The 4 best karaoke apps to sing your heart out to

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Music is a wonderful thing. It can make you think or brighten up your day. And if you don't just want to listen, you can sing along. If you want to let your hobby run free, karaoke apps will help you live out your passion exactly the way you want to.

Actually, it doesn't really matter whether you prefer to sing together with others, all alone or share your musical talent (or lack or it) with others. All that matters here is fun. But with karaoke apps you can take this fun to a whole new level. The different karaoke providers offer you several different models. We have put together a colorful selection of karaoke apps for you.

Smule - the social singing app

Like singing alone or together with many people? If you are one of the undecided and would like to publish your voice on the big worldwide web, the karaoke app Smule offers many possibilities. Besides karaoke singing, you can also sing songs Acappella or dance to the music. It's nice that it also gives you a karaoke game for parties. Here - as with other karaoke app games - you have to hit the blue bars with your voice. At the end of the song, your points are added up.

Among the extensive features, the app offers are audio track editing with studio effects and Facebook compatibility, which allows you to find other karaoke enthusiasts on Smule. To record, you need to give this app permission for your smartphone's microphone. With this app, it is up to you whether you want to use the basic version for free or spend money on the extended VIP version.

Download Smule for Android

Download Smule for iOS

Karaoke - sing unlimited karaoke songs

Yokee's karaoke app offers you karaoke fun without having to invest any money. Compared to Smule, the offer of this app may not be quite as extensive; but for all those who just want to have fun singing without a lot of bells and whistles, this app is perfectly suited. You can choose from a wide variety of themes and genres. My personal highlight: you are not dependent on songs of a certain language. French Chansons, JPop or rather ordinary rock is up to you.

Besides singing, you also have the possibility to record your voice, edit it with special effects and then share it with others via Facebook. Although the app itself is free of charge, you can, of course, spend money by buying in-apps.

Download Karaoke app for Android

Download Karaoke App for iOS

Karaoke Lite: sing and record for free

If you don't want big databases, but just an app that gives you a collection of YouTube karaoke videos, then Karaoke Lite is the right place for you. Granted, the app does not offer you the same scope as other karaoke apps. However, the app is free, takes up very little space on your smartphone and offers a simplified voice search function. For a karaoke evening with friends, where you don't want to spend a long time searching for the right karaoke video, this app is therefore perfectly suited.

karaoke lite app from aloha std
With the language search, you can quickly find the right karaoke song. / © Aloha Std

Download Karaoke-Lite for Android

ALL Free Karaoke - Sing & Record

Are you looking for a karaoke app that offers you many songs but doesn't share them with everyone in the world? Then All Free Karaoke can be something for you. The app is free of charge and offers you the possibility to record your voice as well as a wide range of songs. In addition to an integrated language search function, you can also create lists of favorites and thus access your top karaoke songs wonderfully quickly and easily.

all free karaoke from idolpa inc
Sing in different languages and find your favorite songs. / © IDOLPA Inc.

Download All Free Karaoke for Android

I have to admit, I am a big fan of karaoke and love to get myself worked up while singing. What about you? Do you use karaoke apps and have you found something suitable for our list? Or do you know another "must-have" app that we forgot here? Let us know below the line!

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