Poll: Do faster processors matter?

Poll: Do faster processors matter?

Following our recent trend of questions about specs, performance and size matters, this week we want to get to know your intimate thoughts on smartphone processors. Specifically, whether we place too much importance on them. 

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This is a smartphone processor. / © ANDROIDPIT

This question was prompted by a growing sense that smartphones at the high-end are stagnating. We recently wrote about why budget smartphones are progressing faster than high-end smartphones, and with devices such as the OnePlus X arriving – and succeeding – with generations-old processors, the point seems more relevant than ever. 

Unlike a display or dimensions, where one can identify tangible differences, the inner workings of smartphones are far less clear. Can you feel the differences between similar processors without pitting the devices in a direct head-to-head comparison? Tell us what you think by voting in the poll below:

How important is a latest edition processor to a smartphone?
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Got more to say on the matter of processors? Give us your thoughts in the comments. 

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  • It is somewhat important, but nowadays mid range and budget phones can perform really good with the processor and ram that they are equipped with, there used to be a big distinction between the low, mid and flagship phones, but that distinction is getting smaller as time goes on.

  • With QHD+ Displays, multi tasking, multi windows, occasional high speed gaming, virtual reality, extensive multimedia, social media and web contents,..etc. Almost your whole life is dependant on this device. It better be fast with ample fast RAM and storage, because life is just too short.

  • How many people now days will buy PC with fastest processor? Only hard core gamers will need this, as almost any desktop cpu will meet almost all needs quite weill. Same with smart phone processors. Even the lowest end smart phone is now sporting octacore processors, making almost every day task very smooth. Having latest and fastest processor on smart phones is much much less important than it used to be. And with every new generation, less and less important processor speed will become. I have two phones I use daily - Galaxy Note 2 and Note 4. I barely notice any difference between these two during my daily use, despite Note 4 supposedly having much faster processor based on benchmark tests.

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    Deactivated Account Feb 14, 2016 Link to comment

    Off course processors matters a lot along with RAM. In today's scenario many budget phones are equipped with good processors. For doing WhatsApp, listening music and normal work then anything will work but if you want multitasking, playing high end games then processors comes in service. Budget matters a lot for good specs. Keep your requirements in mind while selecting a phone.

  • Good Processor and RAM is the most important part of phone

  • I don't understand if this vote only points to the "faster" quality of new chips, or if energy efficiency and associated gpu are also included. I hope so, because these characteristics are often listed together in specs lists and it would be misleading to separate them here.

    • It's an interesting point. How would that distinction influence your vote? :)

      • For example, when putting the option "Very important - I prefer a very recent processor", it's a good option, but points to the generation of the processor and not on how fast it should be.
        An option as for instance "Depends - I only buy devices with processors that promise the same speed but improved battery life and less heat", then my vote would have been influenced :-)
        Of course, conceiving a poll to make everyone happy is impossible, but I think that many of the readers are a bit more cautious.

  • Of course. The phone will be useless if it has a slow processor.

  • I do want to upgrade every time with new processor.
    If the story is like having SD 801 which is still very capable with regular softaware updates than i don't care.

  • From my limited experience, I've noticed the biggest difference when using a the same launcher on different phones. A lot can be streamlined to match the power of a lesser processor, but the differences really stand out when you give them the same task.

  • Ellett Feb 13, 2016 Link to comment

    Survey questions were not accurate. It not only depends on processor release date, it depends on whether you go for top of the line, mid-range out or budget model.

  • it also depends what you are using the phone for whether you really need the processing power of the latest Chips

  • this depend on how much u wanna spend on a phone....if i have 250 doller to buy a phone thn i will be happy with snapdragon 805.........if i have bugdet of 750 doller surely i will go for latest

  • first

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