Content Guideline


Welcome to nextpit GmbH (“nextpit”)! On our online portal, you can find all kind of information related to Android. The regulations applying to your use of the site are available in our Terms and Conditions.

These guidelines define the substantive rules you need to consider when using this portal. All activities on the site (as well as, but not limited to: blogging, downloading, uploading, offering apps, etc.) are considered as usage. Content shall refer to apps, forum posts, reviews, information and links.

By using our site you are obliging to adhere to these regulations and to notify us when others abuse them.

  1. The user is obligated to use this site lawfully. The legality of usage is governed by the laws of Germany.
  2. The user is definitely banned from offering, delivering, from providing access to, or promoting any content that:
    1. Represents any kind of propaganda, or content that is against the free democratic order or against the concept of international understanding.
    2. Glorifies war or uses symbols of unconstitutional organizations.
    3. Represents any action committed during the National Socialism in a way of being able to disturb, to deny or to trivialize the public peace,
    4. Represents any action to incite hatred or violence against groups based on ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age or sexual orientation/gender identity or to harass, despise or to denigrate them.
    5. Describing cruel or otherwise inhuman violence against humans, or offending in any way human dignity.
    6. Demonstrates children or youngsters in unnatural or sexually-suggestive poses.
    7. Pornographic, violent, or sexually-abusive actions against children or youngster, or sexual acts between humans and animals.
    8. Anything whose purpose is to provoke, shock, dramatize, express violence or threats, or to encourage to any illegal activity.
  3. Each user shall be liable for the compliance of regulations of intellectual property law.
  4. Personal and/or confidential information and data of others must not be published or made available during or in connection with the use of the portal.
  5. nextpit reserves the right to remove – either partially or completely- content that directly or indirectly represents advertisements.
  6. It is explicitly prohibited to send, advertise, or to provide access to any content that can be considered a malware or virus, which could damage other users or nextpit.
  7. Should the user be responsible for the breach of the above rules, he or she shall be responsible for compensating all related damages. The user exempts nextpit from any possible claims from third-parties as the result of a violation.
  8. In case of violation of any of the above rules nextpit retains the right to remove completely or partially the relevant content from the site and/or block the userʼs access to the nextpit portal. Furthermore, all unlawful conduct shall be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.