasn't able to download any photos with it but now it is ok, after selecting on for storage in whats app.


  • After uninstalling esexplorer file manager works fine. Thanks for all guys who gave this suggestion.

  • I had to uninstall my app that filtered blue light on my tablet, now everything is working again!

  • SOLUTION: this issue was driving me CRAZY. I had to uninstall ES File Explorer as well. You're the BEST.

  • SOLUTION: uninstall ES File Explorer!! Thanks for all the guys that suggested it!!!

  • Uninstalling ES File explorer worked for me... probably won't install it again!

    • Eventually tracked this down to an ES File Explorer 'add in' .. Just disable 'ES swipe' from the main ES File Explorer menu, no need to uninstall it

  • I don't have ES explorer but I keep getting the screen overlay stuff, it's really frustrating me. Any more advice??

  • Joe B Jul 16, 2017 Link to comment

    It was ES File Explorer for me too, and when i uninstalled it the messages disappeared. They had started to really bug me and i could not work out what was wrong. i tried disabling all the apps as suggested above but the problem persisted, uninstalling ES File Explorer did the trick. Thanks to all who brought this issue up and shared experiences

  • Solution: Uninstall/disable ES File Explorer. It worked for me, thanks to all who commented earlier this month.

  • I struggled for hrs to come out of screen overlay problem on my Lenovo k5 note but after uninstalling ES file explorer shit my phone is ok now. I WL never again install it.

  • Very Easy SOLUTION. Just go to Settings -> Apps -> Configure Apps -> App Permissions

    Then select on the list, Then Turn ON all the apps permission..

    • OK, I do it, and it say again like "screen overlay detected, deny it first..." Such endless cycle. Eventually, I got tired of it, and I did a full reset of that shit phone. And it works for now.

  • I trying to fix this trouble at Nomi i4510 with Android 6, I have denied permissions to draw over the screen for all apps, including system ones, but no effect. It still say "screen overlay detected". No extra apps installed except Viber. What's more?

  • Thank you. For me like many others uninstalling ES File Explorer fixed the problem.

  • Thank you for this article. This was a major problem for me and has been driving me crazy ever since I purchased my cell phone at the beginning of the year

  • ES File Explorer was the problem for me. This was driving me nuts and after reading a couple of articles I remembered one of the last apps that I installed that might be causing the problem. I UNINSTALLED that file explorer and everything is working fine. What a crappy friggin app ... I won't be installing it back any time soon.

  • That Es file Explorer was the issue for me as well. Will install it back once I can find nougat update

    Thank you.

  • After trying almost everything with no success, I found the issue: I disabled ES File Manager Swipe function and worked!

  • To me, the issue was persisting even after restricting all the apps to "Draw over other apps". Then, I uninstalled ES file manager, and the problem got resolved. So, if the above steps didn't work, do uninstall all the file management apps and try again. will work mostly..!!

  • I have tried absolutely everything and nothing seems to work. Every time an app wants to access my photos or use my location or anything like that it says "give permission for location" and I click yes and then the screen overlay thing pops up and says I have to get rid of that or I can't allow my location. I don't know what to do but I know it is really frustrating me because it restricts me from doing simple things like using snapchat and sending photos on Facebook. PLEASE FIND ME A SOLUTION

  • For me the culprit was es file manager... When i uninstalled it, sreen overlay problem gone😀😀😀

  • Worked perfectly on my Xperia X compact!
    Looks buggy (button in "deactivated gray") but sure did The trick :)

  • I tried all steps but doesn't work.
    Finally I reset my device. Still error is there. I fade up with this.

  • I must report that the steps listed above have failed me miserably. I have a new Samsung j3 and I have turned them all off n i still get the screen overlay detected message. Please help me out if possible.

  • I agree, I have the Vodafone smart ultra 6 and this new feature to it I dislike very much. Can't it just be removed?. Apps have worked over other apps on here before. I tried the all ways I've seen on here so far and nothing. Its taken 4 hours to be able to take a photo of time sheet to send for work. Sorry if this is all easy for geek's, but I build buildings not apps

  • I followed the whole procedure and no apps have screen overlay permission now. It made no difference. It's a Simbans Presto tablet with Marshmallow. Same problem with every file manager I've tried, including ES Explorer, X-plore, and File Manager Plus.

  • i have assistive touch app, i disable draw other apps and the screen overlay problem gone, thanks for the tips😸

  • Hi, I have an itel1513 android 6.0 marshmallow. I've tried everything and still can't fix the Screen overlay error problem?? Please help me. Thank youx

    • All of you guys can solve this problem by a very simple step first switch off your phone then again switch on your phone with long pressing the volume down key then your phone work in safe mode after it you can give all permission to your apps then switch off your phone and again switch on your phone without pressing any key thanks for reading and go for it if you like pls like it

      • Thank you. I tried all the steps listed above for my Samsung S5. No apps showed overlay permissions so that didn't work. I couldn't find one handed operation so that didn't work. Booting in safe mode, setting permissions, then rebooting did the trick. Thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you so much. Been dealing with this for almost a month .

  • Du battery saver is one of the culprit for this error, just press force stop it will be fine.

  • For me, it was CM Locker that caused the overlay. This sucks because the built-in phone security lock app in my Samsung S5 has a tendency to freeze and not allow me to unlock it so I don't use it.

  • Galaxy S5, Android 6.01. Tried all the steps above but no change. ES Swipe was the cause of my problem.

  • In Moto g3 mobile with Android 6.0.1,
    When you open an App if you face the "Screen Overlay Detected" Error pop up.
    First switch off the mobile.
    Then Press the power button ON which is on the side of the mobile, then press and hold the volume control down bottom till the mobile Desktop screen is shown to boot in the safe mode.
    Go to settings-> Apps -> Select the App which you had faced the above error popup.
    Click on "Permissions" then grant the permissions for the listed items like "Camera","Contacts",etc...
    Then swich off the mobile, then Switch ON normally(DONT press and hold the volume down button),
    Open the app then you wont see the error.
    It works 100%..

    • Yes! I have an S6 Edge, so the procedure for booting into safe mode is slightly different, but booting into safe mode is the only good workaround I have been able to find. Thank you.

  • just find the floating notification apps that appeared on your screen. disable it. then your problem solved!

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy s6 Active and this worked once but now I have almost very thing disabled, and it's showing screen overlay error but when I try to turn off any permissions to try and fix it it brings up another screen overlay error. It's beginning to piss me off and I have no idea own to fix the damn thing.

  • I have been suffering with the screen overlay issue for some time after buying a redmi note 4....thanks to Android pit I was able to solve the problem... You guys rock!!

  • Registered just to let it be known that in addition to security apps, it seems that apps that "boost" phone performance cause this message to come up too. If you force stop or uninstall the App, the screen overlay message will not come up.

  • Found a solution that worked for Sony XA ultra. It may work for other devices.

    2. Apps
    3. Gear icon (top right)
    4. Draw over other Apps
    5. Options (three-dots button top right)
    6. Reset APP Preferences
    7. Tap Reset Apps in confirmation

  • I did this, step by step with want is said here and other places, and yet, it is still telling me to turn off the screen overlay. HTC One M8. Recent apps, Transformers, Arrow, Navy Federal, Youtube Studio, Hellofresh, SiriusXM. Error was discovered while trying to use Youtube Studio app. I'll go and uninstall that to see if it is the fault. (moments later) I have restarted the phone and the error went away. However, reading further in the comments while waiting for the phone to reboot, turning off all the overlay permissions REQUIRES A RESTART of the phone. So.... either one of these fixed my phone. It works now.

  • My screen overlay is not disabling

  • *Galaxy s6 Edge - I tried it all of the above and nothing worked. Finally, I found the app causing the problem. I had the "360 Security - Antivirus Boost" app installed and notice under permissions allowed it had all the permissions ON so automatically I realized the app causing the "Screen Overlay" so I immediately uninstalled the app and guess what...the darn "Screen Overlay Detected" message was gone!

    • Thank you this worked for me after days of trying

    • I didn't notice the "all the permissions ON" setting of 360 Security, but after turning all the screen overlay programs to off, restarting my phone and still having the error, I just took a guess at what might be causing the problem and uninstalled 360 Security and it fixed my problem too. I'll look for another virus scanner now. 360 Security has too many 'features' creates too many messages to clean my phone and is covered in adverts.

  • I disabled all my apps but my phone still won't give permission for location access and says there's still an overlay somewhere. I'm getting really pissed off and don't know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!! None of these methods are working!!!!

    • Same happened with me. Then I found that I had enabled ES Swipe in ESFile Explorer and disabling from Es file explorer made this error away. Even when I disabled it in the draw over app settings it didn't worked, so I suggest you check if you have enabled any apps swipe settings disable it from that app and try again.

      • Thanks it worked great after doing that

      • I had the same issue, I followed the same steps as told in this article but the problem still existed. But then I read a comment here about disabling ES swipe. I tried it and it worked. So thank you for the suggestion.

    • Did you check the SYSTEM apps as well? Those and the DU Swipe in my Battery app worked for me. (Sorry if the system appps were obvious to you, it took me a while to catch it. And, I wrote down all of the apps I changed so I could get back to original config.) Good Luck

  • I've noted and disabled all the the apps that draw over screen accept the ones that are blocked like systems apps but still I'm unable to give permission. I'm really frustrated now as I can't even save a contact in my phone as it requires permission to storage which I'm unable to give.
    Any other suggestions?

  • I can't get passed step 1 on my phone (Motorola Droid Maxx 2). I put in "draw" and it acts like it's trying to find a wifi connection. Does anyone know how to fix overlay screen problems on this phone? Nothing so far will open.

  • I uninstalled 360 security and it worked and then reinstalled it

  • Mine was 360 security. I'm pretty tech savvy and I even broke down and called samsung and they were no help. So I factory reset my phone and the problem was still their. I read some comments and deleted 360 security and Its back to normal. Thanks everyone

    • Thank you so much, Ohmboy! Uninstalling 360 did the trick. My recently acquired Samsung phone was almost rendered unusable by this—well, that's maybe exaggerating a bit, but I couldn't even use Skype, so it was pretty bad. I guess I'll be looking around for another anti-virus app to replace 360 now...

    • Uninstalling 360 Security worked for me too! Thank you so much, I was beginning to give up on ever getting this fixed.

  • s g Apr 2, 2017 Link to comment

    i did exactly what u said . even after disabling all apps am getting this problem. please help me . even for the apps which permission was already given also asking again. i can't even use any apps . please help guys

  • At Google Play, download...'Alert Window Checker'. This app will tell you which apps are currently using an OVERLAY and at least one of them will be your culprit. Once you find out which one it is, temporarily disable 'Screen Overlay' for that app and go make your permission changes etc. It's not labeled 'Screen Overlay' on my S7.

    If your not sure how to get to the right place, this page can help:
    h t t p s://
    (remove the spaces in the link between 'https')

    • Yes, it works just install "Alert Window Checker" then it shows the apps which actually overlay the screen, just turn ON or OFF that apps permissions in setting, also uninstall 360 Antivirus app then problem will be solved.

  • I am unable to find the app which causes the screen overlay...this is annoying! Can anyone help me on this?

  • I have this problem but I am unable to find the prob app what should I do?

  • In my case, what was causing the problem was Google Photos, which had been updated this afternoon. Once I went to the PlayStore and realized it had been updated, clicked on "Uninstall" and my problem was instantly solved. Nothing else worked, not even disabling "Permit draw over other apps" for every single app did the trick. Only solution was uninstalling Google Photos.

  • Yes yes mine was being caused by DU battery but after unistalling it everything is perfect now thanks Amanda Powers

  • Dishi Mar 28, 2017 Link to comment

    I m using moto g turbo and I still have the same problem!!! I tried all your solutions but nothing works.... Due this I can't use any app.. please help me!!!

  • I still have the problem! It didn't change the issue at all! Tried it again and again...

  • You're AWESOME!! Worked like a charm! Did exactly what you said to do, which you explained PERFECTLY, and problem fixed! By the way, just as you called it, the culprit was the app that adjusted my cell phone brightness. You did good! Thank you so much! Now I can get on with my life :)

  • It worked thank you so much ,😘😘😘😘

  • ACKH Mar 21, 2017 Link to comment

    If you do not want to waste time finding out which floating app causes the displaying of the "Screen Overlay Detected" dialogue in order to temporarily disable the floating app to draw over other apps and then have to re-enable the overlay permission of the floating app after you let Android grants the required permissions of your newly installed app by selecting "ALLOW" in the permission dialogue, or the annoying "Screen Overlay Detected" dialogue still pops up every time you select "ALLOW" in the permission dialogue after you confirm all floating apps overlay permission have been disabled(this happens to my phones sometimes when I tested my app), all you need to do is to grant the required permission of your newly installed app yourself directly using the Settings app. The steps are:
    1. Open Settings App
    2. Tap on "Apps" to open the Apps page
    3. Scroll down the list of installed apps to find your newly installed app and tap on it to open the App Info page of the newly installed app. You would see "No permissions granted" under Permissions
    4. Tap on "Permission" to open the App permissions page of the newly installed app, tap on all the switches to grant all required permissions to the newly installed app.
    5. Return to your installed app, if the "Screen Overlay Detected" dialogue is still displayed, tap elsewhere (not on the dialogue) on your app screen and the dialogue would disappear, if the permission dialogue is displayed, just select "ALLOW" and it would disappear.

    • It's not that simple I've tried that on my T Mobile LG G4 as soon as I try to switch the permission of my storage to contacts Screen overlay detected appears again.

  • guys, when I search for "draw" I found nothing. pls help, thanks

  • I had disabled everything but the error would still pop up. I figured out it was the DU battery saver app and as soon as i unistalled it everythong worked again! this was on my samsung s6. Hopfully this helps someone else!

  • I disabled the overlay with all my apps, restarted the phone but am still get the overlay error message. I don't have any of the trouble apps mentioned (Drupe, CleanMaster, Lux and Twilight etc) and haven't installed any new apps recently. It just happened for no reason. I have also tried uninstalling a bunch of my apps. I am reluctant to reset my phone back to factory settings in case this doesn't fix the issue. I have a Motorola Moto G. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

    • I just deleted a bunch of apps (Facebook, Messenger, What's App etc) and restarted my phone and it has fixed the issue... Finally! Hallelujah! ;-)

  • I disabled the overlay with all my apps,restarted the phone but still get the overlay error message.I have an LG G3

  • I was trying to free up space. I reset the FB app. And as such the permissions were reset too. When that happened, I had also setup OneNote, which comes with a new feature of OneNote Badge. Well that was an error in itself. SO I tried disabling and enabling App Permission for FB still the same. SO I disabled the OneNOte Badge App and it was grand. So I looked the issue up and it's actually a known error. So will have to submit an error to Microsoft as I really wanna use that feature. But the article did help in terms of Identification.

  • I tried all your suggestions and still has not resolved this issue. I have a Sumsung S5

  • Thank you very much, the above guide has solved my issue...make sure to restart the phone!!!
    Samsung Note 4

  • Hey,

    Just to let you know guys that Messenger app (Facebook) was the culprit in my case. I disabled only that and the problem was gone.


  • It is amazing to me that android is the number one smartphone operating system. it is the biggest piece of crap ever EPIC FAil GOOGLE. I should have bought a iPhone which actually works unlike Android!

  • Screen Overlay detected problem solved:
    By Following this simple guide:
    >Option(Three Dots)
    >Click on “Draw Over Other Apps” OR “App Can Appear on Top” whichever option available in your device…
    >Now list of apps whose screen overlay is enabled will appear…
    >Disable /Turn Off For All App…

    Then Your Problem Must Be Solved…

  • The suggestions did not work on a Motorola Moto X. This is by far the most annoying error I have had to deal with. Please provide a solution for a Moto X mobile. Thank you!

    • My son has a Moto X and turning off screen overlay for all applications did not work. Then we removed an app called DU battery saver and that fixed it. It's likely that app or another causing the problem.

    • I just bought a new Moto X and it's not 30 days quite yet. My Bluetooth keeps changing from the audio not being checked, only way to fix is shut down. That take 3 min. each time. Now I have this issue. I'm researching phones to buy and think I'm gonna send this back. So frustrated.

  • From reading all of these posts, I figured that one or more of my installed Apps was causing the problem, and none of the Apps suggested was the bad one. So, I just started uninstalling 3 or more Apps at a time and restarting my phone (suggestion from one of the posts) . Not sure which one did the trick, but it's fixed now!

  • LanceM Feb 22, 2017 Link to comment

    On my Nexus 7 2012 it was the File Manager HD that I had to disable screen overlays. Then all was well.

  • For me it was the "Twilight" app. This app changes the screen color temperature to reduce blue light at dusk. Uninstalled the app and that solved the problem.

  • No worse solution i found yet!

  • No this hasn't help I've done all the above I've switched everything off then it tell me to give permission for storage I click on permission for storage and it tells me screen over lay detected all I want to do is access word to read an attachment

  • I suddenly started having this problem today on my LG Stylo.
    Now i can't install a new app and get it to run without being told to turn it off.
    I also can't use some current apps as well.

    I've shut off permissions for all the apps listed including system ones.

    No help. Same message pops up

    Even went into safe mode and tried.

    Really frustrated!

  • The fix for me was uninstalling FileManager HD.
    Motorola Moto x pure edition 2015

  • Still facing the same problem in Motorola phone even after following the steps. Kindly help. It's an emergency

  • Seems like an error with the sharing bit, not screen overlay. If you go to the sharing app (in my case it's google drive) and try to upload the file directly, it doesn't show that error.

  • "If there’s no obvious cause, disable everything", thank you ❤ that was it! Great work thank you very much.

  • I did everything step by step. And I'm still getting the same damn error message. it's bad enough now that it won't even let me save a picture

    • Uhm, I don't know if this would help but when you're on "draw over apps" the top right corner where the settings are (three vertical dots) it might say "show system" that would mean your system is hidden so therefore you didn't disable all apps, so show your system , and follow the steps given.

  • mhel Feb 11, 2017 Link to comment

    i was having the same problems on my new samsung galaxy A7 2017 , i have done disabling all of them and even uninstalling facebook messenger and whatsapp but still getting that error 'screen overlay " problem. what should i do now , please help. i cant attach a pic on facebook messenger or go live because of that "screen overlay" problem.

  • very helpful fixed my problem

  • I follow the steps but still facing an issue please help me i have Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Model# SM-A500F and i had updated 08/02/2017 before updating Marshmallo 6.0.1 version i used lollipop 5.0 something version no not sure it was working fine but after updating this version my is useless for me i am requesting you to please advise me how do sort out this issue or how do i revert back on old OS before releasing Marshmallo 6.0.1

    One more thing which is very important for your customers that if the any new release have some bugs please do not uploaded on cloud because if some one have any resources without phone so he will be in big problem same as me.

    look forward to receive your help full response.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • The above steps did not work for me on the ZTE Grand X4. Solved the issue by uninstalling DU Battery Saver. No longer getting the error message now.

  • Please how to fix over lay screen in Sony Xperia c5 with picture.... Please please

  • Hey every one. Just restart your mobile device . I had trouble while fixing this damn error . I followed above steps but no success until i restarted my device.

  • Tutorial with samsung galaxy s5 neo?

  • Am using a camon c7 and I've turned off all screen overlays but dis damn shit still keeps popping up.....pls I need a solution, this bullshit has almost rendered my phone completely useless ...

  • I have been using moto g4 play and tried to install Bhim app but it's showing me screen overlay error and I have tried everything but still it's not resolved

  • nelly Jan 30, 2017 Link to comment

    good using galaxy s7 edge and it has detected screen overlay .i tried fixing it by following the steps but no luck. I even updated the phone and deleted most of my downloaded of the applications but still, it has the same problem. How can I fix it its really annoying .Please help.0767807837 my whatsapp no

    • Try removing draw app permissions from file manager app. Along with Drupe,CleanMaster, Lux,Twilight, file manager could be a reason.


    • if you restart device then quickly go to new app that needs permissions it works but leave it to long it comes up with error..

  • I have a Galaxy S5 neo. I received the screen overlay detected message. I have been trying do everything you said before but it does not work. This is the first time that this happens. Could you tell me what else I can do?

  • Good Day! Thank you for the instructions, after i follow it and try to do it all my apps are already ok.
    yehey thank you :)

  • Im at a app will not work. When i use saving catcher to snap. Picture of the QR code it pops up the error...i follow these directions and walmart app is not listed in that list of overlay apps...i then goto the walmart app and adjust "permissions" when when i turn tje camera setting to on...tje dreaded error pops up again

  • I tried the detailed steps and they did not work. As soon as I uninstalled the DU Battery Saver app it was fixed! Thank you.

  • It is literally stopping everything I do.. Worst bug in history

  • Hello, I have same issue in Le eco Le 2 ,I have try everything u suggest but it didn't work I can't even open my messages or games ,what I can do is just call or receive.plz help

    • Did you try removing draw permissions of file manager app? Along with Drupe,CleanMaster, Lux or Twilight. Try that.

      Cheers ✌

  • Thanks for info as soon as I uninstalled DU Battery Saver no problems!

  • I uninstalled DU Battery Saver in my Moto X Pure Edition. Voila! The screenoverlay detected error is gone for good!

  • Algis Jan 19, 2017 Link to comment

    Another problem app - "shutapp" (actualy task killer with buble) - uninstalation solved problem on my Samsung Note4...

  • all i wanna say it's just fuck samsung fuck galaxy fuck Android sun of bitches !

  • FIXED: All of this is fine, but when it did not work, I found the solution. Sure, I turned of all of the "draw over other apps" permissions, and still no joy. There were no Facebook bubbles. So I looked at the drop down list of notifications, and there was one or two that never disappeared. So I cleared all that I could by swiping, and I tapped the ones that would not move, and I get into their settings, and I turned them off, or turned off their permissions. And bingo, problem solved. My phone is a Motorola Moto G3 Android.

  • Have been trying to use excel 9n my galaxy s7 by screen overlay message keepsopping up even after disablING it on all other apps
    Like Facebook and messenger. Getting very frustrated. Please help

  • Thank you! Exactly the help and info I needed, none that I didn't. (pairing a Fitbit)

  • I have turned off every overlay even system ones and still get the overlay issue.

    • Try uninstalling any recent app that u updated or installed which draw permissions, apps like CleanMaster, Lux, twilight, file manager, du battery saver or similar apps. Should work.

      Cheers ✌

  • Hi guys I have this overlay issue after downloading messenger.
    I tried all the above steps but am still getting the message even when I turned all apps off.
    I have now been denied access to photos and video

  • Hi there, I have a Samsung galaxy s4note, I have followed all instructions referring to the screen overlay detected, but to no avail, could you please help me with this problem

  • Have a Samsung S6 edge and the overlay issue was resolved disabling the Du battery saver and rebooting the phone

  • Steve Jan 14, 2017 Link to comment

    My problem occurred after the latest Samsung-Android update 1-2017. DU Battery saver is the problem, I uninstalled, did a restart and all is good. I have used DU Battery saver for a year without a problem so I am guessing it is related to last Samsung- Android update.

    • Same problem here. Already try above tips but still same. Uninstalled DU apps & everything back to normal. Using Samsung S5. Dont forget to enable back the permission manually if you already disable it.

    • THANK YOU thank you!!! THANK you this was driving me crazy!!! When i deleted the DU battery app ot all worked again!!

  • I did this on my s7 edge but i still got the problem
    also before i switched off all of them and now my permissions are gone
    i cant use music, my contacts on whatsapp are gone,

    • Saad, it does it to me constantly. I recommend that you go back in and turn all the overlays off then on again. Restart your phone. It had worked for me. Hope it helps

  • DU Battery Saver was the culprit for my Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. I uninstalled it and the screen overlay detected error disappeared!

  • The app that was causing my issues was DU Battery Saver. I removed it and everything was back to normal.

  • Hi I have followed all the steps that are told above but still find the same problem with my moto xplay dont know what to do pls ping me if you find a solution for the same.

  • Thank you.
    musicmatch app causing this trouble for my xperia m5
    once i disable that app, everything back to normal again.

  • thanks, got my what's app on again, I was about to reset phone (xperia z5 premium)

  • mine was facebook messenger causing the issue

  • On my Droid Turbo I removed all my widgets and was able to get mine to work with out the overlay message to pop up.

  • varun Jan 9, 2017 Link to comment

    Hi,I own a moto x play and even I'm facing this issue from past few days.Have tried the above methods,but still no luck!Please give me a solution asap

    • Hey buddy, I too have Moto x play and was facing the same issue from a couple of days but then I browsed and started uninstalling the floating APS like speed booster, antivirus, cleaner and all and just after the second app it worked fine.

      Though it will ask u fr permission but trust me that will b fr d last tym.

      Got my thing solved.

  • hi i have SONY M4 aqua
    even i tried all that it's not working at all
    i am getting same problem of screen overlay continues to appear
    apps which are affected by this are not letting me to change the status from not permit to permit
    i am touching on the screen but its not sliding to permit.
    i don't know what to do
    i am not able to access so many apps

  • Ahmed Jan 9, 2017 Link to comment

    In my case (on s7 edge) it was easy touch software which show up every time, disable that do resolve problem, thanks

  • Please help me! I have droid turbo as well and am beginning to lose hope :( :/

  • I also have a Droid Turbo that has this problem since the installation of Marshmallow this last week. Have not found a solution yet.

  • I have a Motorola Droid Turbo, followed all of the steps, but it continues to give me the overlay error.

  • I did all you told us but the screen overlay continues to appear. Please help me

  • Thanks a Ton! I figured the Asus Messenger App was messing with my phone. Deactivated the app and it worked.

  • Thank you very much indeed. It worked on my Samsung A5.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy J7. I have a magnifying glass app bubble that I think is causing my problem. I have disabled everything else. How do i get rid of This? If I press and hold, it will move around, but not go away. No trash can appears either. Help. Please.

  • Hello! I'm using tecno w3 I had the same problem! Way shld I do? Plus it's really query.

  • Thanks, it really amazing it work well on tecno camon c9

  • The culprit for my S6 edge is the Easy Touch app (the blue circle). I uninstalled the program, then voila everything works properly now. They were right, you just have to find this 1 app that is causing this "screen overlay" message pop up. Goodluck guys, it was such a pain in the ass.

  • Hello, I have a Samsung A7. It was good everything till last week when I started to show screen overlay permission error. I have deleted almost every apps which could cause such problem as explained above. But, it is still not working. Please help. Should I reset to factory setting?

    • Yes, factory reset is the best thing you can do. Once done, if problem still persist find this one app that is causing the "screen overlay" message to pop up. Mine is the Easy Touch app. Uninstalled it, then phone is working properly now.

  • Hello. I had the same problem for so long time. I just uninstalled Du Speed Booster and all is ok now. Magic. And weird. 'Couse Du Speed... is good cleansing app.

    • Hi! Did you reinstall Du Speed Booster after the problem was solved?

    • Mine problem was DU Battery Saver. Unistalling solved annoying problems

    • WOW THANX!!! I been trippin out over this problem---just started 2 days ago for no reason. Ive spent hours on google and even went to the phone place and they couldn't help me either. I was bout to have to do a factory reset cuz I tried everything and nothing works. Saw your post and uninstalled DU Battery Saver app and problem solved!!! (Galaxy S5)